The Shadow Society General Discussion Thread (update on #150)

I found only this review

Hey, it has been a long time since I last came here, because of a lot of awful issues in real life, not all of them solved at this point, but I HAD to after playing this game.

Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so amazing, but I’m really, really glad I gave it a chance. It’s also one of the very few HG/CoG where I found myself attracted to more than one of the love interests. Enough to actually try two “routes” - Quaiel and Rheylo.
Quaiel was an evidence, and I loved every single second of his scenes - he stole my heart from the very first second (starting with the “eyes choice” at the beginning, without even knowing who had the green eyes) - but Rheylo… man, he hit me so hard in the feels.
I really have no words to say how much I’ve enjoyed this game, honestly.

I have noticed a couple of coding / continuity errors here and there (nothing game breaking or anything!), but I’ve reported that to the HG support e-mail. If needed, I can also post it here.

Speaking of “issues”, I’ll admit I learned about some of the critiques the game faced and the fact some were adressed in a big content update BEFORE playing, so once I had purchased the game on Steam, I also got an earlier copy elsewhere. I’m against piracy, but I mean, I own the game, so it’s all right? Anyway, I really wanted to try both versions to see what changed, and don’t regret it. I’m really happy you took the time to make that huge update - I honestly enjoyed the first version of the game - but I agree some parts felt unpolished or rushed. But the current version? Perfection!
I’ll have to go and write a Steam review once I’m done with this post!

Now, to talk about some elements I really enjoyed and that I miss in a lot of games. What can I say, one of the first ones I think about is that you allow the players to make a MC who feels unhappy with their body and/or with their current life.
On that matter, did you consider including some talks about that in book 2?

On the body

If the player selects for the MC to feel unhappy about their body, it would be interesting to put that into play in Rheylo’s route. I couldn’t help but think about that - litteraly one of the first things that came to mind once the game allowed me to make my MC feel that way. I mean, both of them feel bad about how they look, BUT are attracted to the other.

On the life and job

If the MC is unhappy with their life and job in the Sunworld, it’s really obvious they feel AWFUL about it and that they were at the brink of depression, or even already there. There’s even that choice where they can shudder at the mere thought of coming back to their previous life, when they get confused at waking up. I love that! And I think it would make for a VERY interesting dialogue with Michael once they all manage to regroup. My MC told Michael during the “mind contact” that he doesn’t want to go back home, when Michael told him he would take him back. And at the end, he refused to follow Michael. And yet, Michael still dragged him towards the “portal” once he could. I don’t mind the fact he did per se - he obviously thinks he’s doing the right thing. But in the case of a MC like mine, who felt like the Sunworld was hell, it must be atrocious. They didn’t talk about it up until now, so it makes sense Michael doesn’t suspect that, but later on, it would be captivating for the MC to explain that he was feeling like dying, or like he was already dead, back home, and that coming to the Shadowworld made him alive again. I guess it would be good if we had the opportunity to talk calmly or angrily, but well, having the option would be good in any case!

Haha, I guess I’m getting over-excited here!

Also, I love the fact the story is told in first person and the general structure. You’re a VN person, am I right? It’s typical otome / BL game structure! Never gets old!

On a side note, I also really hope for another thing, but that’s an ending matter!

It would be for the opportunity to extend MC’s lifespan, even though it didn’t work with his ancestor. Romances with supernaturals are awesome, but it’s REALLY depressing when different lifespans are a thing, and it’s always nice to be able to “remedy” that somehow.

Okay, I think I’ll stop now and continue gushing in my review. I told the author what I meant to tell, now I should tell possible future players, eh?


I really hope that next game I can without a doubt have my character have a full blown panic attack being back. Because he does not want to be back at all.


Oooh yeah, same here :rofl:

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I have liked it for the most part, hope to see the continuation.

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From what I know, the author is doing a rewrite of book 1 for the moment, even if I believe book 2 was started at some point. It’s just that they’re focusing on the rewrite for now. They said on tumblr that later chapters shouldn’t be such a hassle as the beginning ones since they were updated in the past (the game had a huge update at some point, that changed and polished a fair amount of things, if you didn’t know).

So it doesn’t seem abandonned or anything, it’s just that for the moment rework of book 1 takes precedence over work on book 2.


Some pretty solid changes too, from the glimpses we got. Got me curious whether we’ll see some early bird cameos to Book Two.


I kinda wanted to left more feedback, but now I think I better do it after a rewrite. Rewrite definently won’t hurt the book because it suffers from quite a few problems.