The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



That Extended Demo was quite charming. You certainly caught my interest. I look forward to being able to read more!


Michael Rios, made by oodlesofnoodle
(their tumblr:

@Kanaya thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like it :smile: more will come, hopefully soon!


Happy birthday to @Crater18 too :slight_smile:

Apparently … many are still undecided which of the RO is the most popular :slight_smile:


Can’t ruin what doesn’t exist :^3c lol


I’m constantly searching for songs which represent an aspect of each character… still nothing good. (Maybe because my musical taste is…lets say quite narrow…)
But one thing I found suprised me. There is a italian, melodic Death Metal Band called Black Therapy with their latest album “In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile”. (I know pretty depressing)
What I find interesting is that, in the first 5 song titles I see resemblence to up to 4 members of the group:
Although the first one is pretty weak :smiley:


1. Tears of Innocence (M: I know its a bit weak, but I see them as the most innocent of the cast and most likely to cry^^. Well thats bad reasoning but…oh well)
2. In the Embrace of Sorrow, I Smile (G: Always happy, always smiling, but it’s probably safe to say that they are faking it to a degree. They seem to had a rough past and (judging from their quote under the aesthetic board) are pretty pessimistic, too. )
3. The Foolishness of Existence (A: Again the quote under the board made me think of them while hearing this song. You know talking about a “senseless world” and “that the universe actually cares [not] about you” )
4. Stabbed (Pass, except one of them is acutally betraying us somewhere down the line. Maybe even M, since they don’t seem too suprised when it’s stated that the MC shall be “used” by the group. You get that info, if you have high “intuition”)
5. She, the Weapon (R or, more likely Q: Don’t know, I just get the vibe that one of them was forced to do something terrible or raised in a way to be later used as a weapon. Just a feeling, though)

Thats it, just thought I’d share… Oh, and I did not link the songs, since I figured most of you would not like that type of music :smiley:
Does anyone else got the same feeling, that I tried to convey regarding the song "She, the “Weapon”?

Anyway, hope I find fitting music, which more of you would enjoy. If you got something, please share :slight_smile:

Speaking of music, I really would want to convince G to install speakers into their cars( and bluetooth connection). I would totally use my position as valuable hostage/asset to decide which music is playing while we drive :smiley:


@Orchid It’s really interesting to read your take on the characters and their various layers :slight_smile: and oh, those song titles are so beautiful~ If you find more music, I’d love to know! (EDIT: The reason I haven’t commented on your song choices is because it would be too spoilery, hehe).

And G would be all for speakers in the car, haha :wink:

On another note, I stopped by to let those who are interested know that the character interview for A is completed! If you want to read the post, you can find it here:ú-valeríc


So I read the interview and I just have one thing to say

a woodchuck would chuck as much wood as a woodchuck could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood

EDIT: also will Q have one? I’m assuming no seeing their lack of ability to communicate but just thought I’d ask


So speaking of songs… when I had a certain interaction with Q, I immediately thought of this one even though I’m usually playing as a male mc. Then thought about it and maybe it’s more fitting for m.

Plus, I just love Kelly Clarkson.


Q can write down their answers or maybe if they’re just yes/no questions they can nod their head. Hopefully we can understand Q’s writing if they do write their answers, heh…


Well Q can’t write at least not well enough to have an interview as evident from the collective diary they’d probably only be able to answer yes/no questions

However (since we’re talking about Q’s ability to communicate or lack thereof) in the extended demo when you choose the run away option when the MC is experiencing intense pain whoever came to get you back will say your name (if I remember correctly) well except R I think they snort since they’re in a different form. Anyway when Q comes to help you, when you’re in pain it says you hear someone call your name so it seems to imply that Q can talk but just shouldn’t or at the very least doesn’t


On the topic of music I feel Transformation
(specifically the chorus and also I used soundcloud cause I’m on the phone and every time I tried to go to the YouTube site it just opened the app and I couldn’t copy the web address) from the TWEWY sound track is a pretty good song for R seeing the name and R ability to transform and I can just imagine R listening to it


Hahaha… so A is very competitive , and just like i suspect ,takes pride very seriously , but hmmm it also could be A’s weakness at some point, if i am A’s enemy and realise that i am cornered … could i bait A using his/her pride by saying
" No one had ever beaten me in a fair fight, do you fancy yourself to be the first doing it in a one on one without using any power ? " Would A fall for it and grant his/her enemy a fair fight instead ? :slight_smile:


What cracks me up about the whole thing is that Q is just a series of ellipses. 10/10 silence is sometimes the best reply.


Yes but don’t worry, R would take care of them if they are in danger :smile:


But that would meant A lost in a fair fight :sweat: undoubtedly it will crush A’s confident if R needs to intervene :cry:


Is R even the better fighter?

That only works on dumb villains in movies and A seems to smart to fall for that.


No but if A can’t do it alone they have better chance beating the other one together


But it isn’t fun stealing candy from baby :wink: Defeating an opponent one on one also gives us the satisfaction of victory …it is that thrill of knowing you can be the best of the best , which make fighting such a joy :smile:


She would still be the better fighter and win even without her powers. Her world seems more dangerous than ours.


Hahaha… yeah that’s why i love her spirit :grin: Arrogant but stylish :stuck_out_tongue: