The Shadow Society (WIP) Taking a Break (14/8 - 18)



All I have to say is that this story is awesome.


I love them all- the only thing is that whenever I try loading the game it locks onto the stats screen and it’s an infinite loop of stats screen whenever you try to return to the game.


happens to me sometimes when loading a save. In this case i just erase the corrupted save and go through the choices again. i dont care that much but its kinda annoying so i always make two saves. It happend with all books i played so… forgot what was going to say



soooo you cant drink yet… :smiling_imp: time to buy some booze

didnt get it :confused:

30 minutes is not that crazy.


if they were drunk

Once my friends and i met in another friend’s house, long story short everybody got drunk except me (high alcool tolerance ). One of the guys said something and all of then start laughing like it was the funniest thing they ever heard ( and i was like “what?”), after sometime i just started laughing with them so they would stop trying to explain the joke (their explanation made no sense). Point is, we where laughing without a reason for quite sometime til we noticed one of the guys where missing.

But laughing for 30 min just cuz u feel like it, is indeed, totally crazy.




The kind of skills you are talking about, do any other member of your family have similar skills? Obviously, being able to dislocate joints and fingers are not exactly common, and most probably has some connective tissue variation wrt others. This variation is genetically inherited.

So, yeah, it’s not necessarily a special ability, but nothing to worry about that unless you are unnaturally flexible, which might be indicative of a disease.
If you see most contortionists, they can bend their limbs at impossible angles. That kind of flexibility comes from an inherited disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. For people with Marfan’s Syndrome, there happens subluxation of the joints, longer limbs, and subluxation of the lens in the eyes. But they are rare diseases, so, nothing to worry about.
As for quirky ability issue, I guess you can send ‘Carawenfiction’ an ask in her Tumblr, or just tag her username in your post!

Yes, @Carawen, sorry to bother you again, but it’s something I experienced as well. But, I also remember the game being loaded normally in some play through. So, that puts me in a dubious position, doesn’t it?

Great to see you here. Feels even better that you’re enjoying the story. After all, it’s for awesome person like you this awesome story has come to fruition from the brains of another awesome person, Carawen.

@Hearts, Yeah, I remember starting all over again when I had that problem. I am a dabbler when it comes to coding, so I didn’t realize what was wrong. Thanks for the help, by the way.


@Carawen Are you truly from the Shadow World yourself ? :thinking: I think you truly are with your enigmatic writing :blush:

the files are transferring between Shadow World and Sun World, so glitches will happen occasionally …most likely Shadowman was preventing those files from getting through here :wink:

btw @Carawen could this be how Michaela looks like ? i found picture of Lady American footballer playing in "Lingerie Football League "

Oh yeah …i know you like Dragon age and found inspiration from it, i found this video , wondering whether it also represent the future struggle in the Shadow World ??

"A song is enough
To change the world
And make it alright in the end
I’ll sing it for you
To mend your lost soul
And make it alright in the end
In the end…"


Nope just me and my cousin but yeah it doesn’t have to be dislocating their joints kinda like how Tori from Victorious was able to shoot a bow and arrow with her feet just wondering if they have useless quirky abilities and I didn’t ask on Tumblr cause TBH I don’t know how it works :sweat_smile:

Edit: oh well now I feel like an idiot just saw the “ask me anything” on the Tumblr page too bad there isn’t an embarrassed emoji I guess this is the closest to how I feel :confounded:


Damn, now this slip of the pen has been recorded…:flushed: checks for erros in haiku and quote
Anyway, thanks for pointing it out and for sharing your aesthetic boards, too :slight_smile:


Gwindal/Gwen’s skill= tying a cherry knot with their tongue lol


@Jared_Frias Personally I don’t mind those kind of jokes, though you’re handling the subject extremely well so I don’t think you need to worry :blush:

About the eye colors… You won’t get to choose any unnatural eye colors, as the MC isn’t exactly the same as the other characters.

Hmm, useless quirky skills… I’d say that @Morphine is pretty spot on with G, lmao. Other than that, Q can bend their feet behind their head, M has an affinity for magic tricks and R’s nostrils move by themselves at times when they’re nervous (though that’s not really a skill, since they can’t control it).

A doesn’t have any useless quirks… Only useful ones :wink:

And don’t worry, you can ask me stuff here as well! Though I’d have to admit, just so that everyone is aware, that it makes things considerably easier if you ask stuff on my tumblr, since I sometimes miss a couple of posts here and there in this thread :slight_smile:

@Orchid Ohh that board is so beautiful!! I absolutely love the different shades of blue :blush: I wonder if it has something to do with A? Or is it just a color that you associate with your MC?

And the quotes…! Wonderful :clap:

@Hearts Um, I can’t reveal that yet :sweat_smile: sorry!

@CalcuttaCalling Ahh I’m so happy to see you posting your aestethic boards here :smile: they’re both fantastic! I especially love the picture of the broken glasses… It has some kind of mood to it that I like.

Aw, don’t be too hard on your roommates… As someone who gets laughing fits like that now and again, I can confirm that it’s pretty uncontrollable haha

@ProGameGeo Oh, thank you so much! I’m so happy that you enjoy it :smile: I hope you’ll like the next update!

@Nikki Like others have said, it seems to be something that happens with the save files at times :persevere: I hope it worked out for you? And @CalcuttaCalling as well. Please let me know if the problem continues!

And thank you so much for playing the game! It means so much to know that you love all the characters introduced thus far :smiley:

@Eric_knight Oh gawrsh, that’s so sweet :blush: I’m glad you like my writing that much, Eric! And you’re probably on the right track there, you know; The Shadowman is pretty unpredictable, after all :yum:

:astonished: Whoa, that outfit sure doesn’t cover much! I’m pretty sure M would faint from embarrassment if they had to play in an outfit like that lmao. Doesn’t seem very practical, either, what with the tackling and all that?

Aah, Dragon Age :heart: I can’t say whether it will fit or not, I mean, I haven’t even written half of the first book yet haha. It’d be way to spoilery to confirm or deny something like that :persevere:

Also, on a side note, I’ve only got half of G’s interaction scenes and all of Q’s left, and then I’m pretty much done with Chapter 5 :blush: finished M’s today~


Thank you so much :blush:

I chose the color to represent both actually. My MC is mostly a selfinsert (who would have thought) and blue is my favourite color. So nothing fancy…
But still, I’d be lying, if I said that I didn’t had A on my mind while writing the haiku for my board :flushed:


@Orchid Ah, I see! I should have known, what with the orchids and all :wink: and I have to say, that haiku is incredibly well-written! I’m pretty sure A would appreciate it… Not that they’d let you know, though :sweat_smile:


I don’t usually to the face claim thinggies but i came across this model while looking for ideas to draw and I instantly thought of A >w>

His name is David Balheim


Chapter 5 + Chapter 6 Sneak peak is Up

Hi everyone!

I have good news and a bit of bad news.

The good news is that Chapter 5 and the very start of Chapter 6 is up for you to play! This will be the final chapter addition to the demo before book I releases.

The bad news is that due to some personal stuff that made me decide to upload the chapter early means that it will include some errors and mistakes, many of which I’m aware exists and will do my best to fix ASAP. But, had I chosen not to upload this now, it’s likely that I would have had to push back the date and I wanted to avoid that.

I hope that you will enjoy the update nonetheless!

(EDIT: Please make sure to keep several saves of your game, as I’m still in the process of fixing errors in the script to avoid losing your progress!!)

The new update includes:
-All of Chapter 5 of “The Shadow Society”
-An introduction to Chapter 6
-Around 347,394 words (the full demo)

Please let me know what you think! And any error/mistake reports would be highly appreciated :blush:

(just realized that I posted this as a response to nulCat, sorry about that lmao my bad)


Is Chapter 5 only if you try to escape? Cuz It’s still ending before Chapter 5 for me :thinking:


@Kanaya No, it’s for both. Did you choose to go with R and M? Because I just fixed a small bug that didn’t allow Chapter 5 to start if you went with them and chose to stay :slight_smile:


Yes I did. Lol

20 characters. lul


Chapter 5 didn’t start for me either. I chose to escape


I went with A, Q and G and escaped, chapter 5 doesn’t work for me


I ran into this

Staying with R is working for me now.


@Winter I hope it will work for you now, but if it doesn’t please let me know!

@agogem Could you be more specific, please? Did you get an error, or did it just get to the “Play Again” page?

@Lyanna Thanks for the screenshot, it should work now!