The Shadow Society General Discussion Thread (update on #150)

@Sweet_Potato Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you enjoy it :heart:

@Lunanova I’m very sorry to say that both discord servers have been closed for the time being, and I don’t know yet when they’ll be open for anyone to join again. The reason for this is that we had the links being shared among members of an extremist group, and a few of them joined the server before we banned them and closed them as to prevent anyone else like that from joining. It really sucks and I hope we can open them again soon, but opening them is still not a risk we’re willing to take.

On another note, I’m fairly sure I’ve located the issue for the game thinking that the player is always in the love triangle route (possibly the same error that kept popping up at the tattoo scene). I can’t promise it’ll be solved for sure, but I do think this issue was the culprit and I’ve fixed it and sent in the files. I don’t know when the game will be updated though, but hopefully this should be fixed in the coming days :blush:


anyone know which RO has the ice blue eyes?

It’s Azuridian/Azuridia


Played your game today, and have to say I absolutely loved it to bits. My boyfriend had already played it, and said nothing but good about it. And yet, despite going into it with really high expectations, I was still absolutely blown away by it! I can’t wait to play the sequel, so I can continue my romance with Michaela. Although admittedly, it’s kinda weird to romance a character with my sister’s name :joy: But hey! Weirdness aside, she’s too sweet a bean to pass up on. And my inner lesbian really do love sweet and considerate girls, a little too much for me to say no to her :joy:


@Cyphr Thank you for the sweet words :heart: I’m really glad that both you and your boyfriend liked it!

I wanted to make a post here to say that I’m fairly certain the A & R - triangle bug should be fixed now, at least from what I’ve seen so far. I hope that’s the case for some other bugs as well, though I’m working on figuring out one that unfortunately still appears in chapter 13. If this isn’t the case and someone happens to catch something that’s out of order, I’d be really grateful to know about it.

I’m also working on the content update for chapter 9, which is going fairly smoothly admist everything else. Thanks for being patient and sorry for the inconveniences. I hope everyone are staying safe!


Hello! First I would like to say that I absolutely LOVE this game-- I adore it and all of it’s characters <3 (Rheylo is my favourite though <3) It’s definitely my favorite Choicescript game, and one of my favourite games in general, so thank you for writing it! : D

And I hope I’m not being a bother with this, but I noticed two issues-- For some reason on Rheylo’s second scene, it registers whether you chose to escape or stay during the car scene correctly at first, but when/if you click the option to laugh at his statement of calling Gwyndal an “unhinged lunatic” the game starts acting like you tried to escape even when you didn’t??

Also, Quaiel’s description doesn’t show up correctly if you select that you’re drawn towards the “fiery red eyes”/Rheylo’s eyes? Like when it starts describing the characters after your character wakes up (and your character ends up hitting their head against Rheylo’s lol), it just says “It’s the other stranger who really catches my attention though.” and then just… doesn’t describe them and carries on :0

(I’m not sure if this is spoilered right? I’m not sure what does and doesn’t need spoilering… let me know if it needs to be changed tho and I’ll edit it :ok_hand: )


Sooo I’ve played the book about 3 times already and… A thought was was lingering in my mind all the time since from almost the very beginning. Like “Gosh how could this be so fricking good?”, cause I genuinely like these kinda badass fantasy-romance books, and damn was this a good one. I can sooo honestly say that I am looking forward to the next one, cause oh boi, G and The Shadowman really captured me and I can’t get out…
So the only slightly disappointing thing I found about the book was that we didn’t get enough romance (more like flirty​:thinking:) scenes and interactions with our most dearest Shadowman for my hungry appetite.:smile: I get it tho, that this book was his introduction to us maybe? Well you piqued my interest haha.
I read that already, that your planning to put some more romance scenes with him, which I am just soo grateful about, cheers for you!

I wanted to ask tho, if there will be any poly relationships possible in book 2? Just asking, cause i think that would be cute^^

So you betcha that I will be here when the next book comes out, supporting you and the insurgents (Or rather, the opposite team🤔). :heart:


Just would like to say I absolutely love love love this game. I’ve played a few times through already and seriously can’t get enough. (Azuridian = swoon!) I’m just curious if the author has a patreon or something similar - anywhere we can get updates for Book 2 and be able to show our support?

@Divine the author does not have a patreon afaik, but here is their tumblr and kofi!


OMG I absolutely love this game!!! The quips & wit are spot on fantastic!!! I was actually laughing so hard at certain points I was crying. Hahaha even my roommates have came into my room to check on me due to the roar of laughter. lol :joy::joy::joy:

Amazing Job with the characters & world building. I picked this up on a whim & all of the paths have been great so far. I can’t wait to replay checking out other interaction between characters. All of the RO are amazing I don’t even know if I could pick a fav. Totally can’t wait to see what you do with the next book.


I just finished reading all the routes. Can’t wait to see what Q is all about in the next book. My fav however is G. He’s so adorable!


I’m having a rly hard time getting friendship points w Azuridian, can someone please help me out with hints or a walkthrough maybe?

It’s a bit messy but…

Az Friend points


Friend points

  1. When you go to see A, “I just wanted to talk with you a little bit” (+5)
  2. When you offer to drive, if you lie and leadership >49 then (+5 friend) and (rivalry -5); otherwise, rivalry +5 and friend -5
  3. If you go in the car with A, ““Go faster, for god’s sake! We’ve got no time to lose!” (+5)
  4. Still in the car: “I think we may need to drive through them” (+5)
  5. When A is fighting Shadowman, “Stay in place” (+5), or “Join A in the fight” (+7), or “Reluctantly stay in place but sulk” (+4)
  6. If you get the scene, “I’d like to become stronger, I just don’t know how.” (+3)
  7. “If learning to accept it means that I’ll end up feeling apathetic to awful things, I’d rather stay the way I am.” (+1)
  8. When Az yanks the door open and steps into the darkness, “And I immediately follow.” (+1), or “What are you doing? Get back here!” (-1)
  9. When you wake up and find out you’re a paladin, tell R not to yell (+2)
  10. If you go to see Az for the second time and he says he has no time for you, “No need to be so rude about it.” (+5)
  11. Wear the clothes Az puts out for you: “Exactly my taste. Put the clothes on.” (+1) or “I’m not exactly fond of the clothes but I’ll wear them to make Az happy.” (+1)
  12. When you’re eating soup and eyeing him and he asks if you’re enjoying yourself, “I guess. What about you?” (friend +5, rivalry -5, romance -10) or “I would enjoy myself if you weren’t here, to be honest.” (rivalry +10, friend -10, romance -10)
  13. When you ask why Q can’t train you: “Press the issue” (rivalry +1) or “Let it go for now.” (friend +1)
  14. When M comes in freaking out about A touching you: “M, let A go!” (+1)
  15. Thinking about R making you drink something: “And I had told A the truth” (friend +5, rivalry -5) or if you lied and leadership > 60 no change or if you lied and leadership < 60 (rivalry +5, friendship -5)
  16. When thinking about the group, choose one of the “friend” choices, then choose A (friend +10, rivalry -10)
  17. If A comes to get you to go to the party: “A can sulk all he wants…” (rivalry +2, friend -2) or if you try to explain crowds make you anxious and he tells you to face your fears, “All right I’ll try” (friend +5, rivalry -5) or “No I won’t go! Stop asking!” (friendship -5, rivalry +5)
  18. If you ask A about the out of body experience: “Okay I understand” (friend +3, rivalry -3) or “I need to know NOW” (friend -3, rivalry +3)
  19. When G talks about Marina: “Where is A?” (+6)
  20. When the Shadowman shows up: “Don’t hurt me! Take them! Spare me!” (friendship -10, rivalry +10, romance -10) (this is true for M & G, too)
  21. When the Shadowman wants to take you and A: “Look to A for reassurance” (friend +2, rivalry -2) or “Look at A with spite” (rivalry +2, friend -2)
  22. When discussing things, tell A “of course I trust you, I’m better left in the dark” then say “of course it’s sarcasm” (friend +2, rivalry -2) or “No I mean it” (friend +4, rivalry -4)
  23. At dinner with the Shadowman:
    o “Sit next to the Shadowman” (friend -2, rivalry +2)
    o “I expected more luxury” (friend -1, rivalry +2)
    o When A warns you people in your world will try to control you, “Thanks for warning me” (friend +1, rivalry -1)
    o Flirting with SM by asking if he’s single when you’re romancing A results in A (friend -15, rivalry +15); if MC isn’t romancing A (friend -5, rivalry +5)
  24. After dinner, when A asks you not to flirt with his father again: “Swat his hand away” (friend -2, rivalry +2) or “I’ll do what I want” (friend -5, rivalry +5) or “Apologize” (friend +3, rivalry -3) or “I couldn’t help myself” (friend -2, rivalry +2)
  25. When Az asks if you know how to play piano, choose you play plenty and when he asks you to show him: “Sure, why not” (friend +5, rivalry -5) or “Not going to happen” (friend -10, rivalry +10)////// if you choose other options and he offers to teach you: “Accept his offer” (friend +5, rivalry -5) or “Not going to happen” (friend -10, rivalry +10)
  26. When you find Az in your bedroom: “What are you doing? Get out!” (friend -2, rivalry +2)
  27. When Az mentions the plan: “Laugh” (friend +2, rivalry -2)
  28. When Az gives you a shiv: “Why are you giving me this? Are you mad?” (friend -3, rivalry +3) or “Accept the weapon with a nod” (friend +3, rivalry -3) or “Take it to make him happy” (friend +3, rivalry -3)

Ty! Ur so thorough! :grinning:

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Well, it was posted on Tumblr about a rewrite of book 1, so its going to take until after that. In any case, we just have to be patient and support the author no matter how long it takes, I’m sure we’ll have news on both books as soon as there is something worth telling


Any idea how to start the romance with J? I know it’s one of the late starting ones but it feels like her reactions are closer to friendship.