The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



You’ll find you’re very much not alone, even here on this small corner of the internet.

Still losing your precious youth to the bumbling of your profit focused and our increasingly privatised medical establishments respectively sucks. Particularly since in your case your doctors know exactly what they could and need to do in order to help you deal with the worst of it but are actively prevented from doing so by a morally bankrupt system.
Whereas in my case they couldn’t even be arsed to find out until I was 24, before that the initial diagnosis used to be “he’s just small and delicate for his age he’ll grow out of it” and/or “it’s all in his head” and all mom’s ceaseless persistence eventually got out of them was the also incorrect diagnosis of “irritable bowel syndrome”. :unamused:

I commend you for being able to write at all, much less for a living, with the visual problems you described. Again you make me think I didn’t used to have it quite so bad in that I could at least always somewhat relax at home with a book, the computer or the TV.

As for the “lost youth” seems like today’s teens are seemingly throwing theirs away on their phones and “social” media. At least I threw mine away on things that were actually sort-of fun and relaxing, even if it is not what I would have wanted and the throwing away part was more forced then I would have liked.

So if that sensationalist Atlantic article is even halfway right you could say I was a generation ahead in my social lifestyle. :wink: Again at least my recreational time uses didn’t leave me even more depressed.

I’m getting old. Not much for or into Vlogs myself. But this guy’s blog has helped me stay positive on occasion. While I obviously do not have MS myself I found it due to Googling and Browsing for “coping with chronically low energy levels” or something like that back in the day.


Yay! As I have said often…


It is excellent to see that you have returned. Your story was very excellent in the beginning, and I will look forward to see how it develops in the future.


I am actually subscribed to her on YouTube and have been following her Instagram for her service dog Harlow — that’s her name, right? I’m so used to just seeing the IG username as a jumble of letters — for close to a year, I think. I love service dogs — dogs in general, really, seeing as I live with five — and I found Jaquie relatable and informative. Poor thing though, she can’t catch a break.

I was actually diagnosed with that in late 2015. I think mine is actually accurate, though, and very easily manageable. Though who knows? Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention. When your digestion is messed up, everything else also gets messed up.

I watched a movie with parents today, and even with my obnoxiously thick glasses, I had to squint and lean forward. It doesn’t help, of course, because my vision isn’t blurry, it’s just… not right? I have flashing lights, afterimages, shadows, dim spots, and static constantly, and instinct has me squinting my eyes and adjusting my glasses like it’s gonna help.

It’s why it took me so long to realize something wasn’t right. I thought I just needed a new prescription. Then, almost all at once, it hit just how not right my vision was. I realized that seeing static on everything isn’t normal (I always thought that was just how eyes worked) and that turning to look at nonexistent shadows in my vision several times a day also isn’t normal. (To clarify, no, these aren’t “shadow people,” they’re just shadows that briefly move across my vision. Kept thinking it was one of my black labs walking by at first, haha.)

I still wasn’t worried. We switched to a new doctor recently, and the (extremely pretty) nurse was so easy to talk to, I mentioned my eyes. She made it clear that it wasn’t normal and that I should get it checked immediately. I never even bothered really telling other doctors about it because I thought it was just a visual quirk.

You’d think the whole “vision pulsing in time with my heartbeat” thing would’ve made me realize sooner. (Again, I just thought that was how seeing things worked.)

Anyway, moral of story: tell your doctors anything weird you got going on and make sure they actually listen. :roll_eyes:


Haha, the. Unfortunate thing about mental disorders. Is that we think it’s okay/normal bc our brain says it’s okay. It’s outside influences and society that tells us it’s not. My ADHD is the worst thing about me and when I tell ppl my train of though they get really confused. Then I get confused ppl tell me stop shouting but I don’t know what they’re talking about half the time, I can’t even hear my own voice correctly due to my hearing loss. (<-- see “weird” train of thought, the topic changes from ADHD to hearing at like that snap)

I’m glad you found her, I only found her a couple of weeks ago and I’ve enjoined watching her.


True, but then you’ve first got to have doctors who are at all willing to listen first in my youth that was difficult for me and mom to do because we didn’t have a family doctor, just the clinic where you were seen by a new trainee every visit(for me it took eventually being pawned off to a rare diseases/diagnostic medicine specialist before that finally happened),.
It took me showing actual symptoms of mild to moderate malnutrition to be taken at least semi-seriously and then my absolutely adamant refusal to even talk to a psychiatrist to finally be sent off to be dealt with by “diagnostic medicine” who did live up to their name and finally make the correct diagnosis. I would have no doubt that had I not been so adamant about not even wanting to talk to a psychiatrist I would not have been here today for a psych would likely have treated me as one of the rare guys with anorexia or something, which simply wasn’t true.

Of course by that time it was far too late for puberty to help me “grow out of” anything, hence my present height dysporia.:rage:

Anyway onto more fun stuff, glad to hear you’re writing some m/m smut! Yay!
And about the game once you do resume it I hope my mc will be able to have a good, brotherly relation with his second brother, Olarion. He seems like the sibling my mc would naturally be drawn to, particularly since he’s likely to be the only guy in the entire court who is even smarter then my mc.


Your story was fantastic so far. ( And I have no doubt it will continue to be that in the future.) I can’t wait to read more of this beautifully written story. :grinning:

So I was wondering whether in the future we will have the opinion to travel to the kingdom where our half-sister is queen? It would be interesting to see how she and her husband would react. Especially if MC resembles her mother in personality as well, and she tries to steal the throne from her half-sibling.

Sorry for using female pronouns but if there is a need to an heir this is more convinient ( in my opinion). I understand if you are not aiming for something like this. Honestly this thought just came to me while reading.

Please excuse my grammar, English isn’t my first language.


I really love your work. The writing is so professional. Keep up good work. I will visit this page everyday hahaha


I confess I don’t know the intricacies of American insurance coverage as it’s a different country from where I live. My work does give me some experience with a variety of physical injuries as such there are a number of treatments you can try that while they may not provide permanent solutions can offer significant pain relief. Besides botox, there are depomedoral injections, and you can also try specialized physiotherapy and massage which may provide some relief.


I hope you get better, Fawkes. I know it is a long road to recovery, but God bless you and know you’re not alone. :slight_smile:


Hope you feel better soon as well!


I’ve been wondering, will there be any more interactions with the siblings?


obviously at some point


Health update, for the curious:

I saw my neurologist August 10th, and he sent me to get an MRI on the 23rd, the results of which will be discussed on September 6th. On the August 10th appointment, he went ahead and gave me two medicines: Topamax, which I was supposed to take everyday, and Maxalt, which I am only to take when I have a migraine episode.

I took three doses of the Topamax – one half pill each night – before I decided to quit taking it because of the side effects I was experiencing (restless legs, insomnia, increased anxiety, brain fog, dry mouth, and general malaise), so I stopped taking it on the 13th. The side effects went away in about a week.

On the 24th, we got a call regarding the MRI: they found a complex cyst in my posterior nasopharynx, known as a Tornwaldt’s cyst, and they set up an appointment with an ENT surgeon on the 29th. We thought this could possibly be contributing to the symptoms I’ve been experiencing.

Last Friday – the 25th – I was petsitting at a neighbors, and I did not feel good. I felt a migraine coming on the night before, and it was in full swing by the time I was petsitting. I noticed I had some slight trouble using my left hand, especially when I was reaching for something. Didn’t think too much of it, and when I got home from petsitting, I went straight to sleep. I woke with the migraine not gone, and an hour after waking up, there was this weird… jerk in my arm. It felt like I had restless legs in my arm and I had to move it. These were pronounced jerks – not painful, but very noticeable. I took a muscle relaxer, but they persisted and did not stop for hours. I was still having small jerks when I went to sleep that night.

An hour or so after waking up the next day, they started up again. A bit more pronounced, and they wouldn’t stop. Still not painful though. My mom and I are getting worried, but we can’t call the neurologist because it’s Saturday. My migraine is still there, so I decide to take a Maxalt. An hour or so after taking the Maxalt, the jerks stop.

The next day, the jerks come back after I wake up, again after about an hour. This time they aren’t really jerks. They’re like convulsions – very intense and much more violent. The muscles in my arm hurt. I take a Maxalt, they go away again after an hour. The next the jerks are back again, even worse this time though now there is a break between them. I’ll have convulsions for about 30-45 seconds and then have a 10 second break. It hurts a lot this time. Yet again I take a Maxalt, and the jerks go away.

Maxalt, as it turns out, doesn’t just treat migraines – it can also treat epilepsy. After my mother and I do some research, we both independently came to the conclusion that the jerks/convulsions are some type of seizure limited just to my left arm (I think it would be called a simple partial seizure or focal awareness seizure, as I am fully aware during the episodes). Since Monday, my mom has been calling the neurologists office a couple times a day, trying to figure out what it going on. We think it’s caused by the Topamax, even though it’s been out of my system for about two weeks. The neurologist doesn’t call us back, they lie to us about having called us back, and it becomes this whole big mess until finally on Wednesday (the 30th) my mother gets very firm with them. They tell us they’ll give me an EEG on my September 6th appointment.

They haven’t told us what could be causing these episodes, haven’t told us whether I should I continue taking the Maxalt for these episodes, haven’t told us what these episodes could be, and they didn’t even tell us what I should do to prepare for the EEG. I am, quite honestly, very pissed about all of this. Not only has it taken forever to finally see the neurologist and for all subsequent appointments, he can’t be bothered to call us back and his office can’t be bothered to talk to us either. They lied to us about calling us back and then tried to gaslight us about it. At my August 10th appointment, by the way, I saw the actual neurologist for maybe three minutes. When I tried to talk to him about my concerns, he interrupted and talked over me and basically refused to listen to me. My mom and I asked him about the side effects of the Topamax, and he didn’t tell us ANYTHING. He said it might cause some tingling in the toes and fingers and to eat a banana for it. And when his office called about my MRI, they only mentioned the cyst and the appointment with the ENT surgeon. I had to find out from my ENT that they didn’t find anything else on the MRI.

I’m just super pissed about it all, especially because I just know that they’re not going to find anything on the EEG and the next test will probably be a spinal tap and it’ll probably take forever to get it done and then even longer to hear about the results. It’s taking forever to get ANYTHING done with this doctor, and every week my vision gets worse – which I’m not even sure if he knows it’s my vision I’m worried about because all he seemed to have heard is that I sometimes get migraines. Maybe if he listened to me, he’d realize that I’m going BLIND and that the migraines are just a minor little detail, that this is kind of time sensitive. Maybe he wouldn’t have given me medicine that apparently has given me seizures.


Sorry for the wall of text, guys. I just needed to vent, and part of me is hoping that one of you guys has some advice or knows anything about neurology. Have any of you seen a neurologist? Are long waits just par for the course?


  • My health is getting worse.
  • I have no idea when it will be taken care of, if it ever will be.
  • My doctor is a jerk.
  • My doctor might also have given me seizures. :roll_eyes:


Alright you need to find a new doctor like right now because those are some serious problems. You need to get a second opinion and get that properly treated. He may or may not have given you seizures but that doesn’t matter right now, what matters is you get them checked right now. Your doctor might not take it very seriously but those are some very serious problems so you need to seek a second opinion.


Where’s your doctor at? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’m glad you can do that. It’s always good to let it out. Your doctor sounds like a prick. I would make a complaint. As for how long it takes, my cousin is a neurologist. I’ll ask them and edit this later. :slightly_smiling_face:



Aw, I just want to give you a hug now. :cry:

Incoming! With permission, of course. :hugs:


I also take Topamax, 1 pill twice daily (1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner) along with Relpax at the onset of migraines. It took a few weeks for the medications to take full effect (I can’t remember any side effects except maybe insomnia, which I have already…)

That said, I am really sorry about your health deteriorating.


Get a new doctors office. NOW. You need shit and results now. Take your business somewhere else and don’t contact them again. Don’t bother yourself by giving them your time and money. It’s plain to see all they won’t is money. Don’t let them fuck around with your health. Don’t like the first impression? Go somewhere else. People like us don’t have time for bullshit like that.