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Fair. Not all people like A’s appeal. I, for one, find M not much interesting. In the end, everybody have their own taste.


Aaah this conversation is so intriguing to read!! I’m laughing a bit at those who want to sacrifice just one character because they hate them or are fine with sacrificing everyone, lmao :joy: I won’t lie; I tend to play a sadistic character in these types of games… Like renegade Shepard in Mass Effect. It’s just so entertaining haha.

Anyway, I’ll try responding best I can to the questions and stuff you guys have brought up while I was gone! :blush:

@Lyanna, I have now included a scene that is respectful but curious for the Q intro scene! I hope it has the right kind of tone that you were wishing for :slight_smile:

@Hearts Haha, I wouldn’t call it slice-of-life, exactly; it’s more a chance to get familiar with the new place you get to, along with the new characters there, and for your MC to reflect upon stuff. And another very important aspect that I can’t reveal, but it has to do with the MC gaining certain advantages in fights… Though it also brings problems with it. It’s up to you how to use it, though :blush:

And yes, it rains there. They don’t have ice cream, chocolate or any of the good stuff, I’m afraid :sweat: well, they do have delicacies, but it’s only preserved for a certain kind of people. They have alcoholic beverages, though.

And thanks for the well wishes, I feel better today :slight_smile:

@CalcuttaCalling I know it wasn’t your intention! You did a really nice thing all in all :blush: and I just think it’s easier to shorten the name sometimes hehe. Though I could always call you Calling if that’s better :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And who’s Sophia? My alter ego? :thinking:

I won’t confirm or deny anything about the course of the story, but I can’t write “deep” stories that are void of tragedy or sacrifice… Especially not ones with the theme of existence, morals and stuff that are included in TSS. BUT the story is determined by the reader too, so there will be several ways for it to go!

@Gwenstn Oh, thank you! I love reading all the discussions and questions here so much, so I try to devote as much time as I can to the forums :blush: when I’m too tired to write on the story, I feel like this is a welcome break. And when I feel like it’s difficult to formulate myself here or on tumblr, I turn to writing the story. It has a lot to do with my mindset at the moment, but I try to stay active nevertheless!

@Eric_knight Ahaha yes, that’s exactly how the Coach would react :laughing: I sure hope you chose the lying skill, or you could end up in real trouble, lmao~

Oh yeah, that would be a little awkward… Well, first it would be pretty shocking seeing how Q found a way to the Sunworld all of a sudden, but then it’d be kind of tense for sure. And you know how bad M is at handling awkward situations!

And concerning the MC getting tricked, well, I’ve been saying from the very beginning that you have to choose yourself who to trust, so don’t be surprised if everything isn’t the way it seems :smile: but I do want to confirm that once an RO is your friend or lover, they will genuinely care for you. However, that doesn’t mean that their goals will not conflict with yours or the other characters, you know?

@Lycanthromorphic Ooh, now that you brought it up, I really want to write those kinds of ads haha! If I feel like I have time for it in the future, I’ll definitely take it into consideration, but right now I have to really set a limit for myself, since I also have the patron tiers to work on… But it’s a great idea, and I’ll definitely bear it in mind :blush:

@LauraSikdar Oh, poor M… That one tiny segment really made people suspicious, haha. Which is totally understandable; I’d be, too! Though I want to make it clear that just because the MC picks up on something that seems a little odd about a character, doesn’t mean that that character is necessarily going to do something bad; it’d be way too spoilery if I made an MC with the intuition skill able to predict the outcomes or motives of a character. My intention with that particular scene was just to show that maaybe M is more than they seem? How that’s going to play out, though, you’ll get to see at the end of book 1 :blush:

@Sugi Oh, he’s mysterious alright… As of now, anyway :wink: You’ll find out more about him soon!

That’s all I have time to for now; I’m going to travel home from my geandma’s now, so I’ll get back to reading your posts when I get home :blush:


As long as we’re on her side being the key phrase here. What happens if we have a difference of opinion? My bet is they ignore you and continue to pretend they’re in the right no matter what you do and that is infuriating. It’d be different if they were at least willing to sit down and talk about it like a normal… Shadow… monster… thing. You get my point.


To be fair, most of our observations are base on what we see so far in Tumblr and some interaction in-game so it’s a bit too early to dismiss some characters or not. XD



I like the world. I dont like the people.

which country produces good chocolate and coffee ?:thinking:

having a loyal ruthless friend can be very useful, IF you manage to befriend them. :smirk:


plus, its night 24/7
which is great .:triumph:
i wanna live there.

No problm. More than pleased to hear this. :face_with_monocle:




@grimbutnotalways Not necessarily. Especially not if you have high manipulation or persuasion and/or have invested time in having a relationship with the character (whether friend, romance or rival). They might not always listen to you, though I want the reader to be able to influence a lot concerning the story and characters though not to a point where it feels unrealistic and contrived. So there might still be some infuriating moments :smile:

@resuri08 Yes, much of the info I’ve shared on tumblr only scratches the surface, since I think it’s a little dull to give away the characters deeper feelings and thoughts beforehand instead of getting to know them deeper in the game, you know? :slight_smile:


I agree! I like A as a character and a RO so I am looking forward to learn about them. =D It’s quite sad to dismiss characters if we haven’t seen much of them yet. XD

Understandable. Like in real life, you can’t decide who you worked with, whether you like them or not. I am looking forward how this will be incorporated in game.


Oh yeah, I really liked luring Quaiel with my emanating purity :laughing:


I finally put together a song list I’m resonably ok with. I tried to take into account what the ROs would listen to (based on this ask) and fit their personality in one way or another… Everything is based on my opinion and viewpoint.
Nothing linked here, I would consider part of an extrem music genre, so no worrys while checking them out :wink:

Here goes nothing:
  • A
    Royer: La marche des Scythes preformed by Jean Rondeau; Choosing a classical piece was pretty hard for me. I acutally quite enjoy classical music, but I find it hard to connect them to certain aspects and/or feelings(Except Requiems for example, but they don’t quite fit here^^).
    So I choose a harpsichord piece I enjoy listening to right now and think A would enjoy it to, especially since it’s solo, so they don’t have to rely on someone. It’s forceful too, like our Ice King/Queen :snowflake: :smirk: … Also it’s part of a piece composed for the royal, french princesses in the 18th century :smiley:
    Although a duet between A and the MC would be soooo sweet :heart_eyes: maybe Bachs Double Violin Concerto in D Minor?
    EDIT: WOW I just now realize that I could have just used Vivaldi’s Winter for them :roll_eyes: Well, would have been to easy^^

  • R
    The Rolling Stones - Paint It, Black; First of all their choice of clothing :smiley: But on a deeper level, it represents their black shell which they build up out of fear of getting hurt. Reason being, that the lyrical I tries it themself, in order to cope with the death of a loved one.

  • G
    Tape Five - A Cool Cat in Town; I saw them live so I’m biasd here, but G would quite enjoy it I think. I see this playing in the car when MC and G take a ride in the sun world and G feeling like the “cool cat” :slight_smile:

  • M
    I don’t listen to anything M is into… But they listen to indie right? Hmm … Well, anyway here is Wonderwall. Sorry had to do that… But…Wait. It’s acutally quite fitting: I read an interpretation that the song is about crushing on someone and… I feel like M is the one, doing “that” the most(?)… :musical_note: because maybeeee trails of
    Boy Bands would have worked too aparently (even for male M?) but I can’t link Backstreet Boys here, can I

  • Q
    Q… lullabies huh? I love music boxes and I love this piece especially. Albeit sad, it’s emotional, which Q can connect to. And I find melancholic moments bitter sweet…
    You know these porgramable music boxes? Programable, because you can put holes in a piece of paper and the music box will play notes according to the holes. I’ve got one(although have not used it much sadly) and just thought about an MC who would write their own music on these as a gift for Q to listen to… sigh

PS: I know A got a special treatment with two songs (thought about linking 3 acutally :smiley: ), but sorry, not sorry. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Sorry, this is a little of topic (I’ll respond properly when I have my computer), but I thought I saw a post from someone who asked when the game is going to be done? Does anyone know if the post’s author deleted it or was it all a dream? :sweat_smile:


I’m mainly here to just post memes


@Crater18 LMAO keep them coming :joy:


I wonder how many people will get that one :thinking:


I think I saw it too. It was probably deleted because asking things like that is against the forum rules.


Hello, i’m so sorry for this awkward question: but in the future does our mc can’t have a child with the ROs? because i saw your post about: ''It might work for someone from the Shadoworld to have a child with a human, but because of the differences between the species there would be a risk for it to die early on or end up with physical malformations and/or mental difficulties".


It just disappeard :confused:
i was going to flag it :cry:

i think i caught your cold. :mask:

good, we got permission to post random meme :ok_man:t2:




i think dear @Carawen said mc is not just human.


This is something G would do I feel.


@Orchid Yay, you did a song list! That’s awesome :smile: The first one I could REALLY associate with A; it’s so powerful, and kind of… I don’t know, like a Villain theme? lmao. Though I can’t lie; it kind of stresses me out at parts haha

I really, really like the second one too! Both very fitting for A :blush: my two favorite classical pieces are Mozart’s requiem and Beethoven’s Symphony no.9, but they are both waay to dramatic to fit any character :roll_eyes:

I love the song you chose for R, too! They’d totally listen to it :blush: though they’re also really into lofi hip hop. Something like this.

G’s song is just mmmm sooo good, they’d love that song! And yeah, I can see them blasting it in the car together with the MC haha. Though G is also really fond of punk and electroswing, so they’d really enjoy something like this, as well as this!

Wonderwall, hmm… Yeah, I could see M listening to that one for sure! I also could see them liking this type of music, though is that even indie? lmao I’m awful at pinpointing music genres :sweat_smile:

And Q… Oh yes, they’d love that kind of music. Oh, I think that would be so cute of the MC to do, actually :blush: I kind of have plans to include one of those in the story~

They’d also like just voice-based music, like this one.

@Crater18 I got it, muehehe :sunglasses:

@Morphine Oh, I didn’t know that! It’s probably because it can potentially put pressure on the author, huh? I can totally understand that. Though I don’t mind people asking me that :slight_smile:

@Sugi Don’t worry, it’s not awkward! Well, I don’t feel awkward about answering it, at least :blush: I mean, there won’t be enough time throughout the books for the MC and RO to settle down and have kids… And I said that it’s a risk, but I didn’t say it wasn’t possible :slight_smile: from the beginning, the beings of the Shadoworld have reproduced in a different way than humans, though as many of them have a human form today they have the, uh, right tools in order to mate with a human. But because they aren’t actually humans, the pregnancy progress won’t work like normal, and that’s why it can be a huge risk that the child ends up not surviving or having certain difficulties etc. And not exactly in the way that some human children in our world has certain difficulties, either. All in all, not enough humans/shadowbeings have mated for the results of it to be predictable, so no one is really certain how the child would end up.

@Hearts I think enough people must have flagged it if it’s gone, though… right? Isn’t that how it works?

Oh noo D: though I have allergies, but still! I hope you feel better soon! And yeah, post all the memes you want lmao

@Isabella_Taylor AHAHA oh yes, that’s totally something G would do :joy:


Not… Exactly… the posts which are greatly offensive in nature are deleted but these menial ones are either deleted by the person who made post or shown shown as hidden… Which you can “find” by clicking on the post…


Thank you for the indepth reply and for incuding other songs the characters would listen to :slight_smile:

Regarding the choices:
It is stressful yeah :smiley: But, I’d say fitting for A. They don’t seem to settle down, either.^^

Damn the lofi song, is so chill~ I see R listening to something like this wearing headphones, while sitting at the porch and letting there feet dangle

I thought about a Caravan palace song for G, too, but then settled for a electro swing song with less electro in it :smiley:

Had to include the Wonderwall meme since Oasis is listed as Indierock on wikipedia :smiley:

Thought about using pan’s labyrinth melody in the musicbox version for Q^^