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So here we are, with more than 500 posts, which is…yuuuge! Not many WIPs have crossed the 500 mark, and TSS joining the coveted rank is a testimonial for the popularity, quality and clarity of vision of the author.
@Carawen( are you someone from the carawen monks of witchlands?:thinking:), I have probably said this a multiple times, but I see no harm in repeating that you are an adept writer, and add to that, a good person. I don’t think I know when you set off your sails in this project, but the way you have worked relentlessly for the last 41 days, let’s say, reaffirmed my faith in Swedish work ethics. It’s hard to juggle personal life, writing and quenching the curiosity of admirers, I won’t go as far as to claim that I can fully get myself in your shoes, but I can only appreciate the dedication, determination and drive.
Many of you might not know @Eevee_Love, but Eevee is probably the most frequent visitor to this thread. But his/her/their modus operandi is not being vocal, but silently appreciating the hard work of Carawen( @Carawen, we are talking about someone who liked almost every single post of yours, so, we know who your biggest admirer is!!:innocent:). And I really appreciate Eevee’s efforts, as well as the other members who don’t want to be vocal, but have shown considerable interest in this thread.
I think it’s time that @Eric_knight receives a well deserved round of applause from us. Not only is he( right?) one of the most active members, but he is probably one of the youngest as well. His enthusiasm and energy is something that puts my ‘Regular’ badge to shame. And I think that @AmericanShakespeare also deserves a mention, being one of the most active participants in not only this but also various other threads in the forum.
@LauraSikdar, you are probably one of the newest members, but your enthusiasm can be infective, do you know that? Here’s hoping that you can finally find some characters who intrigue you more than Devanand Sikdar, who also probably happens to be the only Bengali character created by any COG/HG.
@Morphine, @Hearts, @Orchid and others, your support and suggestions are the catalyst to the rapid progress of this project. I should also mention @nulCat, who happens to have a great sense of humor. And there are many who have come across this thread and contributed to the betterment of this thread in their own ways, and I shall like to say that their efforts are appreciated.
So, well wishes to everyone!!!
Edit : so, @Jared_Frias here threatened to pull clear… is not in the mood to play by unfair rules and can’t stand partiality, right Marune😜? My bad. I remember, Momma said, " Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get". So, it seems that you get a heartfelt apology from me. There, there, everything gonna be alright.

And I think it would be unjust not to thank the newest ‘Regular’ Chocolatemix who took time out to help and encourage Carawen, even though she has her hands full with her own WIP. It’s really awful that I forgot.
Sorry for not being able to thank all the wonderful members out there personally.


Seconded. Congratulations to the community and especially to Carawen!

(Also R has gorgeous fiery eyes that’s way better than pink) (And that cigarette scene was so cute and hilarious I mean come on)


Hey… thanks for the kind words friend :smile:

I really enjoy The Shadow Society very much because the setting is fun and it resides in a universe of unlimited possibilities , especially it has a sport celebrity as a potential love interest and also the option of becoming a fan of her rival team …which make it a funny and exciting future endeavour :stuck_out_tongue:

the arrival of Quarie had also introduce an enigmatic element with her muzzle, which make it an interesting venture to investigate more about her …

No disrespect to the other 3 romance options because all of them have their own unique and adorable personality :slight_smile:

with the latest update , i am genuinely surprise but happy that @Carawen had thrown us to the actions so soon, thus making it a fast pace adventure from the earliest setting … :sunny:

but i am also curious when is Michaela’s next match? will she be going home in time for her next match ? Will her teammates and manager start looking for her if she is AWOL from her team practice ? :thinking:

I am already imagining what her teammates and managers will do, they are going to blame a rival fanatic fan ( me ) for kidnapping their star player… oh dear me when i return home with Michaela :sweat:


Hey, I was wondering if you could add a nicer option to ask about Q’s muzzle when we first meet them. Something like a “pretty please?”. My MC would be curious about it but I don’t think she would demand an answer about something this personal.


Hi everyone!

I’m a little bit busy today, but I will answer all the comments later tonight! Right now I’m just stopping by to let you know that I have updated the document with some new stuff, if anyone is interested!

And I’m realy touched by the nice comment, @CalcuttaCalling; that’s a really nice sentiment :relaxed: as I said, I will respond more thoroughly to everyone once I have time tonight!

I have also created a patreon, if any one of you are interested in checking it out :slight_smile: This is what I wrote about it last night on tumblr (please feel free to ignore this long text; it just felt right to include it here as well):

I’ve been hesitant if I should post this now or wait until I’ve completed book one of TSS, but I figured that it can’t hurt to post it now that it’s up and running anyway.

Basically, I have created a patreon account. It feels a little odd, as I’ve never done anything like this before, and I won’t lie; it makes me feel a bit quilty even though it’s totally optional for you to support me financially or not.

But since I really want to try and make writing into my main focus, I decided to at least make an account and see where it leads. I want you to know, though, that nothing will change on tumblr just because of this; I will still post updates, writing progress, answer all the asks etc. just like I have up until this point.

Basically, patreon just allows me to do this, plus writing the book, much more frequently. I’ve had the fortune to be able to post pretty frequently already because of some personal circumstances that I won’t get into, but I most likely will not be able to put as much time into this after summer, which is the main reason why I decided to post this sooner rather than later.

But don’t worry; even if patreon doesn’t work out, I will never give up on the series! I’ll continue writing it no matter what :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, though, I’ve decided that I’ve wanted to at least give some kind of reward if anyone decides to become a patreon. Currently, there is a Sneak Peak reward that allows you to get some additional information on the events and choices that will feature in the TSS books (nothing too spoilery, though!), and a Scene Request award. The Scene Request award is bigger and will take a little more time, but basically it allows the patreon to request scenes; either from TSS, featuring your own MC and the other characters or just the other characters, or original scenes; maybe with an OC or something like that.

I can’t stress this enough, though: If you yourself currently find yourself in an unstable economical situation, please do not consider becoming a patreon. I know all too well what it’s like to want to support people who make content you enjoy whilst being in a rough spot yourself, and I never ever want any of you to be in that situation. Please take care of yourselves first and foremost; I will be okay either way, and I will never give up on writing TSS <3

Here is the link, if anyone wants to check it out:


How much new stuff, exactly? (Also I’m broke but I’m paying in spirit.)


Oh cool shout-outs to every… Oh. Ok. that’s cool I’ll just be over here

(Just for clarity I’m not offended or feel slighted in any way I just saw an opportunity and took it)


WoW it’s like you got your own pocket dimension!


@nulCat Ooh, now there’s a thought :open_mouth: it may be, it may not be~

And LMAO you know G and A so well. The fact that the MC is in on the doctor joke too just makes it better :laughing:

I hope you got home okay by the way!

@Eric_knight Hehe, it’s a dangerous game… I will get to writing the jealousy scenes between Q and M soon (have just finished all for A and am currently writing jealousy scenes for R), so you’ll get to see how it plays out a little bit then :wink:

And about the kissing part, I can’t deny or confirm, sorry :pensive: I think it might give too much away if I do…

@Hearts You mean have a three people marriage? Oh the drama :scream: I don’t know if any of the characters would be okay with that, to be honest!

G doesn’t seriously care about honor… I think M might be the only one who does, if I have to choose :wink: but I could totally see G make a joke out of it!

Oh wait what’s with the random proposal? Is it for G? Did I miss something? :sweat_smile: Sorry I’m really tired haha

Hmm, they’re not quite like zombies… They don’t eat human brains for once x) but I guess the mindlessness is kind of the same? Though more detail about that will come up in Chapter Five!

@Orchid Oh, don’t worry; you’ll see A getting possessive even without the former partner thing if you do the jealousy scenes :blush:

And @CalcuttaCalling, as I said earlier, that’s such a nice sentiment :blush: you’re like the host of this thread, accounting everyone’s actions haha. Thank you for highlighting everyone’s contribution! And the name “Carawen” was just something I thought of at the spot when signing up; I had no idea there were carawen monk witches with that name :astonished: but… I like it!

As I haven’t been on the site long, I don’t know much about what’s normal for WIP’s here, but to know that my work is appreciated is truly an incredible feeling. Garwsh, I don’t know what to do with myself reading this, it’s so nice and so overwhelming at the same time and I’m just getting cheesy now so I’ll stop but thank you all so so much it means a lot phew

@Isabella_Taylor Thank you, too! :blush: I uploaded the same stuff that I’ve uploaded into the document before: An excerpt from a mysterious notebook dating back to the early 1800s that gives some insight (or maybe just raises more questions, not sure) about the origin of how the Shadoworld was discovered, as well as a diary sneak peak. Though there is another addition this time; I’ll wait and see if anyone spots it :wink:

And thank you for that, I thoroughly appreciate all different kinds of support that I get from y’all :blush:

@Lyanna Oh, absolutely! That makes a lot of sense for a calmer and more understanding but curious MC. I think that’s a really good idea! I’ll add it as soon as I can :slight_smile: and I’ll update this post to let you know when I’ve done it! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

@Jared_Frias lmao :laughing: though I’m glad that you’re able to joke about it, I’m genuine when I say that I’ve really enjoyed your theories and speculations in this thread, especially concerning Q! It’s so annoying that I can’t say anything about it, but you’ve contributed a lot of interesting points to the discussion, so I think that you absolutely deserve a shout out :blush:


Now, now… I am humbled to be called the ‘host’ of the thread by the host herself… but Your Majesty, you are too kind. You overestimate the capacity of this stupid common man.
Ahem… it’s obviously not that I have been the most active reader in this thread, that honour is someone else’s to take. I’ll like to put it this way, it’s plain and simple; observation, deduction and memorization…undue advantages of being in my profession, I guess. After all, Sherlock Holmes was inspired from a doctor in real life. I just use the skills to do my part, spreading positive thoughts whenever I can.
Tack så mycket, @Carawen!!


I’m surprised that I was called out? My day just got even better. More shout-out (because positivity) to Carawen for working so hard and writing like a machine because damn, my fingers get twisted writing even two thousand words, let alone releasing such a large demo. Kudos to you fam. Thank you @CalcuttaCalling for that, too. :raised_hands:

Also to the characters, by the way, I’m really not picky, so I’m not playing favorites with the characters. I love them all with my heart. Cough Q cough.


Hey I noticed you added info on “The Shadow(monster)man” (I just had to make the petscop reference) also just realized that G is the oldest which makes sense, I know they’re not all family but G does act like the oldest of a group of siblings


Looks like I am in the shadows once again… sigh

Just going to go hold Q’s hand in silence…


@chocolatemix Thank you for the shout-out :blush: it means a lot!

@Jared_Frias Good catch! Not that there is much info to display at the moment, unfortunately. But I’m seriously leaning towards releasing chapter five once it’s done as the final update to the demo, where you get to find out a little more about him :slight_smile: G can be very mature and very childish in turns, haha

@Lycanthromorphic Please don’t feel bad! Calcutta was trying to be nice, but there are too many contributors to this thread to put in one post since 10 is the maximum amount of people you can mention; he couldn’t include more :pensive: I truly value all the posts, feedback, constructive criticism and ideas equally; the very last thing I want is for this to make people feel excluded. If it did, I’m truly sorry and I hope you know how important you along with everyone present are to this thread and the discussion as a whole.


I replied but my phone ate the reply.

I don’t feel too left out. I do wish people were allowed to mention more than that though, because this would be an awesome thing for authors who are chatty and like responding to people in their thread specifically.

Plus, it makes it easier on Calcutta, so that they don’t feel bad ‘leaving people out’ (not purposely which is why the ’ ’ are there) when doing sweet things like they did for this thread.


@Lycanthromorphic I wholeheartedly agree. And personally, I want to respond to everyone who comments, though a few times now I’ve had to post more than once in order to fit everyone in there (and I’ve heard that multiple posts after another made by the same member can automatically be marked as spam? So I understand why people would be cautious with that… Though I could be remembering this wrong, so I’m not sure).

Plus, I think Calcutta chose those that he deemed was most active in the thread. Honestly, my own memory is garbage so I can’t keep track of who’s posted what or how many times, which is why I appreciated his comment… But as I said previously, I value everyone’s input and opinions equally; it’s all of you who make up this thread, after all. Plus, everyone here has been so incredibly respectful and kind, including you, and I wish that I could put everyone’s name into a big shout-out comment because I truly appreciate all of you so much for your support. Sorry if this is getting cheesy, I just really don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea or feel bad :disappointed:


Oh crap I forgot to respond to @Eric_knight’s other post :dizzy_face: I’m so sorry!

I just have to say that I love how excited you are for the sports aspect of M’s character haha. I really hope the first few chapters don’t feel rushed; it just didn’t make sense for me that the characters would all chill and take it easy when there was something dangerous out to get them. And I wanted the reader not to be restricted to the mansion for too long, since there’s not much to find there for now :slight_smile:

In Chapter Five and Six, things will be a little slower so that the reader is allowed to settle into the world/their role, and get to know the characters a bit better. I don’t want to drag it out more than necessary though, so there’s likely going to be a time skip or so.

And concerning M’s match… Well, they might be in trouble for not showing up to practice, but there are no big matches as of now :blush: and they are way more concerned about the MC and their own safety to think about football at the moment, anyway. But I totally get what you mean… We’ll see how the coach potentially will react to you, if you end up meeting them :wink:


Slice-of-life ?
Great :triumph: :+1:

Otherwise they probably would not be trespassing onto abandoned mansions to sip tea ?

not at all? since mc is being, like, hunted?



:blush: me agree :eyes:

excellent. :smiling_imp:

One is not hard enough? :eyes:



Lol I forgot that since I signed up with my Google account it used my real name as my screen name (username) so I decided to use a screen name in my name slot :smile:


Hello there, @Carawen and @Lycanthromorphic, I am sorry if somebody felt left out. That was… not a part of the plan. I also believe that everyone’s contribution, no matter how big or small, is helpful. So, thanks again, everybody.
And my name is not Calcutta, you know😉! It’s the name of the capital of British India, and Calcutta Cup is the name of the rugby tournament England and Scotland play between themselves. I don’t know, I chose this username because it sounds like a good alliteration. Anyway, I don’t mind if you call me that. Just kidding. Have a nice day!!