The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



All of them lol. (I have a like/hate relationship with traitor theories!!) It’s one of those ideas that’s entertaining in concept, as long as it stays that way - a concept XD Although if a novel started out that way in the first place, that’d be a different story…

I would be both heartbroken and infuriated if the ROs took pity on me after everything my MC and them would have gone through in the books, haha


Honestly, I’m ready to end humanity and take over the world with Q, R, M, and G.


they can kill monstly everybody in the world for all i care, also i would not mind living in the coolest world since i dont like direct sun light that much (my friends used to say i was probably a vampire in a past life, or someshit like that).
I would like, however, to ak them to let the animals be and to keep some people alive to produce food and booze and ice cream ( t eat ice cream in a cold day is great ) and chocolate.

Also @Carawen it rains in the shadow world ?
Do they have ice cream and chocolate there? and coffee? and alcool?

how much alcool can the ROs handle ?
Also how they like their coffee? do they like coffee?
what about ice cream and chocolate? desserts? candy?



Sorry for not responding today, everyone! I’ve had a lot of cleaning and gardening to do, plus I have been really badly affected by pollen allergies, so I’ve basically spent most of the day lying in bed with a wet towel on my face and taken a break from the computer.

I’m feeling a bit better now, though it’s pretty late over here so I promise to respond to all of your posts tomorrow! Thank you for all the enthusiasm :blush:


drink some coffee and sleep well. :+1:



i understand the feeling since that’s how i felt after knowing sleeping beauty in Curse of Sleeping Beauty was evil :wink:

If …i only say IF you have a chance to save the world by killing one of A, R, G, Q and M, will you do it?..i mean kill one of them ? Who will you choose to kill ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Could it be that those with best relationship with us side with us in the end ? What if MC, Q and M vs A, R and G … o.O ? personally i will be sad if the story leads to that, i am not sure i can kill any one of the :sweat:
even if it means saving lives of billions…

That is so sad … billions of people will die , hope we can persuade all of the ROs to stop the invasion ? :thinking:

They can’t be that evil right?? They don’t need to kill anyone… perhaps just to colonise everyone and make everyone their royal subjects ?? :wink:

Please rest more and get well soon… you are working too hard , you really need more rest :slight_smile:


Potential question of the season, Mr. Knight!!
As far as my understanding of the story ( and the author) goes, Carawen will probably not throw us down into that abyss, right fam? That’s more likely the MO of Madam Chaos, from what I understand.
But for discussion’s sake, let’s assume that Carawen and Sophia are the two sides of the same coin. Then things get complicated. I will definitely not want to kill any of them, but if I must…
I’ll let A take the fall. From the looks of it, it seems that they are the only one who would understand. And as they are good soldier, they probably won’t hesitate to put their own body in line for the greater good. You know, with great power comes great responsibility…

Probably a case of mind-control, I guess? Some kind of pheromone or endorphins?

Uh, coffee and sleep are not exactly the best of friends, don’t you think? But your intention to help is genuine and the advice of taking rest sure seems sound.
I’m guessing she’s got a flushed face, and a lot of sneezing and rashes and watery eyes( add to that bronchoconstriction in severe cases) are not exactly making it any better. Antihistamine agents improve the symptoms, and intramuscular adrenaline injection is used in case it’s an anaphylactic shock( it better not be) but should be taken only when advised by the doctor. Hopefully she’ll recover soon. And hopefully she’ll take your advice and finally decide to take some rest.


Notice how I purposely left A out of the world domination party? I didn’t even know I was saving the world but hey Shrug That works out well. Now only one prideful megalomaniac will die.


Oh I’d just let everyone die. I couldn’t kill Chloe in LiS, and I couldn’t do it here either.


I’d kill G without batting an eye, because she’s soo annoying!

If that happens then I’ll probably kill them all with help of those mysterious secret ROs… And Papa’s Shadow Club…


I’d probably let M take the fall. They’re…not my favorite. Kinda boring. It’s not their fault, they just can’t compare to the other 4.


Oof, that’s a difficult decision for me. I personally like everyone… I mean, even my least favorite character (as in RO) is still a character I want to learn more about. Ahshsjks can I kill Shadow dad instead?


haha, omg you monster. I wouldn’t be able to do it tbh xD Probably choose to sacrifice my character or just let the world burn. TBH I like teh characters too much, although we’ll see if that changes as the story progresses i might end up throwing r, m and a infront of a buss if they don’t start behaving with eachother.


A world without A/R/Q/G/M is world not worth saving


Nope, I couldn’t. I’d rather take the bullet myself.
I’d let them sacrifice themselves, if they would choose to do that, though…Well maybe not the LI of choice^^
And…I mean… I would not have problem with moving to the shadow world :smiley: It seems like the MC doesn’t have any noteworthy family or friends in the “normal” world anyway… So what is one less dimension in the grand scope?

Only if the greater good aligns prefectly with their own plan. :smiley: Imo, they would only sacrifice themselves, if it would ensure that their own plan succeeds. They are no pawn in anyones game…


Right there with you.

Guess we’ll have to fight and see who gets to take the bullet… :thinking: Puddem up! :hugs: Oh, that works too. Huggit out! :smiley:


stomps my hearts
Id kill kill A or Q since A is the leader and Q by what i understood is kinda the most dagerous of the 5?

U sure slavery is better than death?

:eyes: latte? tea?
Passion fruit ( it actually makes me more alert ), it has some kind of sedative properties and some say it may works for bronchitis and other respiratory issues. Make a juice?
Grapes are good too, eat some before bed?



Are you sure? Are you willing to pierce a blade into A’s heart? Aren’t you going to miss those cold blue eyes ? :cry:

I agree with you definitely … if i couldn’t kill Prodigal in HR 1 ( in HR 1 Prodigal wasn’t even famous yet) … i couldn’t kill any of them either … :slight_smile:

Kill ALL of them ? i couldn’t even kill one…you want to kill ALL of them ? :crazy_face: I mean G obviously love human culture…can’t we teach her to take over our world using election instead ? They can form Shadow Party and win the election,i am sure everyone will vote for them to govern our world right ?
But in US, i guess we can only nominate one as President… I will nominate Quarie as the Silent President :slight_smile:

But M is kindest … and she is sweet :disappointed_relieved:

Yeah… Agree with you all, it will be difficult to put a blade to any one of their Heart :sweat:

But hey… personally i am in same boat with you, i won’t want to kill any one of them :sunny: But the rest of the inhabitants of our world will call us monsters instead if we don’t kill them right ? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: So is it cruel for us to sacrifice billions of people in order to save five people ? :disappointed_relieved:

But they won’t want to kill us… they just need us to join them , however… billions of people will want to kill them , how many bullets can we take for them ? :thinking:

But why do we want to save the world anyway ? :thinking:

Oh… i am sure it is not going to be slavery , most people will only become “peasants” , peasants are not slave :smile: I am volunteering to become their loyal knight if they agree not to kill anyone ( who surrender ) :blush:
Since there are five of them, so each of A, R, G, Q and M will rule each Continents as Queens/Kings … i wonder which continent will Quarie and Michaela rule :thinking: ?


I’m am 1000% sure I’d be fine without A. At this point in the story, they really get on my nerves and reading some of the stuff on tumblr I’m almost certain it’s not gonna get better. Don’t get me wrong, I see the appeal but they are definitely not my type and they’d make for a shitty friend.


Ummmm…well A may not be our “best” of friend, but she can be a Good wife honestly … imagine A will be our best body guard , surely she will ensure her husband will stay far away from harm’s way :slight_smile:

A seems a person of fiercely loyal as long as we are on her side … :sunny: