The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



I hope you ok we all care for you


Wow, I liked this, but didn’t respond to it. Same here. My MC adores her mother. She’ll probably try and emulate her mother as best she can as she grows older.

@Fawkes, I hope you’re recovering well, dear.


So my surgery was a few weeks ago, and it went really, really well! The surgery itself only lasted about 15 minutes. I got there around 7 AM and got home sometime in the early to mid-afternoon. They gave me Propofol (to knock me out), IV Zofran (for nausea), Phenergan (for when the Zofran didn’t work), and Norcos (for the pain). I also got my prescription of muscle relaxers for my jaw refilled in anticipation of jaw pain from being intubated. Needless to say, I was very out of it for a few days.

I immediately could tell I breathed better after the surgery, but I was told not to breathe through my nose (or blow my nose) for a couple of days. I had thought that my vision had improved after the surgery, but it had not, I was just too out of it to notice.

Starting Saturday or Sunday following the surgery, I began to feel very, very ill, like I had the flu. My sinuses hurt, which made my throat hurt. I was worried I may have had an abscess or infection of the surgery site, so we made an appointment to see my ENT surgeon and got in to see him Tuesday. He stuck a long metal sucker up my nose to clear everything out so he could get the scope up there. It hurt, and it hit a spot in my nose that made me jerk, which hurt SO MUCH WORSE. It reverberated, like when you chime on an instrumental triangle. They numbed my nose after that, and while it didn’t make the weird reverberating pain stop, it did make it so the scope didn’t hurt when they worked it up my nose.

He checked out where my cyst was and said that it was not infected – it was, in fact, almost completely healed over! It turned out that I just coincidentally had a sinus infection so soon after my surgery. He prescribed me some antibiotics that almost no pharmacy seemed to carry (because I’m allergic to sulfa and Amoxicillin, which are very common in antibiotics), but we finally found a place that had them.

I felt immensely better that evening, weirdly so, and I realized it was because the doctor had sucked all the gross sinus infection stuff out of my nose. I started to feel bad again a few days later, but that was likely due to the antibiotics.

I was on the antibiotics for ten days, and I felt horrible and dizzy. I had yet to feel 100% after my surgery and experience the full benefits, which was frustrating.

Some time later now, and I can confirm that I definitely do feel better with that giant cyst gone. I can breathe a bit better, I’m slightly less dizzy all the time, and (the best and most surprising part) my jaw is SIGNIFICANTLY better. The doctor mentioned that I may experience some relief in my TMJD pain, but I was skeptical. He was right, though, and I’m very happy about it.

Unfortunately, my vision has not improved. It actually has continued to worsen. My spinal tap results came back normal, which is good but also bad because we still have no answers and my neurologist has made it clear he’s through with trying to figure out what’s wrong with me.

I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with all this doctor stuff lately, however, so I decided to take a break from doctors for a little while after my surgery. I see my ENT surgeon for a post-op check-up October 26th, I believe, and I’ve decided I don’t want to see any doctors before then. After that appointment, we’ll probably get back to trying to figure out what’s wrong, unless I decide to prolong my break. It’s all just very, very exhausting, and I am already tired all the time.


I got the doctors to take pictures of the cyst, and I’m posting them down below as links! It’s not really that graphic, I don’t think. It’s really just some ambiguous fleshy tissue that gets deflated. No blood, really, or ooze or anything. I know this isn’t some people’s cup of tea, though, so I wanted to make sure you guys were warned beforehand.



are you ok we care and i now how you feel i had surgery but my were in fire but now i am tride help but now but don,t give up life pain is life you got keep living


I prefer green tea, for certain… :scream:

Really glad to hear things went well with the surgery. Sincerely hope they figure out what is causing the issue with your vision - time to go on a vision quest, if you pardon the play on words. All the best. :hugs:


Holy crap! You poor thing, they intubated you!? I’ve had to intubate patients before and they don’t look like they’re having fun. And a sinus infection right after and having to get on such heavy duty antibiotics and be on narcos? I know it’s a little late but I hope you’re feeling better and your follow up appointment went well! Your game is excellent, and I can’t wait for the update, but please make a full recovery and rest! :mask:

PS. Really cool pics of your cyst! Thanks for sharing! I’m a nurse so I’m a bit weird but it was interesting to see!:blush:



Will the MC meet more of the siblings?


They will meet all of their siblings through the course of the game. In fact, you meet Olarion early on in chapter two. :slight_smile:


And which one is he?


He’s the second brother. He’s seven years older than the MC and fancies himself a scholar. The MC has never met him before.

Just as a quick refresher, the siblings, in order, are: Neraven (m), Keralith (f), Ilythis (f), Olarion (m), Terrisen (m), and Baelira (f).

Ilythis’s birthday takes place in chapter two (either midway through or at the end, depending on the length and flow of the chapter), and the MC will see all the siblings there (with the exception of Keralith). I haven’t written the birthday yet though, so things may change, but that’s how it will be if writing the birthday goes according to plan. (Keralith not being there will definitely not change, however.)


@Fawkes How are you doing now btw?


I really enjoyed this demo, and I’m looking forward to meeting the rest of the siblings. (Also I hope you’re feeling better!)


@PisceanLover I was going to respond last night, but I’m quite sleep-deprived (from working on Seven Heirs!) and couldn’t work up the energy to get my laptop, haha.

I’m doing relatively well! I’ve completely healed from my surgery and my sinus infection, which means I’m off both Norcos and antibiotics so I definitely have more energy. I actually was in the emergency room on October 26th for eight hours or so for a sudden and severe pain in my side. I thought I had horrible pneumonia or a broken rib or a collapsed lung or a gallbladder attack. Nope, none of those things. I had tore or strained a muscle and was having excruciating cramps. They gave me muscle relaxers (identical to the ones I already take for my jaw) and Tramadol. It took two weeks for it to go away, and I still have occasional twinges though they are becoming more infrequent and less painful.

At the hospital, they saw that my white count was quite high (which is why they kept me there so long). They couldn’t find any cause, so they gave me strong antibiotics. They were hell, but I feel so much better! I haven’t felt this good in a while. I guess some hidden infection was sapping my energy.

Vision-wise, however, no change aside from it, of course, getting worse. My motor skills are also getting worse. I’m sick of doctors at the moment, however, and I’ve got a busy couple months ahead of me, so I’ve decided to wait until 2018 to take care of that. It’s hard to make yourself go to doctor appointments when you know it’s going to be a long process to figure out what’s wrong and even then there might not be anything they can do.

But, aside from my vision, I’m doing well! I feel better physically and mentally, which is so, so nice. I’m hoping it carries me through the rest of the year.

@weremoogle I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s reactions to meeting the siblings. :slight_smile:


The cute and clever one.
The only one in that palace who’s probably smarter then my mc and the one who will hopefully become his favourite brother.



Will any of the siblings not blame the MC for the mother?


I know this too well :no_mouth: and I feel for you. Have some :hugs: - with permission, of course.

Do so look forward to seeing more of this game, thought, I freely admit. :grin:


I think only the youngest, i.e. the mc’s nursery mates are really susceptible to the ongoing demonization of the mc.
It seems that with our two older brothers at the very least are more willing to judge the mc on their own actions as their own person.


@Fawkes Well, I’m sure you’re going to get better! I hope they find the cause of your vision problems so you can get better. Good luck on your story :grin:


Glad to know that you’re feeling better, at least in one aspect. All those small victories add up to one big victory in the end, anyway.

I’m not sure how helpful or practical it would be, but I’ve heard that adopting a vegan diet could help your body heal more on its own than with a standard diet involving meat and what-have-you.

Some articles if you're interested

On to Ophaesia stuff, I just have 2 questions:

  • How come Keralith can’t come to the birthday party? Is she being courted around by the King or something?

  • At the current time of Chapter 1, what’s the relationship of all our siblings like with the MC? I know you’ve commented here and there about whether or not the MC has met any of them yet, or their opinions, but I wanted to know how they all feel before hand.


I’m wondering if the other siblings will be abusive towards the MC?