The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



The thread is really long, so these may have been answered.

  1. Will there be a chance to contact existing guilds or help in their creation? When it comes to political influence, money is omnipotent. I’m thinking of a MC who grows deep roots through the economy, and possibly operating secretly as a merchant, collecting wealth and power under a false name. Think in terms of a shell company.

  2. I know violence and fighting were secondary traits next to relationships, but I can’t get the idea of a dramatic scene out of my head. Dignitaries enter from another country, offer greetings and bows, then throw off cloaks. They rush the king and him and his men barely hold on. Then the MC dramatically bursts through a side door, cries “insert personal battle cry” and charges into the fight with his handfull of guards/friends. Nearly dead to a man, they hold on until more guards arive. As he bleeds on the ground, he looks at his father and either says “Do you love me now father?” or " bloody old man cannt even fight properly".

  3. This is the least likley. Founding or joining an organization with international connections. Think the Spider from Game of Thrones or Cerberus from Mass Effect. Say your soon to be married sister is later threatened, twould words organize an escape and return to the kingdom.
    (I know this is long)

  4. Will there be a chance to get a servant or guard as a right hand man? Such as casually aproching a guard to teach you to fight, who brutally teaches you as revenge for being royalty, who later respects you for being stuborn. Or maybe a gang of street orphans you save from the guards, who then become “your” gang. Someone you can, through various means, keep on “your” team.

I have other questions, but this is already too long.
To say I am excited about this would be like calling lava hot. Doing a great job!


In this game, is it possible to end up siding with a rebel faction that wants to install a democracy (or at the very least, a constitutional monarchy) in Ophaesia? If your character was known for intelligence, empathy, subtlety, and/or charm, they could probably pull of the revolution, and have a chance to become president/prime minister (and step down after some years to live a quiet life with their lover, or decline altogether and skip straight to the quiet life). Alternatively (after removing the rest of their family from power through the revolution and becoming president), they could conquer and annex other kingdoms and become an emperor/empress, starting their own dynasty. This question may have been brought up or answered, but I’m still curious.
I am very excited about this game!


I don’t think there even is such a faction yet and besides for the time being any radical reform is absolutely unnecessary, since the Kingdom is prosperous and running just fine. Any lingering issues are best resolved through gradual, progressive reforms.
Not to mention it would hurt the mc’s personal interests quite a bit, I’d wager.
Now I’m usually the first guy to be all for a radical, people’s revolution in many games, most notably XoR but the newer “Modern Majesty”, the “Golden Eagle” and @AlexClifford1994’s new politics game all come to mind. All those societies however are either downright dystopia’s or at the very least have some very serious socio-economic issues to deal with. The Kingdom in this game seems to have none of that going on (for the moment at least).


You’re right that it would most likely hurt the MC’s interests and relationships with others, and that they could probably do gradual reforms instead (but if they are successful, they could probably gain back everything they lost and then some. It’s a risk). They might even be loath to join (if such a faction exists) because seventh child or not, they are still royalty. But then again, the MC is still a child, and probably wouldn’t know about serious kingdom troubles until they come of age.
But I’m still wondering how the MC could non-lethally remove their father and all of their siblings from power without a coup of some kind.


Am I the only one who just wants the MC to live a quite peaceful life, uninterested in trying to impress their douche father or getting caught up in his superficial mother’s nefarious schemes?


Sounds like kind of a boring game, honestly.


Nope. I’m pretty much the same.

I don’t care much for politics and backstabbing. A mostly peaceful life doing what you love holds some appeal.

If the MC finds some acceptance doing just that, then even better.

They deserve some happiness.


Quiet peaceful lives make for boring stories. What are we supposed to read about the protagonist starting a cat blog and working on his jump shot?


Only when everybody just lets the MC have their peaceful life. I somehow doubt hat will happen.

So, MC working to have a peaceful life after their own ideas will be an interesting journey. Having a peaceful life is only the end goal and there is nothing wrong with playing a MC that choses that as aim instead of backstabbing and winning the throne.


True seducing (or trying to) lots of cute guys is always sure to bring its own troubles. My mc will still have to have some backup plans however. I hope he can get good, brotherly relationships with his two eldest brothers (particularly Olarion) but it also seems our former nursery mates of all people have been poisoned against us by a combination of court gossip and young, gullible minds.


It’s been a while since I played this; if I recall, my MC just wanted to settle down with a nice guy and collect insects. :sweat_smile: Not that any of his family would let him do that without dragging him into their plots, of course.


It can still be an interesting story if the MC is being used as a pawn in schemes and political intrigue against their will, they are after all a member of the royal family.
I’d like to implement my own personality to the MC - a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t care for his distant father, just wants to be friends with his siblings and see’s through his mother’s facade.


Pretty much what I was thinking.

I have already decided on 3 different MCs doing just that in different ways.


Heh, just playing the demo was enough for me to realize that my character’s primary mission in life will be the doom of daddy dearest. I normally don’t dislike characters that strongly, let alone in a relatively short demo, but when he came to me demanding respect after spending 6 years resenting the MC and her mother, I just couldn’t bring myself to give him any even though I’m trying to play a character that doesn’t wear her emotions on her sleeves. He just ticked ticked me off that much.

Well, defecting to another country like Vereys would probably be the better (and less riskier) option if possible since my character will find Ophaesia to be too conservative for her tastes anyway and she wouldn’t have to deal with the old man anymore…but Ophaesia certainly isn’t big enough for both of them.


I know how you feel. I usually play characters into being polite and tolerant to certain extents. But when I got to the part where the King, a man who refused to be part of Leto’s life, pretty much badmouth the other side of Leto’s family and look down on him like he was a thing rather than a person, I immediately went “Oh heck no” and had Leto be defiant toward him. No amount of patience, kindness, or blood relation would let me tolerate that clear disrespect and hatred from that King. If that’s how the interactions with the King begin though, I have to admit, I’m very curious to see how the Seventh Heir’s half-siblings will interact with them as they get older.

That said, I’m going to enjoy making Leto an intelligent strong heir who is polite and kind to others, but defiant and aloof toward the King and those who he feels deserves it.

Strangely, this song ended up as I played the story and thought about Leto’s eventual involvement to the more political ruthless side of his noble life:


I love that song i have it downloaded on my phone since i heard it last year while watching an Amv


[quote=“Sammysam, post:1120, topic:15629, full:true”]
Only when everybody just lets the MC have their peaceful life. I somehow doubt hat will happen. [/quote]

I’d expect the ‘The Call Knows Where You Live’ trope to come in full force in some way(s) if the MC seeks to stay out of the whole viper’s nest that is the royal count too much. The MC aiming for a quiet, comfortable life should indeed be possible and should be a possible goal to succeed in in the long run, but at least at first, the MC might find staying out of trouble about as hard as Ciaphas Cain :laughing:


I plain hate the MC’s father and want nothing to do with him and think the mother is vile and rotten on the inside and that the MC’s very conception was a scheme.

I have a feeling forces will conspire to get the MC involved in something dangerous, I’m going to see how far I can go wanting nothing to do with it: will the father leave you alone and will your mother not use you as pawn in her games?


I saw the king much like my own father (I swear they could be brothers!) I’m going to attempt to be on his good side, unless he tries to marry me off to some man :yum:


While my MC would prefer to be married off to some man… Maybe we can swap potential spouses? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: