The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



Lol that totally works! :grinning:


Still not any old lecher will do though and of course the guys my mc currently prefers happen to be an elf and a deathborn. :cry:


Wait What? Elf Who?, am i missing something here?!?


I think he’s talking about Guns of Infinity.


Yeah, that was a partial mispost, just ignore that bit.

The part about marriage still mostly applies here as well and the only reason this mc would ever willingly marry a woman is if he were ever to get in the position of needing a Queen with everything that implies.

Even then women with romantic aspirations for that marriage need not apply as the best his possible Queen could hope to be to him is a good friend and mother to his child(ren).


I can’t help but think of Alistair from my Dragon Age Origins play-through. “Look, we’re going to get married so I can be Queen, I’m still going to be with Liliana and you and I are just friends, thanks!”__


Wow, poor Alistair. I take it you killed Logan?


Which was pretty much how my Warden approached his marriage to Anora and his relationship with Zevran…

(Hey, if Alistair had wanted to be King, he should have been bisexual. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Yep, I had to because the land needed a good and just Queen to rule! (me :wink:) He didn’t want to be king and Anora wasn’t into girls soooo I had no choice :laughing:

I did feel a bit badly for him since in the epilogue I remember it saying how Alistair spent a lot of time in the taverns after we were crowned. Guess its probably not very fun having your wife parade around her girlfriend while you go sleep alone.


I married Anora so I spared Logan cuz Alistair was being really annoying and I wanted to be King and it’s probably a good idea not to kill your future spouses parent. Ya know so they don’t try to kill you in your sleep.:sweat_smile:


Well, technically as a queen consort you’d still be ruling from behind the curtain without any de jure powers, so I suppose that’s even more humiliating. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love Alistair and all, but it’d be interesting to have had an option on a more power-hungry playthrough to execute both him and Anora so the noble human PC can be the monarch, as they can only be the consort if married to either one.

(I assume the brother relinquishes his claims)


I saved Logan and conscripted him into the Wardens since that seemed the most pragmatic, but I also supported Alistair and Anora for for King and Queen. Since I was already the leader of the Grey Wardens, I wanted to be Queen like I wanted a hole in my head. Generally, I prefer to be the most powerful or wealthiest noble that pulls the strings behind the throne rather than sit on it. I just hate the paperwork too much.


I put my BFF Alistair on the throne with Anora then sought out my love Morrigan. I still can’t believe we won’t ever see our warden again tho…


This is quite possibly one of my favourite teasers to a game ever! The quality of the writing is perfect and the story is already engaging me! Can’t wait to play more!


I can’t wait for future updates! This is certainly one of the best WIPs I have read in a while. :slight_smile:
The characters are well-written (which is saying a lot given the short length of the available demo), the history is interesting, and the social status seems promising.

Will be interested in seeing how the MC’s lineage plays out, since I’m getting a Lannister/Baratheon union vibe here. (Hope my MC doesn’t turn out to be his own cousin…)


Welp seeing that people are talking bout dragon age I will make my MC like Prince bhelen and have the siblings kill each other
Long live house aeducan!!!


cough just don’t kill all the Harrowmonts xD


…As a former noble of House Aeducan who wanted nothing to do with inheriting the throne, didn’t care to get in conflict with Trian, and just wanted to join the Gray Wardens to bring honor to my family’s name, you can imagine the name “Bhelen” is a bit of a trigger for my urge to start stabbing something. :smiling_imp: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sheeesh! I was just making a comment on thumbing my nose at the idea of your father forcing a hetro marriage, I didn’t mean to make this into a DA thread! Don’t get me wrong, I love DA, but this thread should really get back to supporting @Fawkes and her wonderful start to this game! :stuck_out_tongue: