The Shadow Society (WIP) Rheylo short "Christmas fluff" story on #1270 (11/2 - 19)



"The Shadow Society" Cover Art (made by filopay)

This is what the cover will look like for book one! I already shared it on tumblr but I really wanted those who don’t hang out there to see this as well~


I wish you could show it to the characters…their reactions would be priceless! especially…many will go ‘‘I don’t look like that!! Do I ??? who put you to this ?!?’’ :rofl:


wow. That’s amazing!


Very atmospheric! :purple_heart:

Will the covers for the later books be in the same style?

Also, where can I buy a house like that?


THIS LOOKS SO AMAZING! IT FITS SO WELL, AND LOOK AT THEIR EYE COLORS! and the house looks pretty and spooky


The cover gives me Tim Burton vibes and I lovee it!!! :heart_eyes:


Omg that is SO gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Shout out to filopay for that a very amazing art work and Carawen for amazing workk!!!


I was gonna say the same thing


Its like Wayhaven and I like it


that look like great cover art


Thanks for your comments on the cover art, everyone! I’m happy you all seem to like it and I hope filopay reads this too :blush: thank you for all your support :heart:

@E_RedMark Lmao :laughing: I can imagine R being rather smug about looking so mysterious

@The_Lady_Luck I haven’t even begun thinking about the cover for book 2 and 3, but I’d very much love for them to be in the same style. It’s a style I absolutely adore and have had in mind for both TSS and my fantasy series if possible ^^

And Ikr? I’d love a house like that… maybe without creeping shadows and dangerous stairs that makes people fall to their death though :eyes:

@Tom1 Haha, Wayhaven is amazing so I’m glad that you think so!


Michaela with mc help did it! they put those posters all around the house while everyone was sleeping-brooding-smoking-playing…

Shhhh don’t rat us to her highness :smirk: if blame was to be cast…I totally would blame G…cose I wanna see those spark between her and A fly…:sweat_smile:

oh you should check the Winchester house carawen!






@E_RedMark That’s a really cool house :smiley:

@Sailendranath_Murmu Thank you for your help! I’ll see to fixing those mistakes in a bit :slight_smile:


Writing Update 20/12 - 18

Hey everyone! Here comes another writing update.

I’ve completed the first romance event for Q in chapter 10 and am currently working on R’s as well as having written the beginning on chapter 11 (where the 2 secret RO’s are revealed!). When I’m done with all five, I will write the non-romance paths (aka friendship or loner ones) as well.

Something that I think I haven’t mentioned about the two secret RO’s is that, unlike the main ones, they do not change sex depending on your preference. One of them is male and one is female. However, you can still romance both regardless of the MC’s gender.

The two secret RO’s also don’t have as much content as the 5 main ones due to story reasons, but hopefully they’ll still be enjoyable :slight_smile:

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great day and thank you all for your support :heart:


The shadow guy secretary…



no the Lampost :rofl:


Oh … the girl who talk to him, she could be an assistant ? Bodyguard ? Regular worker ? His younger sister ? :slight_smile:


stealing all the Illusive man family…one at a time…with a kiss :kissing_heart:


Yupe … the male secret RO should be the Devil himself :wink: the Evil route…

I wonder whether his sister is good or evil ? :slight_smile: