The Shadow Society (WIP) Rheylo short "Christmas fluff" story on #1270 (11/2 - 19)



Aaaah I love cookies :heart_eyes: Just if it was possible to send food through technology, my life would be complete :cry:


Can only Q get (a) jealous (scene) up to now? Or the other characters as well?


Good to see the thread liven up again :slight_smile:

Since I posted a picture of a concert some time ago here, making some (maybe questionable) connections to TSS, I wanted to continue doing so. Last concert, I didn’t even have to draw connections, though:

The Band did it for me

Its a little lamppost, which was the only light source for the whole gig. Couldn’t help but think of the dreaming scenes :smiley:

Every character has a jealousy scene with each of the other ones. There is one scene for each pair in the demo right now.


I think went have up and down to this game still fun to me


@Red Haha, no problem ^^ and ohh I can’t wait!! I love questions and fanart <3

@Emmelienxd As dear @Orchid pointed out, everyone have one jealousy scene each at this point. There will be more throughout the book, though :slight_smile:

@Takashi_Shin Sorry, do you mean that you think the story has gone up and down in terms of quality? If so, that’s totally fair criticism, though I would love to hear your opinion what you think is good and what isn’t ^^ that’s the only way I can learn, after all~


sorry saying that did all choice in the game to me this even fun to play five time see what will play out


@Takashi_Shin Ohh, gotcha! Thanks, I’m happy you took the time to play through it five times to see the results :smile: that’s an amazing compliment!


Just casually re-playing the demo again (for the 5th time or so already) and just noticed a small pronoun error when meeting female Michaela.

Also I noticed when introducing myself, that there is no pause between the comma and the “I say”.


@Lmarg Jane Doe? Is that your characters real name, or did she lie?


Haha, no and no. I forgot to take a picture as I encountered it, so I’ve replayed it to that scene and just put “Jane Doe” there. :grin:


my felling of M is like this I am going feed you fist full rock that much love feel story of shadow society of M :innocent:



leaves this here then disappears back into the void


Take that M :japanese_ogre:


What you got against M? They’re (second) best girl/boy :grin:


I respectfully disagree.






how he or she act M to me is like person I got to save 24,7 day M don’t put hand in that hole M stay M don’t trie talking to the shadows


Nah second best is A, best is R ofc!


I’m sorry but you seem to have made a typo I believe you meant to say that Q is the best :yum:


The pecking order


Simple facts: Shadowman has more charisma and likability than A.
R an Q are kinda tied but the burn makes R more hot.