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So Q remembers someone called them a sensitive child and I’m guessing it’s because their powers make other people’s emotions affect them.


Like mind Reading but intead of thoughts they “read” emotions. If thats the case id thinks they are more likely to kinda feel what people around them feel, [ (almost) as if it was their feeling maybe?] also they dont have much control over the ability so being naturally emotive is kinda problem?

MAybe she absorb others’ emotions?
maybe she can change our emotions?( guess hipnosis already do though, to some extent)
im certainly letting myself get carried but myabe she can feed on emotion?( yeah im stopping now)



We can marry one of them!!! (Hope it’s M~)
Will it be like an epilogue in the last book or can we have some newlywed fluff in the middle of the story?


Well if it’s for political/ploty sort of reasons I imagine it would be A or G, more likely A. …Just my guess~

cause it’s also mention on that tumbler is that it wouldn’t be for a romantic such and such…Okay i’ll go hide again.
-melts back into the lurking ether.-


It’s really interesting to hear your theories, and it’s kind of killing me that I can’t say anything more as of now about Q :persevere: but, as I said in an ask on tumblr, you will find out by the end of book 1!

@Morphine Yes, you can marry one of them in the second book :blush: and I just answered an anonymous ask that questioned why you can’t marry all of them. The reason for this is because of story reasons, and as I answered the ask, I will add the option to marry the others if I feel that it fits into the story when writing the third book, but I can’t promise anything. Many of the endings won’t contain a lot of fluff, if ya know what I mean. But that also depends on in what direction your story is branching and your choices~

If I do implement marriage for all the characters, I want to include it by the start/middle of the third book, though, and not as an epilogue thing. I want the reader to be able to experience married life a bit if the option for marriage is there anyway :wink:

@AngelOfTheBroken Haha, thank you for your input :smile: it might be, but it might also be the one you least expect :wink: we’ll see what happens, hehe.


If it turns out to be Q i’m probably gonna die :rofl:


I’m hoping it ends up being Q.


Most likely A since it’s for political reasons.


Honestly, I’d be 10000% ok if it turned out to be A


:sweat_smile: I honestly can’t see A as the type to marry someone to me it seems like they’d view it more as tying them down and to be honest for all we know M might be the only one who knows what marriage even is I’m not saying it’s not gonna be A or that it is gonna be M we still don’t know much about the characters so my guess is as good as yours

But if I were to take a guess I’d say… I guess G(?) cause they’re a fanatic about human tradition and they don’t seem to be the type to be against marriage



`Most likely they will ask MC to marry them after first kiss, like,


" you kissed me, now you must must marry me in order to preserve (uphold?) my honor and integrity" :face_with_monocle: G says trying to sound serious "T-Thats the human custom!" and yet, you notice they are shivering with joy and barely holding back their trdemark smile.

-personality check?-

and then it hits you, when was the last time they visited Earth?:face_with_raised_eyebrow::confused:

:no_mouth: not so certain anymore

mysterious guy’s secretary?



Also @Carawen is marriage tradition in the ‘cooler than ours’ world?



Why, do you think A won’t want to continue the Du Valeric bloodline? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


MC is just a lowly human, does not deserve such honor.:face_with_monocle:



MC isn’t lowly and probably not just a human, I choose to trust those shadowy ghouls…


But could ghost/wraith/shadowy thing and human even reproduce?
Like wouldn’t being diffrent species come into play?


Hybrid… If Marvel can do a cross between aliens and humans heck even godly celestials and humans then fantasy stories can at least cross breed human and mildly human


Most Marvel alien human hybrids i remember are engineerd and “that guy from Guardians of the galaxy whose name i name i forgot” 's dad made a human body to bang his mom, sooo … i forgot the rest

And most gods are kinda human like , like ( yep twice in a row) real human not shadows who can take human form.

i could be wrong though.
Also Its @Carawen 's world. if he says they can breed then they can breed and thats it cuz god said so.



shit i forgot to use they since i dont know if it he or she :eyes:


It’s she. And I think it’s not only her world, you are also a part of that world… after all, an author is satisfied only when the readers become a part of the creation, right?

Clarification: @Hearts I see what you want to mean. I’m all for the freedom to creation, but what I wanted to mean is that if the readers don’t feel unified with the story, don’t imagine themselves to be a part of the journey, then there is no merry moment on which to carry the momentum forward, no matter how monumental the work is. It’s every author’s dream to be appreciated, approved and to make the readers think …to make it hard for them to shake off the lingering flavour of the story even when it’s finished. That’s what I wanted to mean by saying that you are a part of her world. Though it seems I couldn’t make my point. That’s probably part of the problem of me not being a good writer!:sweat_smile:
Obviously, I don’t think that an author should do whatever their readers suggest just to please them. Thought that part needed a little bit of clarification.


I wont agree nor deny what you said.

constructive criticism, suggestions, jokes and the like are acceptable, maybe?

but other than that, it depends.

Basically its something that vary from one individual to the other.

you think so
i dont
her? i dont know.

I think that if the writer is god, we may became their angelic counsellors at best.



the world that the RO’s live in doesn’t exactly view marriage as a romantic event, but a political alliance/reproduction kind of deal

Will we be able to marry this character even if we’re the same gender as them?