The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



Fixed that for you, good thing I’m always watching out for you :wink:


@Fawkes, just wanted to extend my honest sympathy. I have no idea how is living with that. And you are an example to be followed regarding strength of will, surely inspiring us all, with our so very mundane problems that pale in comparison with the issues you have to face on a daily basis.

Anyway, besides congratulating you for your amazing and inspiring willpower, I wanted to add something else. Don’t feel pressured by our excitement towards the great game and the amazing writing you are letting us have access to. Even if sometimes our excitement might brush what could be called pressure, we are here to help and support you, not to add even more stress to your life and writing hobby (now turned profession, best of luck with that).

So, good luck and good work with your future projects (and your health issues). We will be calmly waiting here for more updates, ready to support you anyway we can, and gladly accepting whatever you might keep slowly adding to this amazing world and tale you created. :wink:


I just realized that you were back and I am so happy!


Lovely to see you’re back, Fawkes.

But, I think it’s been said a lot in here, and I’m going to chip in: there’s no shame in taking your time and writing at your own pace :slight_smile:. I’m we’ll all be waiting for you when you’re better, you can bet I surely will.

Like… um… Eusebius Carrothers?


I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with health issues :frowning: I have Dysautonomia myself and it can wreak havoc. I hope you get more answers and help for your health, and remember, don’t let doctors talk down to you, half of them are butts. And I’m excited for anything you can complete :slight_smile: go at your own pace :+1:t2::sparkles:


Hey welcome back and don’t feel pressured to do what you can’t. Your health comes first so don’t push yourself too hard. The fact that you’re here proves you have the strength to continue and that’s no small feat. Hope you do get better and looking forward to the future of this.


Great to see you back! Take as much time as you need as your health is what is of upmost importance. Plus this should be enjoyable and a way to relive stress and escape reality for a bit, so it’s perfectly okay to put this on the back burner so don’t feel pressured to update. It’s perfectly fine if it takes even a year for the next update since writing is always at it’s best when the author is happy and healthy.

I hope everything turns out well and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck with the novellas and I’m wishing they’ll sell well!


Sorry to hear that you’ve struggling with all those health issues but it’s great that you’re back again! Just take things easy and make your health your top priority.


Typing from my phone so will be shorter than I’d like.

Your writing is amazing. This is probably not a genre I would normally go for but I was completely absorbed and was gutted when it ended. A great sign!

You obviously have a great great passion for writing and it really shows. Sorry you’re having such a rough time of it recently. Sounds like you’re getting boshed from all sides at the moment. I think most people would struggle with either the mental or the physical so both must be exhausting.

No pressure for an update, just use it as a pleasure for those moments you feel up to it .

Take care


This doesn’t make me feel pity for you, it makes me look at you in awe. Depression is a shitty thing, because the debilitation can be devastating and invisible and on top of that with anxiety and the physical health setting you back. It’s an uphill walk that is incredibly steep, yet you are still pushing yourself forward in writing and doing what you like. That’s admirable. So damn admirable.

Take all the time you need for Seven Heirs, health is top priority. I’m a big fan of the WIP and have replayed the demo so many times. Your writing is spectacular and the story really draws me in, especially the oppression women have to deal with if you choose to be that Gender (Hopefully a moment where our Father forces her to meet with a suitor for marriage. That would be very interesting for my sour flower.) This game will become something special, I have that feeling and I am happy to wait for it because I know it will be worth it. Also hoping we get to see these side novellas too! :smile:

Hold strong and true. We’re behind you.


Loving your work so far! I can not wait to read more and see where my choices lead and wishing you all the best on your recovery.


Just found this game, liking it so far!


Regarding the TMJ disorder have you seen a dentist about getting a splint and possibly therapeutic botox injections? Both a splint and injections can be quite helpful in reducing the pain, discomfort and headaches one recieves from that condition.


This is really good.
Not sure how I didn’t know about this before.


I’m glad I found this game!


It’s nice to hear from you again. Seven Heirs is one of my favorite WIP.
Like everyone else here I think it’s amazing that you’re able to keep going with all that you’ve been through. It must have been hard for you to tell us all these things.
Thank you so much for telling us.
All I can say is I hope you’ll stay well and healthy.


Depression is a darkness that keeps pulling you back from the light. I’ve experienced it before and it was horrible. I thought you were just an amazing author before, now I see you in a different light.

Glad to have you back. :slight_smile:


For me depression is the decidedly not-funny bully inside who only kicks you when you are already down. Unfortunately I have in the past been prone to it as well.
So when things aren’t going well already depression compounds the problems by being a double whammy.


Wow. Just… wow. I did not expect such kind words from all of you. It means so, so, so much, you have no idea. I was hesitant to disclose as much as I did, but I wanted to be fully transparent about why I’ve been gone, and I’m very glad I did. Y’all have been so understanding and kind, and I appreciate more than I can express. Thank you. :heart:

It really isn’t a joke. I was diagnosed in my second or third year of high school, so I’ve been dealing with it for years now, but it really does suck, haha. I can only treat the pain at the moment too. It’s caused by an overbite (a significant one – 8mm – yet no one notices), and the only way to actually treat the cause is surgery where they would break my upper and lower jaw and reshape it. It’d be painful and would have a relatively long recovery time, but I would go have it done right now except my insurance says they won’t decide whether or not they’ll pay for until after it’s done, and the surgery costs $50k. Can’t exactly risk not having insurance pay that. :roll_eyes:

“Youth lost” is really how I’ve been feeling about my mental and physical illness lately. I’m twenty-two now, and I gotta say, I still like a fifteen-year-old given how much my health has held me back from experiencing life. It sucks, and I hate that other people feel the same way because of their own issues, yet at the same time it’s nice to know I’m not alone in feeling this way.

How funny! That’s actually the niche I’m writing for at the moment! I’m also thinking about doing some lesbian novellas as well at some point, since personally’s that’s, ah, far more relatable for me, haha. There’s a better market for male/male however, and I have some older guy characters I can easily rework and fit into a novella.

I was thinking something more like “E. S. Rose.” Something whimsical and pretty clearly fake. :wink:

And to those who have just come across my WIP, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it!

Again, thank you, all of you, for your kind words. They really do give me strength. Words cannot express just how much it means to me. :heart:


I know the pain of disorders myself. I have metal (ADHD, anxiety, undiagnosed dyslexia and OCD) and physical (Tourette’s syndrome, 40% loss of hearing in left ear, Heightened hearing in the right making high pitch noises, especially whistling, unbearable, and general TMJ) disorders. The fight makes it worth it because it’s such a refreshing feeling when you win.

Have you heard of a YouTube channel called Chronically Jaquie? She does daily vlogs about her life with her chronic illnesses and to spread awareness of it. I don’t have anything she has, and you probably don’t, but she’s just such a great source of inspiration and I enjoy watching her. And I don’t even like vlogs!

Again, keep fighting cause because the win of worth it.