The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



Looks like someone just tried to quietly remind me that I fall in the “not normal” category.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Ah, you had me there, though I like the word ‘whimsical’ more. Suits me well.


acting or behaving in a capricious manner.

…you dont strike me as volatile tho :no_mouth:


Whimsical does have a nicer ring to it…

maybe they mean more along the “playfully quaint or fanciful, especially in an appealing and amusing way.” i dunno lol


haha but they said they were similar to A and she doesnt seem amusing in any way to me lol


oh yea…i guess A is like ice cream, not everyones flavor … i don’t know where i was going with this, i’m hungry and now i’m craving ice cream… goes back to lurking quietly in the thread before i talk more nonsense


It might end up a good but soaked shoulder, though - but thanks. :blush:


I think I’m probably going to do all the routes eventually, but love triangles are just SO fun =)


I like your choices, especially the first two. Can not wrap my head around the singer of disturbed without his band, though :smiley:

Damn… A will probably snap at one point and someones gonna die…

Just Monika Azur

Don’t be to harsh on us yourself^^ Your taste is perfectly justifiable

Yey more ice/frost puns, rachelamber will be proud :wink:

Seems like we’re pretty even on the “Team Monogamy vs. Angsty Triangle” front… :thinking:


I also have a second shoulder should the first one become too soaked for you.

After that… well we’ll just have to figure it out.


drama is great :+1:

that makes two of us

I was going to say that A is a bit misunderstood, that it probably wont be ideal but as a sensible and sane person im willing to give them a chance.
however i just realized im not quite sane sooo :sweat:


I got you i totally completely got u 100%

pun? :thinking:



Pun, since A’s theme is all about coldness^^ And icecream is cold so… @rachelamber wrote a post some time ago filled with these^^


@Orchid is correct! You’re a chip off the ole’ ice block, @nulCat! :wink: Nice work on the pun. :slight_smile:

My mind went to: “Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart”- Olaf :snowman: (Frozen, the Disney film) while reading some of these comments. I like A’s edge though, but maybe the quote could apply in some aspect? I think with the shy!mc lines, especially. I don’t get the impression A is use to having someone care about them (to be fair A’s personality/walls might be why), it could be an interesting dynamic.


@Carawen this might have already been answered, but will we be able to have our personality change? Like with the love triangle, can we be shy & flustered around one character and then in denial about another?


@Jared_Frias Clair de Lune is beautiful indeed :slight_smile: but I tend to be drawn towards the more swingy, beatheavy songs… Or however I should explain it :sweat_smile:

I don’t think I’ll add a scene to get your ears pierced, but I will likely add it as a customization choice in Chapter Two in the final version!

@nulCat G would most definitely give the MC piercings if they wanted! Though they can be kind of rough, so I wouldn’t advice it :blush:

Oh, really great song choices btw!! A’s is very fitting, and I could totally see that lullaby being Q’s theme, if they had one x) and that last one is so beautiful!

And I have to say that I’m so flattered to read that you look forward to the jealousy scenes even though you’re not a fan of love triangles! That’s a huge compliment :blush: I tend not to like love triangles in fiction either (it’s been used to death tbh), but I guess I really wanted to include it because I enjoy pushing the characters to their limits :laughing: I just love exploring the different dynamics between them all, as well as with the MC.

@Eric_knight Wow, you really thought this through a lot, amazing! I love the reasons you gave for Q’s choice, they make a lot of sense as to why you would choose them!

I won’t comment on Azur’s alignment or plans, you’ll have to see for yourself if you’re on their side in the end or not and what repercussions it will have :wink:

Well, R really isn’t good at making big decisions. In the example you mentioned, they do show empathy for the civilians, but they are also unable to make a choice until they hear MC’s opinion. In that situation, they were the one who was supposed to be in charge, but they failed to do so. Sidenote: if you have high enough manipulation you can convince them to kill the civilians. Such a degree of empathy, whilst more often than not being a positive trait, can turn into a negative one if the person in question lets it blind them enough to hinder them from acting and putting the group in danger. The point I’m trying to make, and was trying to make with that particular scene, is that sometimes there isn’t a good or bad answer to how you can act; sometimes you just have to do something. After all, choosing to get out of the vehicle and run instead of running over the civilians puts you and everyone with you in more danger, something that will come into play in Chapter Five..

Sorry for all the rambling :sweat_smile: I just think it’s interesting to discuss!

@Hearts Oh wow, thanks for catching those! I will correct the mistakes ASAP!

I got an ask like this on my tumblr, here’s what I answered about cuddles/snuggling there:

A would indulge in it if they had feelings for the MC, though they’re generally not much for cuddles since their mind is always on something important. Might need some persuasion.

R would be really nervous at the thought of it, haha. They wouldn’t really be able to relax at all; maybe if they stayed like that with the MC for a long, looong amount of time and they were comfortable with the MC they’d settle into it eventually, but otherwise you’d have much difficulty getting them to calm down.

M would love it and would initiate it frequently, though in kind of subtle (though not so subtle since this is M that we’re talking about) ways, like yawning and then putting their arm around MC and such. They’d have their usually dorky smile on while cuddling with them, haha.

G would love it a lot and often hug the MC too tight haha

Q would like it with someone they were very, very comfortable with, even someone they weren’t romantically involved with.

@Punchysporkk Haha, you will definitely be able to piss off and challenge A in the jealousy scenes/love triangle :wink: I’m so glad you’re looking forward to them!

@Orchid You might be best of choosing the combination of G/A if you worry about the characters’ feelings, because those two are about as equally insulting/possessive lmao. The song Crazy Possessive sums their whole jealousy deal pretty well.

And it will probably be lighthearted since it’s so petty, but I guess it’s also up to everyone individually if they find it funny or uncomfortable/something else entirely~

To clarify about how the jealousy system will work:

  1. You will in fact get a jealousy scene if you chose a romantic option for ex. G the first time in the mansion and then choose ex. R for the next interaction opportunity. At first, I was going to add the jealousy scenes a bit later on, but since that very first scene with the RO’s became much more intimate for each of them than I had planned, I thought it wouldn’t really make sense if they had no reaction when the MC approached someone else and had a romantic reaction to that person instead.
  2. You won’t need to worry about the relationship percentage too much, unless you choose to go for a different character each time you get a 1-on-1 segment. I don’t want the reader to have to constantly keep an eye on the percentage bar, but to make it a little more realistic I want you to spend time with an RO at least three times (out of 6 or more) in order to be able to romance them :slight_smile: I hope I didn’t make things even more confusing now haha

@grimbutnotalways Maybe I shouldn’t be saying this since I created them, but I have to agree with you; an otter top hat would make A so much more likable lmao

@Isabella_Taylor Oh yeah, the options are always there for you to pick as you please. Though there is a scene I’m writing right now that plays out a little differently if you’ve chosen flustered both times with A, denial two times with A and flirty two times with A, because if I assume that a reader who has picked that specific romance option more than once will act like that around that RO, it becomes infinitely easier to write than just not specifying how the MC is feeling at all in the scene.

I’m more focused on letting the MC change their personality over time than from scene to scene, though, and that’s where most of the other characters reactions will come in :slight_smile: I hope that all of this was somewhat clear, otherwise feel free to ask me more~


I’ll take it :grin: really as long as it’s an option to have it that’s more than good enough for me


@Carawen awesome! I think I’ll probably go with flustered for R, because he’s a lot more intense and would probably fluster my MC more. And then denial for A because um, no, she’ll already know that she is feeling something towards R, and will feel wrong about caring about someone else at the same time, therefore suppressing her feelings.

Does appearance have any affect on ROs? Like do they prefer certain hair colors or styles, piercing/no piercing, etc?


@Isabella_Taylor Ah yes, that’s totally going to work :smiley: and that’s understandable. I’m having a bit of a hard time writing flirty MC for the jealousy scenes without making them seem like a heartless player lmao. But yeah, if you’re ex. flirty with M first, and then go on to be in denial or flustered by someone else, they’re not consciously initiating something so they can’t be blamed for it.

No, appearance doesn’t have any affect on the RO’s. I’m planning on making them comment on the MC’s appearance in certain scenes, but it won’t be anything like “wow I’m so glad you’re a brunette because I tend to be more attracted to brunettes than people with other hair colors”. It will be more like this: say you choose a very causal clothing style for your MC that involves baggy pants and messy hair or something. Then A might comment on it because it’s so far from their own stylish appearance. Or if the MC dresses in all black, G might joke about how they look like R.

These won’t be preferences, however, just general comments :slight_smile: I’m not really a fan of systems where you have to look a certain way to woo characters, and for the RO’s in TSS personality and chemistry matters a lot more than physical appearance. I hope that answers your question :blush:


Right that sounds like a good balance. Thanks!


So something along the lines if MC had long hair Ro’s would braid it or just play with it etc…


@Aleksa100 Yes, exactly :blush:

Here’s the aesthetic board for M, by the way!

"I have spent so much time trying to sort this out with myself, you have no idea. I’ve tried every single route possible, but it’s like I’m caught in the middle of this maze, struggling to find my way out. I… I think I need help.
… Will you help me, MC?"