The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



Ohh, yes… I’m totally down for ruling the shadow world as King and Queen with A :smiling_imp:

If not: Aren’t there two other hidden ROs or did I misunderstood something? Maybe its even one of them who the MC can marry?

Regarding the reproduction discussion: As @AmericanShakespeare pointed out, our MC is probably not purely human, since their whole familiy has a connnection to the shadow world and aparrently was involved in their society, too(not the “Shadow Society” the society as a whole I mean). Becaus of that I’d think that, it wouldn’t be an issue. Oh and there has to be a reason, that the shadows have a second human form, doesn’t it?

@Carawen A question for G’s interview: What do you find most interesting about “us” humans? And what do you love and loathe the most about us or our society?

And do you plan on uploading an aesthetic board for Q and M, too? I know you have much to do at the moment, I’m just curious wether you want to.


Yea, I don’t know if that’s still a thing hopefully it is? but apparently there are. Don’t ask why but I’m hoping maybe one is vince from the beginning or PLOT TWIST it’s A’s Dad :rofl:


Well you gotta remember we’re talking about someone who’s from a completely different different world with different customs so I don’t think you can hold them to ours plus the way R talks about A it seems they’re less of royalty and more of “that’s just the way they act” also you don’t have to marry someone to continue the bloodline and A seems like the type to go for that rather than marriage

Also I am very unsure with my guess I would not be surprised if it did turn out to be A I just think G and M have the highest chances and since (I think) I can only guess one person I took a gamble on G


Voidde is the character’s name. It has something to do with other worlds and dimensions. Hence the name Voidde, a character who specializes in this field of action.<>


@nulCat Did you know that A had a romantic partner before, by the way? I confirmed this on my tumblr but I never shared it here :upside_down_face:

@Jared_Frias A would totally agree to marriage if it was advantageous for the situation :wink: would they make a good spouse for someone they didn’t like, though? Not so sure about that one, since they’re so brutally honest about their feelings and opinions lmao

@Aleksa100 and @AmericanShakespeare, MC is definitely human but you’re right about the fact that they’re not just a human. It has to do with why their ancestors has a connection to the other world etc. In the RO’s world, reproduction doesn’t work like it does on earth. It’s a bit complicated and I can’t reveal much about it yet, but certain things has made it more difficult for them to reproduce at all, even with each other. It might work for someone from the Shadoworld to have a child with a human, but because of the differences between the species there would be a risk for it to die early on or end up with physical malformations and/or mental difficulties.

@Hearts LMAO that would be such a G thing to do :joy: oh, you mean the one with the heels? Hehe… maaybe? :relaxed:

And concerning your and @CalcuttaCalling’s discussion: I think it’s great if the readers can offer advice and suggestions on the story. I take it all into consideration, because some of it might be really helpful, and the things that I don’t think would fit within the narrative I don’t include :slight_smile: I get what you mean about the writer being the creator, and it’s true; I don’t think a writer should let themselves be pressured by other people’s opinions on their story if they don’t share it.

I also believe that I, as the writer, has a certain obligation to remain authentic to the narrative and world that I’m creating, if you know what I mean? I made up the rules of the world, and I could disobey those rules, but it would result in a nonsensical narrative instead of a strong one, you know? And I want it not to feel like I’m just making up everything because I want it to be that way, but because it makes for a good world/story and because I want it to be a world that the readers get sucked into :slight_smile:

Ugh, I don’t know if any of this made sense or if I’m even on the right track of the discussion (not enough sleep), but I hope you sort of get what I mean?

@Morphine Yes, definitely :slight_smile: the reproduction thing won’t be the main reason for the potential marriage in book 2; I only used it as an example of how they usually reason in the Shadoworld. And they can reproduce with the same gender over there if it’s the same species. Though, as I stated earlier, today it’s gotten more difficult to reproduce.

@Orchid There are still two hidden RO’s, yes! They just haven’t come into play yet :wink: And the shadow’s human form will definitely be explained, but I can’t say much about it now :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question, I will include it in G’s interview~ And yes, I did make one for M some while ago, but I’ve been so caught up in writing so I kind of forgot about it :dizzy_face: I haven’t started on Q’s yet, but it’ll be done eventually!

@Volk_an_Vasto Ah, you mean your character’s name? Or am I misunderstanding something… :thinking: sorry if that’s the case, hehe


By the way, oodlesofnoodle ( from tumblr has completed the whole set of male RO’s! Here are Quaiel and Azuridian:

I’d love to see anyone else’s take on the characters or your MC’s, too, if you feel compelled to draw :blush:


Oh :open_mouth: that’s interesting, I hope we can find out more about whoever they are later in the story, and “had” i wonder what happened

anyone got theories ? i love playing around with them

So I’m standing here in the car park (locked my keys in the car, don’t ask) and I just had an angst filled thought thats killing me what if one of the secret romances is As previous partner


:grimacing: I hope everything is/will be alright


Lol thanks. Yea it’s all good, called my big sister to come and get us >. <"
In the mean time plays the demo again


Cause I’m bored.

G: hewwo! i will be youw suwgeon today! intewnal bweeding you say? let’s make ouw fiwst wittle incision

MC: Dowcto, wewre loswing him!

G: qwick! hand me the defibwiwatow!!

A: Please. Turn off myfucking life support.


Q can sense emotion ? that is awesome, so if we have feeling with her, she will know? but wait… that’s dangerous , what if i also have feeling for Michaela ? Querie will kill me definitely … i must keep calm, keep calm , cannot reveal my emotion in front of Querie

@Carawen Hmmm… i feel sad if i am romancing Querie, because i won’t have any kissing scene right ? :sweat:


I was just brainstorming I don’t know if they can actually sense emotions or not


Yup you got me.:blush:
but why not both? it could be kinda fun, i guess ?
Or male G could be concerd about MCs honor? But since there are those here going for gay romance i dont know?

i still think the " you have the obligation to uphold my honor" thing would be funniest. Your call though. :blush:
(Also i just realized that in my case, g is probably going to be the one kissing my male mc since im playing cold)

Sorry, i already gave A my heart but ill give u my soul instead. Will u marry me?

i get and i agree with everything.

So they werent “formless” shadows before? Also i may be wrong but that scne in the “car” with the “mob” i got a feeling they are something like zombies but not quite?

Id tell you to just break the window or “force ir down”? but if it has rained earlier, this might not be a good idea.

I mean its Quarie right? with an “a”?



Uhh, damn thats definately a possiblity … I mean since the MC is probably the first human they had contact with… So, if the first partner didn’t die through an accident or something, it would have been a break up of some sort(since they probably didn’t die of old age as a human would in the timespan A lived)
I’d actually like that:flushed: A getting all possessive.


I could never even think about hurting LaLonde like that! lol

@Orchid Oh my god, yes. The Drama! rubs hands together evily


I think it’s actually Qutie* >w>


No love for R here :sob: poor baby.


R is mah one true love! :gift_heart:


Any choice I can make to do with R


R is cool but they dont have pink eyes.