The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



This is a very interesting story so far! Q is definitely my favorite character. So…mysterious :slightly_smiling_face:. Interesting song choices as well. They do seem to fit the characters though.


@AmericanShakespeare Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying! I’m still pretty clueless with how the forum works :slight_smile:

@Orchid All of your choices were perfect, really. I couldn’t have chosen better myself, but I think it seemed like a fun thing to do so that’s why I included some other options too ^^

And I didn’t know that Oasis was indierock :hushed: like I said, I’m garbage at categorizing music haha

@Dimitri Oh, thank you so much! I’m glad you like Q :blush:

As we are on the subject of music anyway, I thought it would be fun to share that Rise and Shine, Ursine from Danganronpa V3 is the song I listen to when writing the Shadowman’s scenes… I don’t know why exactly, but the lyrics, the voice and tune just makes me think of him and his organization lmao


Rise and Shine, Ursine
That song is so catchy, when the game came out that song got stuck in my head for so long.


Ahhh… i must counter your love for Azuradia :wink: to make it more even, i will depict my own music version dedicated to Azuradia… in this music Azuradia is the antagonist , my male MC will lead forces of Sunworld against Azuradia’s invasion :smile:

For Rheyla, i will dedicate "Heart of Courage " to her

For Gwendolyn. it will be “Victory”

For Quarie…it is “My Last Breath”

For Michaela, will be “Star Sky”


Oh shit my man I didn’t know it was against the rules. I just really think the game is super good and am excited for when it is published is all


Everyone is excited when we find the WIP that we love but we have to wait patiently for it. True, some authors like @Carawen, don’t mind answering this kind of questions but we as their fans should also be considerate about the authors as well. The authors are human after all and we should consider that they have their own lives to handle as well. From what we understand, most authors here are not full time authors.

I hope that I don’t sound preachy and I hope this doesn’t deter you to post. =)

My top WIPs as of right now

@Morphine I know right? It’s one of my favorite tracks from the third game :blush:

@Eric_knight Ahaha oh my god, you really went all out with the A theme! It’s soo epic, I love it :smile: I could see this playing during one of the bigger battle scenes…

And the one you chose for R was really sweet :blush: it really captures the sadder and more complex parts of them.

And oh, I love Evanescence. It’s been so long since I’ve listened to them, but I remember this song very well :slight_smile: I like that song for Q!

Aww, the one you chose for M is very sweet! But it also sounds brave. I think it suits them :blush:

@Brayden_Viloria It’s okay, don’t worry about it! Mistakes like that can easily be made :slight_smile: you can ask those kind of questions on my tumblr instead if you want, since there are no such rules there. Thank you so much for the compiments, I’m so happy you like the game! :smile:

That reminds me, I haven’t posted a writing update here in a while. Since I just posted one on tumblr, I’ll copy what I said there and post it here~

Writing Update 14/5 - 18

Hi everyone!

It feels like a long time ago since I made an update on the writing (though I don’t know if it was, actually), so I thought I’d let y’all know how I’m currently doing!

I’ve finished writing R’s second romance scenes, and only have two friendship and one rivalry scene with them left before I move on to the jealousy scenes for R. These jealousy scenes takes up a lot of time, since there are so many variables, but I’ll really think it’ll be worth it in the end!

Progress has been a little slower this week unfortunately, in part due to some personal problems as well as the fact that I’ve spent much of my time cleaning and being knocked out by the allergy >_> but progress has still been made, and I will do my best to increase it for this week!

At the moment, I’m up at 151, 548 words~

Thank you all for your continuous support! I’ll answer some asks later today <3


My darling R, aww. I almost feel bad about love triangling now.


I’m pretty sure that every single love triangle play through of mine is going to end up going with R in the end. I don’t have it in me to hurt them…



Same :sob: I like A so I’ll probably go with him eventually but NOT in a love triangle.


Agreed. Plus it’s kind of fun not letting A have their way. Everyone needs to be thwarted every now and again.


I’d totally go for an A/M or A/G route 'cause DRAMA and i could never put Q or R through that pain omg but it’d be like with a totally oblivious mc that doesn’t even realize they’re flirting with everyone :laughing:


And somehow manages to create love hexagram


But let’s be honest nothing beats Clair de lune :relieved:


Interesting tidbit I got from carawens tumblr, G DID THEIR OWN EAR PIERCINGS like… oh my god… respect man, that’s hardcore :laughing: I wonder if G would do the MCs piercings if they asked.


I would actually love that I think it looks really cool when a dude has a simple earring like Link from LoZ (for the record my MC is male) so I’d love it if the MC can get their ears pierced


Awwww… thank you thank you, i am so happy that you like the music representing our ROs :blush:

When i was interacting with Quarie in the Attic , the lyric of My Last Breath came into my mind since i imagine the lyric’s emotion was exactly how Quarie was thinking in her mind, and it was a shocking resemblance to be honest …

When MC was trying to make funny face to get Quarie’s attention Quarie’s thought was “Holding my last breath, Safe inside myself, Are all my thoughts of you, Sweet raptured light”

When MC was examining Quarie’s lamp and remembering my dream of the familiar place… Quarie touch my hand this was what she was thinking " Hold on to me love,You know I can’t stay long, All I wanted to say was I love you and I’m not afraid, Can you hear me? Can you feel me in your arms ? "

When my MC was continuing to remember the place in my dream… Quarie was looking at me quietly and wishing desperately i can hear her thought "Closing your eyes to disappear, You pray your dreams will leave you here, But still you wake and know the truth -No one’s there. "

when my MC wish Quarie goodnight and slowly descending through the stairs… it was written i can feel Quarie’s eyes were on me Quarie was thinking this in her mind “Say goodnight, don’t be afraid Calling me,…”

After MC was gone, Quarie can’t concentrate because she kept thinking about my MC and the warning … she was thinking in her mind "Holding my last breath, Safe inside myself, Are all my thoughts of you? Sweet raptured light,It ends here tonight. I’ll miss the winter, a world of fragile things…
Please look for me in the white forest…Hiding in a hollow tree (come find me)… "

As for A… i believe he/she is the only one who possess the leadership skill and ruthlessness to lead an army, if there is a great battle like you mentioned :wink: It will be intriguing to face A in an open confrontation …especially when i have mix feeling about Azuradia , while i think i will have mercy on her… i am not sure whether Azuradia will share the same sentiment :slight_smile:

Ahhh…and R , Rheyla in my case… she and Quarie are seems to be the kindest , surprisingly Rheyla didn’t want to hurt innocent common people despite her seemingly fierce attitude , and Quarie shook her head so hard to disapprove of Azuradia and Gwendolyn’s intention to hit and run , i have no doubt that Rheyla is willing to stand up to Azuradia if she felt A has gone too far…so yes, “Heart of Courage” suit her well , it is sad in the sense that i worried and “predict” Azuradia “might” kill Rheyla in the end in open confrontation :stuck_out_tongue: Well, i remember reading you claim to be Madam Chaos’s alter ego right ? :scream:





“has” an extra eyes?


the more they do? or you meant it like this quote " the more i know, the less i understand" ?




My reaction when reading this


I also thought I’d tell you all that in order to make the relationship with the characters work in the long run, you will only be able to share jealousy scenes with one character (ex. M/R, G/Q, A/R etc.)

I think that makes perfect sense. An MC getting flirty with every one, wouldn’t be able to establish a deeper connetion with anyone, really. And I love, that the romance and the jealousy connected with it, is going to be weaved into the story.
Although I’ll probably never experience the latter. I seriously could not endure that, especially since A’s are apparently one of the thoughest ones :cry:
But still, kudos Carawen for implementing this aspect in your story (and enduring the angst, while writing it :wink: )

What do y’all think? Are you excited for these scenes? And if so, why?


I’m excited for them, I don’t usually like love triangles or jealousy scenes but I’d love to see how A would react. Only 'cause, from what we’ve seen and heard so far, he’s so cold and emotionally switched off, would he fight for the mc or would he just let them go… But then again he doesn’t like losing soooo… lol sorry. I find it interesting.