The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



I’m in love with this game! Madly in love. When the demo ended, I was devastated lol. Can’t wait to see more! This was so beautiful written and I felt emotionally connected to my MC very quickly. I dunno if this is a common or uncommon opinion but I really dug playing a character attached to their flighty mother.

Most people, from what I read, the governess is a bit cold and the father’s just shit. At that point, especially once the two siblings give her the cold shoulder, I think it’d make a lot of sense for the MC to glomp onto the one person who shows her sincere affection. Even if that affection’s often absent. I had my MC go from sweet to totally rebellious towards her father because he had the nerve to call her beloved mother a “despicable bitch.”

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have played this :slight_smile:


I didn’t think pets had been added in yet… :confused:



No, I played my character the exact same way! Davian adores his mother and he latches on to her because, like you said, she’s the only one who gives him that attention and love. It makes a lot of sense to me, especially considering how young the MC is. There is a part of him that resents her for constantly being there and then gone and there’s a part of him that feels like she is the reason his father is angry with him and his siblings left him and if she’d only stop leaving all the time, things would be better for everyone. But it’s a tiny part. Mostly he’s just grateful for every scrap of affection he can get. On the other hand he’s terrified of his father but he wants his approval too so he wouldn’t dare even dream of talking back to him or doing anything to upset him at all at this point. He literally thinks of his father as Rithalus and Ysonia as Naphenia.

The way Davian is now and for probably a good deal of his youth is that anyone who shows him even the smallest bit of genuine kindness and attention will have his devotion. Which is obviously me setting him up as a prime target for some court manipulation.


@Dizzie Ooh, I love that and agree with it completely. Speaking of the father, I think I’m gonna play through to see how the scene plays out terribly even if our MC’s civil.

The manipulation part, definitely. I feel like our MCs are set up to have obstacles because of their mother from the get-go and being eager to please won’t do anything to help that lol. Neither will being known for rebellious and willful behavior (my MC) but oh well lol.



You should! Our royal father remains an ass no matter what you do though. If you have your character stand on courtesy and bow or curtsy and greet him somewhat formally he’ll say something along the lines of ‘your pretty face and pretty manners remind me of your mother’ and it’s not a good thing. Hey, at least your character’s rebellious personality might win them the respect of some people. Dav’s gonna mostly be like “Most of you don’t like me and I’ve discovered I’m a lot happier when you pretend I don’t exist so please do us all a massive favor and leave me out of your schemes.”

Though if our mother’s skills at the game are anything near as good as I think and she takes us under her wing, he has the potential to be really good at it.


That might be a little spoiler-y, though I wasn’t surprised when it happened. MC’s dad’s a real piece of work. As far as respect, maybe. I feel like for most court!people rebellious will equal difficult, maybe more difficult than’s worth their while since MC’s the least favorite child of the King. (Though…still a child of the King, so who knows lol.) It would be so cool if a character like Dav became a talented schemer. Otherwise, people might like him at least because he’s easy to use. Which, uh, is a double edged sword at best.


God dad is such a bitter butt screw him.


Oop, you’re right. I’ve gone back and edited it now. :flushed:

I suppose it depends on the state of the kingdom and the kings overall popularity with his people but I imagine that someone could see potential in an heir that’s so notoriously not under their fathers sway against him. Though they’d probably prefer one who wasn’t so far down the line of succession though.


I do that a lot so I feel you. Like, if I had a penny for every time someone screamed at me for spoiling something lol.

Good point. This politics junk’s kinda confusing, to be honest, and really making me look forward to what’ll happen to MC in the future :slight_smile: even more than I already was! Though, I’ve never lived in a monarchy so I could be all kinds of wrong, so I can’t imagine the King being very popular what with his attitude. Unless he saves it only for his (current) Queen and his child with her; in which case that might get him brownie points lol since they’re persona non grata. Apparently, she “tricked” him into it, after all.

Being on the line’s better than not being on it at all, right?


I can’t express how much I loved the story, it got me hooked so fast (so much that I made an account here)!

In the begging I though our mother was a cold/calculating person that only saw us as a pawn, but surprisingly she became my favorite character, I honestly think she is a good and caring mom :blush:.

  1. How she went from “a favorite of the court” to “a union the people of Ophaesia despised”?

  2. Was there even a little tiny bit of attraction, or even love between the King and Ysonia in the past?

  3. Can we befriend our siblings again, and change (for the better) the bias our father has agains us?


Fawke’s comments so far strongly implies that we can befriend our siblings, yes :slight_smile: .


Hey, I went to try and play the game, but the Dropbox link at the top isn’t working. Is there any other link to the game?


Ooh, I think this is part of that linkalypse people’ve been talking about? Fingers crossed @Fawkes has an alternative hosting place in mind. (Though the link works fine for me. Maybe try again?)


Oh, that’s what I thought. I hope the author manages. And I’ll try later, yes. Thanks very much.


The link is still working for me. If you don’t already, you might need to set up a private browser session.


But that’s the best kind of fun!

But what if that man was… (DRAMATIC PAUSE)… BATMAN!!!


Doesn’t matter, still a man, I’m horribly sexist when it comes to that :laughing:


Don’t worry, everyone! Seven Heirs will be back up at a different location today or tomorrow. I’m on mobile right now, but once the game has been relocated, I’ll properly respond to you all in another post. :slight_smile:


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