The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



I have to say @Carawen, I’m really impressed by how active you are at responding to people in your thread.
I don’t know how you have time to do this and write. :stuck_out_tongue:


The coach should welcome me for bringing back Michaela at first, but then he will say " I haven’t see you cheering for Michaela and us before…where did you sit usually ???"

then i reply : " Ohhh… usually i sit in the opposite stand :blush: "

Coach : " Guys and Girls…swarm him now !!!"

I can imagine Michaela inviting me as her partner to her team’s charity gala… in the middle of a dance, Quarie emerge with her Muzzle and staring at me coldly … to the shock of everyone on the dance floor :open_mouth:


So I was thinking…yes, I know…bad! Bad! But I was thinking… What would a personal ad be like if put out by each of the characters? How I got to thinking about this? Well, let’s just say I was pondering if putting out a personal ad asking for a summer girlfriend before school starts would be a viable option…especially for someone of my age (35, birthday in June). As I thought of that, I thought of, well… what would Q’s personal ad be like, both versions if they’d differ in any way. Then I laughed when I thought of what A’s might be like. G’s would be silly and cute at the same time probably. I almost want @Carawen to write fictitious personal ads for all of the characters, except that would distract from the writing.

Hmm… asking in the forum for a summer online/forum only girlfriend? No…that’s probably against the rules! And is creepy… :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m going to run back into that corner and hide behind Q!


cries That was my first reaction to this and I’m sorry I’m so late to reply, I just didn’t know how to respond to this?? Your kind words make me so happy, thank you for the shoutout!!

(And I’ve already been finding characters I like as much as Dev :wink: hehe)


I don’t know if anyone’s commented on this yet, but I’ve meaning to do so for awhile, so…

I like you Michael but what does that MEAN?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking: Hmmm, the wonders of high intuition…

Internally: is freaking out Should I be suspicious??


Ahhh… M finally turned against us…


I thought so but, especially after what you shared about the jealousy scenes on tumblr, I think I couldn’t handle it. None of the lovable characters you created deserves that(being jealous of one another or even fighting, because the MC can’t make up their mind, that is) :cry:. Thats the reason why I hope it’s their ex^^

“Ad” in like commercial? I’ve never seen any of these. If so, then they are like a mini aesthetic board aren’t they? Carawen uploaded one for every char, except Q(sorry^^) and M so far. But she is planning on doing so.
Or would they be full 30sec clips you’d see on TV?

I know right?! Mentioned this scene in a post in which I sought resemblance between song names and the chars. In this case it was “Stabbed”. My theory is that they’re maybe not as oblivious regarding the Shadow world and the MC’s past as they’re acting. Like, there is a reason they were drinking tea in the manor at the same time in which our MC felt compelled to go back to their old home…:thinking:
I AM suspicious. More so, even because the MC does not pick up on it if your intuition skill is to low…

@CalcuttaCalling I’d like to thank you for the shout out, too. :slight_smile:
So yeah, thanks for writing this synoptic post #502^^


I’m dating myself…no, I don’t mean like I take myself out to movies and buy myself dinner… I mean, showing my age when I say Personal Ad. There used to be this thing called a newspaper, that had a lot of words in it. There was this section in some of those papers that we called Classified Ads. Nested among those ads were goods and services, etc. And one of the things in there were called Personals, or Personal Ads. In these, people posted advertisements of what they were searching for, and sometimes people would respond to them. Kind of like craigslist before they nuked their personals section.


Ohh, these. OK I didn’t know that they are named this way, sorry. (I’m apparently terrible at googleing since I found the wiki articel just after you mentioned it…but of course not before posting)

I think it would be beneath their dignity for A to do that; they are not searching, instead just tolerating someones company :smiley:
R would probably be too shy for it^^

But for the other ones?
G would probably list a huge amount of “human” activities (if they would get the space) they’d want to do.
For M a short and sweet one, talking about their love for sports and the supernatural
I still can’t quite assess Q, so pass… (Not being able to write is a problem, too^^)

And just in case you didn’t know, there is a patreon tier in which you could request these ads.


Q CAN WRITE!!! Just…maybe not as well as everyone else right now.

Patreon… for the broke college student… I think I will have to wait :frowning: One day… I will know this. One day…


The Shadowman seems so mysterious. I wonder if he is an option romance.


If you didn’t know: You can actually meet him in the demo(spoilers for A’s romance and fleeing the vehicle): After you escape from the group, he is the one that finds you before - in my case A - the RO you choose before. (I think that it works this way.)

His identity is reviled, too (spoilers obviously, again for A's route)

He’s the Father of A (and R probably). So him being a RO would be atleats pretty akward, having his childern around…

Which actually begs the question, when does the MC find out about that when staying in the car…
Damn you find out so much more if you try to escape(just tried Gs route)


A 's poster would be something like uncle sam " i want you" or something pompous enough that most people would be confused, bewildered or intimidated. Most likely the pompous one.?

R i dont know if theyd do that, they would most certainly blush just hearing the idea.?

G flirty or childish or weird? it depends on their mood.?

Q a White canvas with " hello. Mye naym is Qeoauile." written on it.



so Laura and @Aleksa100

you guys are fans of conspiracy theory ? :smile:

Well… if you had watch a 2016 B grade movie called "Curse of the Sleeping Beauty " , i believe the plot line in that movie will scare you a lot more… It is a Dark alternative of the sleeping beauty story , where the protagonist dream of a beautiful girl sleeping on a bed, calling him to help free her from the grasp of a Demon… Well , the protagonist did just that, thinking himself as the prince charming who rescue the sleeping beauty , however the sad true was that the Sleeping Beauty was actually a Demon princess who had been vanquish from the human realm … only the protagonist’s family bloodline can free her and open a portal for her to return :stuck_out_tongue:

So what if all our Romance Options are actually antagonist who try to trick us into helping them to open a portal for the Shadow world to invade the Sun world ? :smile:

@Carawen i hope you are not going to be so cruel and write a story about how the MC had been trick by our RO into committing an action that doom the world ? :wink: I imagine how sad the readers will be when we find out such ending in the last book ? :grin:

Errrr… Quarie can’t talk, she can only look at us with her eyes of serenity :wink:


Ooh, who’s the song by? I want to check it out :slight_smile: I’ll remember that theory, it definitely sounds possible!! I’ll be keeping an eye on you, M :eyes: and it won’t be just because you’re cute haha~


thats an ad bro, its written.


Ohhhh… an advertisement ? I think Quarie will be too shy to allow anyone read about her in a newspaper :stuck_out_tongue:

I would think A will write something like “Ask not what I can do for you – ask what you can do for Me!” :sunny:


Oooh, that’d be interesting! I don’t think it will happen in canon (even though the ROs are being vague about their motives for the MC being there), but it’s something fun to think about! Basically an Evil!RO AU, haha. I wonder if there’s any CoG stories/WIPs with that idea already… :eyes: The betrayal would be a great source of angst, heh


Well it’s by a Band called “Black Therapy” and they make melodic Death Metal so…I don’t know wether you’d like that :sweat_smile: The lyrics don’t even quite fit the narrative here (it’s more about someone who the lyrical I knew for a long time and now discovers that they used him, while telling it’s for their best) I used the Band, since the first 5 song titles on an album, seem to resamble one of the characters. If you’re interested: a link to my post


hahaha i think it will be fun… you want to bet how many readers are going to throw their hand phones away or punch their monitor screen IF they receive such ending in the end ? :smile:

All of A, G, R , Q and M stand in front of us… thanking us for helping them to open the portal for their grand invasion … out pf pity , they promise to spare us and our family’s lives…and Quarie comes reaching to us with her hand stretching , with Michalela saying from behind her " Join us…please " and A continue with " Or else… " :blush: Most likely Quarie will be the one who will pity us the most :smile: