The Shadow Society (WIP) Aesthetic Board for Q up!



A likes bondage and bdsm


R hmm… They are a bit of a masochist.

The dú Valeríc siblings are full of sin.

G likes roleplaying
M is more traditional
Q isn’t a very sexual person

I knew Q was too pure for this world.

Q - I dont sin
M - I sin a little
R - I sin sometimes
G - I sin alot
A - I’M sinning right now


Yeah I did not expect this when i was just checking carawens tumblr. :smiley:
It does make sense I suppose… but Sin is a word to harsh.^^ Let them have their preferences :wink:

Sooo, we got 100 votes in for the Fav RO poll(#306). I did not expect A getting pushed down from their throne, since they started out so strong. Q somehow managed that, I guess a lot of you like the mysterious type? Well @nulCat and @rachelamber more A for us our MCs :smiley:
And G as lowest? Didn’t forsee that either. Well, someone has to be, but I find the characters that hide behind a mask intriguing. Especially if it envolves romance, since they are often the ones who need a caring partner the most.

All in all I think its a good result. None of the ROs is above 30% or under 10%, which shows that every loveinterest is appreciated by the community, dont know how to phrase it better ^^


The kinks don’t surprise me usually the more sexual a character (or real life person) is the less likely I’d be attracted to them and honestly in my opinion the RO’s I like the most to the RO’s I like the least are Q, M, R, G, and A… Also just realized if you put QGMR as a RWBY team you have the team Quagmire :smile:


Honestly G being the lowest surprised me.

I am 101 % ok with that lmao

Has anyone read the No End comic? Asking cause with the whole “what’s under Q’s mask” thing I immediately thought of Wight. (he wears a gas mask covering the bottom half of his face)


Warning, this page has gore like… not hard core gore and it’s a drawing…Not even sure if it’s considered gore actually it’s like super tame, your everyday zombie thing y’know?

Turns out Wight is a zombie but not a zombie
Is a picture of wight with the mask on

Like, I’m not saying I think Q’s a zombie or anything but they just reminded me of that character. Also Wight is an adorkable nerd like Q they both deserve all the love


I’m sorry


I think Q wears a muzzle as a means to contain himself from being aggresive or has pointy teeth or sonething cause he seems to have a normal mouth if you make him laugh :thinking:


Well I was thinking more like

But that works too


@Eric_knight Oh, really? My editing skills are not that great, but I tried to make it look as realistic as possible :sweat_smile: (used a photo of the hound from Game of Thrones to get the right look). That’s interesting!

I mean, I can’t say whether Q will be awful or not; as I’ve said before, the characters aren’t necessarily “good”, but it also depends on what you yourself deem is good and bad :wink: And I don’t think you need to worry about Q; going by the poll, they’re the most popular RO, and I doubt a potentially hideous face will change that… I mean, people seem to like them for how they are acting :blush:

@grimbutnotalways I looked her up and yeah, I like how she looks! Sometimes characters have scars and such in movies and tv-shows but they are really small and barely visible, and yet everyone in the movie/tv-show treats it as if it changes their whole appearance for some reason. It’s a bit lame imo :thinking:

@cookiemonsta lmao, most people who feel sexual attraction have some sort of kink, don’t they? :smile: considering what’s out there, I’d say this is pretty tame haha

@Orchid It didn’t surprise me at all that G was last, but it did surprise me to see An and Q at the top! I really thought R would be first, since most messages I receive seem to be about them :open_mouth: and I didn’t expect A to be so popular; I thought they would be in third place… And I expected M to be lower, as well.

I think most people consider G to be that more pleasant person who’s likable but not as interesting as the others since they haven’t showed much else as of yet, so that’s why they’re last? Their backstory will play a huge part in the second book, though :slight_smile:

And that’s a nice way to see it! The poll ended up much more evenly divided between all the RO’s than I expected :blush:

@nulCat Ooh my, Wight is lovely!! Seems like an interesting character!

@cookiemonsta I mean, the mouth is not displayed when they laugh :slight_smile: The muzzle covers everything up to over the nose and a little more; the only way that the MC is able to tell that Q smiles is because of how their eyes look. So it doesn’t have to be that their mouth is normal :wink:


Writing Update 5/5-18 (copied from tumblr)

Hi everyone!

Phew, it’s been a very eventful week! Releasing the extended demo was nerve wrecking and so exciting at the same time, and it all feels so worth it when you share your opinions on it, speculate about the story/characters, make fanart and send so much support in general.

I’ve been trying my best to correct all the errors and bugs throughout the demo, though it takes longer than you’d think and there’s still some tweaks I have to do. I really want to thank all of the amazing people who have spent their time helping me locate typos, errors and bugs; it’s been so incredibly helpful!

I’ve also begun one branch of Chapter Five, where some of the questions are answered. Then I’ll write the other branch, and then onto Chapter Six after which I’ll be looking for beta testers~ Currently I’m at about 130, 000 words or so :slight_smile:

And here’s a picture of Rheylo made a few weeks ago by aramis-ghost424 (link to their tumblr:


Mhm! I agree with you. :blush:

I am also surprised at the results, but it’s cool to know that all the ROs have interested MCs. I was thinking A, R, M, Q, and then G since A has that frosty vibe, R is kind of adorkable, and M seems like a sweetheart/is protective of the MC initially. I kind of just sorted the rest after those 3.

Kudos to the author for making such interesting characters! I think it’s actually a good sign that one character didn’t fully dominate the results…

Even though icy some of us (@Orchid and @nulCat ) snow who’s the coolest RO. :wink: :snowflake: That’s only the tip of the iceberg concerning my frosty themed puns, but I don’t want to be on thin ice with the community, haha.


GD, teach me your ways, pun master. I wonder how A would react to an mc with non stop ice/cold puns xD


Nah, our fiery haired Q-tie will always be the best. After all, silence is golden.

Edit: I’m so upset that even hours later I can’t come up with better puns for Q.


Zuko (20 characters)



Same like you, that’s how i learn and found out about Alternative/Gothic Rock when i somehow found and listen to them on youtube :wink:

I didn’t vote because i can’t decide between Q, M and R :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you are working too hard with unbelievable speed …you deserve a break :wink:


I’ve really enjoyed this, oh my gosh!! The RO’s seem really interesting, both individually and group dynamic wise! I’m looking forward to playing more :star_struck: :grin:

(Also I adore the awkward/flustered choices, keep them coming please, lol thank you! XD)


So, guys, I don’t think there’s a birthday thread for forum members, but that does not stop the birthdays to come, right? Today is one such day, and I think it would be nice to wish one of our fellow members in this thread as he has already participated in the discussions.
So, Happy Birthday @Crater18!! I presume that is evident given the birthday icon that pops up beside your username. Hope you’re having a great day with Dave and others!!


Now this is surprising :slight_smile: Thanks!!!


Not sure if this was asked before but how tall are Ro’s?


A male 190 cm
A female 187 cm

R male 176 cm
R female 158 cm

M male 186 cm
M female 172 cm

Q male 180 cm
Q female 169 cm

G male 179 cm
G female 168 cm

You can get more infos about the cast in carawens document on the first post


@rachelamber Yeah, I’m really happy that all the RO’s are loved :blush: I was kinda worried that one or two were going to get super popular and that no one would care about the rest, so it’s good to see this kind of result~

Thank you so much for the compliment! (and keep the puns coming lmao)

@nulCat Oof, I don’t recommend telling puns to A. They’ll go on and on about your poor taste of humor until your self-esteem is in ruins :sweat_smile:

@grimbutnotalways Haha, Q-tie is perfect though! I think Q would really like a nickname like that, provided they understood what it meant, of course.

@Hearts Gasp, you’re right! It does kinda look like Zuko :hushed: now that I think about it… R kind of has a lot of physical likeness to Zuko; eastern asian features, big burn mark on right side, black hair… I didn’t even think about that when I wrote them, to be honest :roll_eyes:

@Eric_knight Haha, that’s alright! I’m happy you like all three of them :smile:

Aw, thanks for the concern! But a lot of the text is repeated because they are variables, and besides, I have so much fun when writing. It’s pretty much all I want to do in my spare time (though it’s important to take breaks even so, I agree. Which is why I barely wrote anything yesterday and instead went on a Skyrim spree hehe).

@LauraSikdar Oh, thank you so, so much! I’m so happy you like the characters both individually and together :smile: don’t worry, the awkward/flustered along with stubborn/denial and flirty will all be featured options throughout the books!

@CalcuttaCalling That’s a really nice sentiment! Great idea :blush:

Happy birthday, @Crater18! I might be too late, since I don’t know your timezone, but either way I hope that you have/had a wonderful birthday! ^^

@Aleksa100 just like @Orchid mentioned, there is some additional info to the RO’s in the document, height being one of them :slight_smile: