The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



Awesome. I love this, Fawkes.


just played chapter 1 yesterday and my only complaint is that I didn’t discover this later so I could play the whole thing
ps a question will we get a sidekick/bodyguard/maid/sycophantic bootlicking yesman toady? also will their be cake?


So, the link worked and I played and I liked it. @Fawkes, you managed to nail a lot of things. I really liked the names. At first, I thought the game was becoming much more of a novel until the first choices showed up, but the narration was useful. While you might have put a lot of focus on describing surroundings, it helped make the Ophaesia Castle seem more real.

You got it good with the characters too. For me, it’s a smart idea to introduce characters that are easy to define and remember, and then add more nuance. The king and the MC’s mother, they’re clear cut, but they also have room to grow. Especially since we’re seeing them through the eyes of a child.

The intrigue seems to be beginning, all right. I have the impression the MC’s mother is trying to buy their affection with gifts, which makes the king distrustful… but we’ll see how that plays out. I thought it was good.

If there’s one wish I’d have, it would be more choices. Especially choices with very real consequence, ones that might alter the way I play and make my character more unique. But we’re still in the beginning, so I’ll wait and see what happens.


Hi I tried the Demo yesterday in the morning and it worked but the İ wanted to test it again and now somehow my phone is just downloading a file called sevenheirs.html instand of opening a New tab.


dropbox issue.

20 characters


I would wager it’s because the link is still to drop box which stopped working


Ok thanks 20 characters


Can’t open. Dropbox keep download the link and then cannot open.


I have the same probben.


Did you try opening the link that downloads? That’s what worked for me.


Thank you for your answers. I deleted my old post. My auto-correction went mad. Even I did not understand what i wrote.


@Sinan There is no point in trying right now as the game link is through dropbox. They have stopped having support with what allowed us to play the gamebooks. We all will have to wait for it to be hosted on or some other site that can host it.


Try to open it with an internet browser.


First of all, Latin adjectives come after nouns. For example, floriculus albus would be white flower, with albus as white. Dramatic is first declension adjective, with us-a-um, character is feminine. So, personae dramaticae, in plural, nominative. And what exactly have you meant by compendium? Perhaps collatio would be better?
All in all, so far so good. Just one thought: when playing Choice of Romance, I have found myself lost in names and titles. Most of them didn’t matter anyway. Your pace of introducing characters seems rather good, consider maintaining it.

Oh, yes, perhaps upload to dashington?


The dropbox download works for me, as long as I open it with Firefox.

As far as the game itself: fantastic. I didn’t see any glaring grammatical errors or bugs. More fundamentally, I really like the depth at which you can customize your MC’s personality and traits, and the elegant way you offered these choices (i.e. the harp, mirror and books instead of a simple ‘allocate stat points’ section). The characters were quite compelling, and I can’t wait to treacherously destroy everyone in my path to power. If people are determined to see me as the evil younger sibling, I might as well give 'em what they want. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take all my moneh. Take it naaaaaaow.

(Well, don’t. But seriously, well done.)


Am will this be transferred to dashingdon?? Really want to try it


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