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Is it weird I’m more worried about what clothes to pick instead of why M is needed?

Also idk if this has been told or not but I found a spelling error. The word to has a z on it.


This is great I don’t know why everyone’s complaining smh



Even with first impressions, Azur is nothing like Adam/Ava. Azur is forward, confident, and catches onto the MC’s attraction right off the bat. Not to mention, Azur is way more mature than A!! And doesn’t act like a damned tween angst machine. He also actually makes a move on the MC, instead of sitting around giving longing looks and pouting like a freaking 13-year-old girl. There is only one other romance in HG that I’ve seen done as well as Azur, and that’s Rook, from Breach.

The other ROs have absolutely nothing in common with TWC ROs. R is completely unique, with their shyness and confusion over the MC’s reactions to them. G is very forward and happy, with a great sense of humor, and Q? I’ve never seen anything like Q anywhere, yet. Don’t even get me started on the Shadowman, either. Yeesh, that charm + a bit of darkness = serious hotness…

So @Carawen, don’t worry about naysayers and people making unfair comparisons. What you’ve given us is original. The characters are awesome, the story is intriguing, the world is extremely cool, and two of the romances (or three, I haven’t tried Q yet!) show progress in the first book. That fact alone, sets you apart. Like @Morning-Guy said, be proud of your work. You have every right to be.


Eyes twitch you take that back about A… :smile:

And let’s not forget the setting, and the MC Job. And friends, and even the vilains.

And to be honest, there is no rules that say '‘Supernatural setting belong to X’ anyway.


Sorry, I can’t take it back! It’s true! And don’t get me started on M–the eternal tease. Mr. “I only want sex” but won’t put out (which sucks, because he’s such an asshole that that’s pretty much all he has going for him at this point–fun to bicker with and growl at, though!).

Exactly. There are no similarities at all there. Shadowman is a very cool villain–one I have made a MC to romance, in fact, lol. And the MC isn’t forced to be treated like a baby by her mother, either (at her job no less).

^^Neither are there rules that say romances belong to X. As someone who plays VNs, and loves several of them, it’s obvious to me that what Carawen said it true: she followed the VN setup for her world. And I am eternally grateful that she did.

I’m hoping we see more authors going this route, especially with weaving romances into the story instead of what we’ve gotten in the past (i.e., “I met you, we banged once, and I love you even though I never freaking talk to you.” or no romance at all). I know there’s another similar game coming up on March 5, and I can’t freaking wait for that one, either!


There’s an aspect to this game I haven’t seen anybody else really mention so I’ll just quickly drop it here.
Replayability. I’m thinking mainly of the car scene, where you can get a lot of inner thoughts from the character you’re romancing based on what you choose. I’ve replayed that god knows how many times just to read all of them. Some had even more consequences than I expected. Also, the jealousy scenes. You could replay those chapters for every possible combination, which is a nice way to get to know the characters more.


OMG, you are so right! The car scenes are freaking awesome, and I love the branching from them. My MC ate the black goo when Rheylo handed it to her, and is now traumatized that she ate people! And the reactions from the ROs during that whole sequence are awesome, as are the inner thoughts.

Like you said, the jealousy scenes are awesome. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen those in any other game. Ditto for the rival-mancing. Except for DA, that’s not something most authors include, but Cara does, and it’s great!! Even if I feel like shit reading Rheylo’s reaction to her with Azur!


How would u get like jealousy and rival scenes?

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There’s 2 scenes that you can choose who to spend time with. To get the jealousy scene you have to pick different people

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I actually thought that would only happen if you pick A and R…whelp, time to replay again.

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A and R are the only love triangle, the rest are just jealousy scenes.


Oh yes, I know, but I’m a sucker for jealousy scenes so…yep, gonna replay and get all the combinations.


Did anyone get to go back and unlock the bathroom to talk with the shadow again?

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[spoiler.]This text will be blurred[./spoiler]
delete the periods in the two spoiler sections and it appears like so

This text will be blurred

there is also a button

wich would be blur spoilers…
hope this helps

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Sooo I just want to give my two cents because this is by far my favorite HG 2020 release and I disagree that it is a knockoff of Wayhaven…

If you’ve ever played a VN or otome before, it’s pretty clear that TSS essentially follows the same formula, at least when it comes to the romance aspect of the novel. So does Wayhaven.

There’s nothing particularly unique about either stories in this regard, especially when it comes to the tropes used. Their plots though are obviously quite different despite belonging to the same genre.


Oh thank god, I wasn’t the only confused with the story. I had to restart the game multiple times because the story had huge gaps of information missing.
I thought I was reading too fast or I’m just a freaking idiot.

@EvilChani Nah, man, I’m A(WH) trash lmao, I gotta fight you on it. Not gonna lie that 13 year old girl joke is true :rofl::sob:, I’ll give you that but Adam/Ava is aware of MC attraction. Due to a variety of factors(work, pride, immortality) they don’t want to pursue, their flawed and I love it. Their romance is a slow burn, patience is key. Some people like to work for their romance, which is why I couldn’t vibe with A(SS) he was a little corny.It’s a good romance nonetheless, just not one of best.

I also don’t have enough info on A(SS) motives or background much.
So I hope this next update clears up the confusing, I think this series has a lot of potential and I want to see it go somewhere.


first i would like to say that i love this game and the characters. i dont even know how but i fell hard and fast for A!
but im confused about the stat, in the beginning we can choose mc’s strength and weakness but it feels like it doesnt affect the story…
and im hoping that, when you choose how mc’s relationship with the team (i forgot in what chapter :pensive:) it won’t lock you from paths. i think i choose that mc and others are just friends bc im hoping to play slow burn romance but it deletes all romance % from the ros


I’m not sure about this but I think it’ll affect later in maybe Book 2 and/or Book 3? This is just my assumption though.

Well since the save system isn’t implemented yet you can now plan accordingly, and later when the save system is available you can directly choose your chosen one(?). Just my two cents. :slightly_smiling_face:


I get an error for chapter 4 :frowning:

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Isn’t a greoz supposed to be mindless and out of control? How come the “other one” wasn’t?

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