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I’m so excited. It’s weird because in my real life relationships I have absolutely zero patience for any jealousy, but in games I live for it. I wanna roll around in it like a happy puppy. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out in game.

I definitely won’t be able to trigger the scenes in some of my official playthroughs with some characters. I’m very protective of R and I’m betting that one or two others will just be way too sad for me (looking at you, M ). A gets all the angst though. I love romancing characters like them, but only if I get to fight them every step of the way for the upper hand mwahahaha!


True… Imagine A’s possessive side surfacing :flushed: . But I wouldn’t want to choose the victim of A’s hostility…

I thought about a playthrough, in which the MC gets flusterd in both A’s and G’s presence, since they are the most forward. I initially thought those two bashing heads would be pretty bad, but just as I’m writing this an ask was answerd by Carawen. They see it as a competition apparently and it’s supposed to be more lighthearted.
So maybe I’ll try it sometime… maybe

The really bad one between A/R, I wouldn’t have dared to even think about, so I’m safe there :sweat_smile:

I feel the same way and I’m bad at changing my viewpoint, if you know what I mean. I couldn’t just say in the next playthrough, that I don’t care about R anymore. That translates to many RPGs (sadly?), I played the Mass Effect trilogy thrice and never changed my stance regarding the major descisions -.-


I have trouble with that too, but I look at it more as my “what if” playthrough. What if I made them jealous? How would they react? It’s like an AU. Pretty much like reading the asks, I don’t view it as my character doing it. Or maybe I’ll play it like my character is oblivious and just trying to be friendly and oops oh no, why is everyone angry, I’d better sort this out.

I tried so hard to go renegade in ME. I finally worked my way up to Paragade. I was still nice to everyone but I headbutted krogans. :grin:


Me LIkes dRama .

drama great :triumph: :+1:


@Carawen A like snuggles? what about the other ROs?


It could also be that i am only interested in Quarie or Michaela , and not flirting with anyone else…but the rest of the ROs are jealous of Quarie or Michaela ? :wink: Since i am not at fault in this, they take the anger to my chose love interest ?


I’m pretty sure, that, if you only show romantic interest in one character, by being flusterd, flirty or in denial around them, then you’ll not get jealousy scenes.
They will only happen, if you have romance points with two of the characters.


Speaking of music for the ros,
this gives me A vibes lol
“Your cruel device, Your blood, like ice, One look could kill, My pain, your thrill”

This one’s for Q

Another one for Q because… reasons??

Haven’t thought about the rest yet…


I’ll probobly do a romance scene with A first and then go back and forth between her and… Gonna say R 'cause I think that would piss A off the most, just to make sure they’re jealous and torture them with the thought that I’ll always be someone else’s. The one hunt they couldn’t finish.

Is it extreme? Yes. Is it petty? Probably. Is my reasoning for romancing characters always so convoluted? I once picked a ro that didn’t interest me in the slightest because they had an otter in a top hat. As a matter of fact if A had an otter in a top hat they would become infinitly better.


weep you guys like your dramas too much. Is there no more Monogamy Team out there?


I’m don’t have stomach to see R in that situation :persevere:, so my canon playthrough will always be focused on R.


thats mean. And i dont think its going to work as you expect.

me like drama
what to do? :thinking:



I still plan to do the individual routes. I don’t like the love triangle trope too much but I’ll probably try it out once the series is complete like what I planned to do with the love triangle route in TWC.


I will always be A trash till the day I die tbh, but I seriously want to find out how As triangle would turn out. Other than that, I’m not a big fan of triangles and jealousy scenes, in fact I surprised myself with how much I’m anticipating these scenes in this book xD Not many people can get me out of my comfort zone in these things. aaaand i’m rambling again. sorry.


Have no fear! Team Monogamy is here!

I never liked love triangles and never really understood the whole poly thing. I’m probably just too old to get it or something.


Can I join Team Monogamy too, is does that make it non-monogamy…? :confused: :wink:

I think I shall pick one and stick with 'em, unless they refuse me, of course. Then I’ll go away into a corner to cry.


Evil. Pretty little liars… I mean evil. Dark. Looks like you’re always grim, @grimbutnotalways. I mean, how could you possibly…rubs hands in anticipation…fun, lots of fun… absolute sadistic fun

@CalcuttaCalling sends his regards, @chocolatemix. I’m with you. Well, if @Carawen dishes out something incredible in the " geometric pattern defined by three sides contained as parts of three distinct straight lines in a single plane, the sum of the angles being 180 degrees"… with a prefix to it; the prefix being defined as," the state of showing variable emotions towards others, most of them affectionate in nature, a direct outcome of the different chemical reactions going on in the primitive part of the brain, named the limbic system", life’s gonna get difficult for sure. And there is high probability of this happening, with a minimal standard deviation.

Am I the only one who thinks that it’s really not a good plan? Maybe because I and A are too much similar to each other, but there’s been not a single conversation b/w my MC and A that ended well. Just talked twice, maybe thrice and already have a 10% rivalry stat. Great.

“When I saw you standin’ in the corner/ I would’ve never thought you’d have my back… I can see that you and me are gonna be friends.”


And I shall be in that corner with you crying. No tissues, but I do have a good shoulder.


I shall stand in that corner with the both of you my fellow monogamous comrades.


Team Monagamous. I mean a triangle could be interesting but I’m definitely gonna do the individuals routes. Maybe later triangles but I’m not really enthusiastic about it, and still I think i could be great but it’s just… I don’t know. Why not ? But it’s a why not. Maybe I’ll be convinced with the next update but not now.


ehh, for most sane normal people it’s not. but i have utterly 0% self respect or shame sooooo
plus, let’s jsut say, A is like 100% the type of guy i’d fall for irl what can i say, i got issues lmao :zipper_mouth_face: