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Oh, I love that interview and not only because my Ask was answered^^. Although I did not expect it to be in an interview. It is probably for the better, since I got more of an in depth answer, due to the other characters involvement… Naturally A dodge the important question by being upset about the labeling of their character (“Of course you are unique”), but that was to be expected :smiley:

Furthermore, I adore A’s view on music, I can relate and it shows a very… sensitive side of them, I guess. Just more reasons for my worship….:flushed:

So, does that mean more interviews will follow soon? I did not expect them so soon, two weeks did go by so fast^^ Have to think about the asks for the other characters, then.:thinking:


Interviewer : why do you wear a muzzle over your face?

Q : …

Interviewer : ookay… Now, what is your favorite color?

Q : … …

Interviewer : Interesting, do you like music?

Q : … … …


It’s funny, I pictured those dots as morse code.

Oooo I could imagine the mc teaching them morse code and the two of them just tapping messages to each other while and giggling everyone else is like ???


Nice really like this so far!


Q is like music.




Lame!! Lol I only know SOS because of Boy Scouts. 3 short, 3 long, 3 short.


I finally played the update! Sigh. I love Rheylo so much. My little tsundere, aw.


Maybe it’s a secret message to get them away from the interviewer xD they just forgot how to do the O


@Jared_Frias Haha, exactly; that’s why A stated that the answer was so obvious that they suspected it was a joke :wink:

Yes, Q will have one as well! They can still communicate, just not with words :slight_smile: plus, the other characters will be there to help interpret them… Or try, at least. It will probably not end well lmao.

And thanks for posting that song! I could totally see R listening to that :blush:

@Lycanthromorphic Interesting choice! Though the part of the song that goes “how did you go from being a mama’s boy to a ladies man” makes me chuckle when considering it for Q, seeing as they’re pretty anti-social and not at all interested in romance generally haha. It’s probably better suited for M in some parts, but I really like the “we can take it slow and I can show you how to slow dance” part for Q. I imagine the MC trying to teach Q how to slow dance and it makes me fangirl a little lmao :smile:

@Morphine Reading Q’s writing might honestly be more difficult than trying to determine what their body language means, though :sweat_smile:

@Eric_knight Eheh, A is not one to fight fair, unfortunately… They’re competitive, but not to the point of being foolhardy. They will use whatever method they think is most advantageous, which clearly involves using their power :wink: though if you have very high manipulation, you could probably trick them into making a mistake in their judgment somewhere (not during a fight, though) or something like that~ especially if they trust you and you have high manipulation.

@chocolatemix Q is a person of few words… Very, very few :smirk:

@AmericanShakespeare Well, that will depend on R’s relationship to the MC. It would be heartbreaking for them to choose between the two, though :worried:

And yeah, that’s pretty much what an one-on-one interview with Q would look like, lmao

@No_This_Is_Patrick R and A both have different strengths and weaknesses concerning fighting techniques, but because A tend to always keep a cool head regardless of the situation whilst R lets their emotions get to them constantly, I’d definitely say that A has that advantage in a fight. And you’re right that the group are all decent fighters even without their powers; they can’t always rely on that, after all.

@Orchid I’m glad you liked it! Yeah, had the others not been there, A wouldn’t have gone into much depth :blush: yes, music is one of A’s greatest passions. It will definitely come up in-game!

Yes, more interviews will follow soon! I’m thinking about doing one once a week, since I also want to update the document and have time to write on the story, as well as be active on tumblr and here :slight_smile: if you think of any questions for anyone, let me know!


@nulCat Ahaha I really like that scenario! I think Q would love to have a secret language with an MC that they liked that only the two of them understood :smile:

@Captainbk Thank you so much! Stay tuned for more updates :blush:

@Hearts Aww, that’s sweet :smile:

@FutbolDude21586 Well, at least you know more than most :wink:

@Kirlett I’m glad you still like R! Thank you so much for playing the extended demo :blush:


I kinda want a option to spew bunch of completly made up and apsurd human activities to G and see how they react


I found a dead ending!

(Sorry- can’t screenshot on the device I’m on)

“Oh my god!” I cover my mouth with my hands. “I’m so sorry! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine”, he mumbles through clenched teeth, very much disproving his statement. “It’s… Just a little… bit of tea, you know?”

I look around the room after something that could help ease the pain he must be feeling, but unsurprisingly there aren’t many convenient objects lying around.

My gaze falls on the man, and I take a moment to inspect him. His face is, truth be told, quite nice to look at; his dark eyes feature well against his olive skin, and they are complemented with lashes that many women would not be able to imitate even with a decent amount of mascara. His eyebrows are thick, moving almost too much when he changes facial expression, making me think that he is likely bad at masking his emotions. His hair is messy and keeps falling into his eyes at his every little movement, but he barely seems to notice.

(and then it just gives you the option to play again)

Here 's screenshoot of its of any help

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@Uniqueth Oh god, I can’t believe I have dead ends still that early in the demo :roll_eyes: I fixed it though, so it should work now! Thanks for bringing that to my attention and sorry for the inconvenience :sweat_smile: I’m going to go through the other options to make sure it’s not the same there.

@Aleksa100 Thank you so much for the screenshot! :blush: EDIT: sorry, missed your other post!

You know what, giving the MC an option to lie about human customs to G is not a bad idea at all… Since lying counts as a skill, I might just include that! But G is very good at seeing through lies, so it’d probably not work if you had any other skill than lying :wink:


A question to all characters: Do they know any human languages besides English?


@Morphine Good question! I’ll make sure to include it in the next interview :blush:

Here’s some more fan art that I got permission to share from the people over at tumblr:

A supercute little G made by incubusdelumine (

Another amazing character portrait, this time of Rheylo, by oodlesofnoodle ( )

And lastly, two beautiful pictures of MC; one during the prologue, and one featured with all the different eye colors of the RO’s by hampsdesu (


Sounds good. Voidde it’s your time.


Is Q has Telepathy power that can read our mind ? That will be cool … perhaps we can communicate with Q via our mind thinking ? :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if this counts as a spoiler but better safe than sorry

Well in terms of telepathy it wasn’t mentioned as one of her powers but she does have emotional powers (specifically emotional shifting) maybe she can use it in some way as a sort of empathetic power to communicate through feeling and maybe she can even sense others emotions as well? Who know but I can see her using her emotional shifting ability to communicate


@Volk_an_Vasto Sorry, but what does Voidde mean? :sweat_smile:

@Eric_knight That would be cool indeed! And very comfortable on Q’s part :wink: though as the ever observant @Jared_Frias wrote, there might be something else involved… If you play through Q’s rival option, you can get a little glimpse of their ability :upside_down_face: and if you pick combat as a skill and then choose “I’m going to help” after R goes out to help A at the start of Chapter 3, you’ll see a little bit of Q’s ability at work as well!