The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



Oh, well then, good to hear.

…I can relate to that (no joke, I’m so happy sometimes that emotiones are soo much more difficult to transcribe in chat speak. That means people only half the time notice when I’m unreasonable irritated and I feel not as often bad for being bitchy )


Oh i love that phrase, its always hilarious hearing it. Long live the Future queen of Poison!
this game is awsome


The Spanish version is Like and elefant in a junk shop (in the same concept as china. But in Spanish china is only country not the material we called it Porcelana


most of the time when im being serios im misunderstood in text or labeled Edgy Mc edge-lord
being to honest and having some difficulty with subtle sarcasm makes things hard to be liked sometimes.
but as they said in the beginning of this game
"It’s a fault of human nature, however, that most focus on the negative aspects of their life"
truer words never have there ever been…

@poison_mara you just taught me something new today and its not even lunch time thank you


…Okay how many languages use that phrase (with elephants and porcelain), because I didn’t know that it’s common in Spanish language too…


it is in Portuguese, It is in Gallego and Catalan. I think there is something similar in French but my french is terrible really really terrible. However we should return topic because I hardly doubt the games will include bulls in china shop or elephants


:sweat_smile: Sorry I got somewhat carried away.

So back to topic…I think it was already discussed by many what their aims are (overthrowing their father/brothers/sisters, becoming a schoolar, changing the social norms etc), but what are your (question for everybody) preferred strategies for that? (I think that got also discussed…but you never can scheme too much)

My MC most likely will try get into a position as adviser to get the kings trust and to avoid getting married off. From that position it should be possible to gain allies or to at least convince the important people (in the military etc.) that MC may be the better leader. That hopefully will gain MC enough support to slowely put the king/MC’s brother(s) out of the government, making them puppets for the public to cheer/blame, while MC gains the power and slowely changes the country after their vision.


My Mc position is What Cesar Borgia or Borja said as motto “Or Cesar or nothing” Funny thing he was both. Nah My Mc would be sit on a throne she would do WHATEVER to have her throne … 7 princes and princess where alone in an island… And finally could only end in one or two if I have to marry a puppet.


I’ve just found this and the demo had me excited for the full version! I could feel the GoT vibes. XD


Nice work :slight_smile: im ready to go all little finger on the king muahahahaha


Since we’re sort of talking about GoT, I just noticed that the MC strongly resembles Aegor Bittersteel. (Blackfyre Rebellion for the win!)


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in french it would be Comme un éléphant dans un magasin de porcelaine.

it’s used to define someone or something out of place

I’ve never seen a better child pov writen so far, really good work here @Fawkes It really feel like our choices matters in his/her personal development, Good job!


Any idea as to when the demo will be next updated?


Sorry to say my friend you aren’t really allowed to ask that. :pensive:


Oh, I see. My apologies to Fawkes.


I hope she’s still doing ok. There are so many comments! The first songs that come to mind are;

  • Hitori Omou (Curse you, FE:if!!!)
  • The Girl by Hellberg ft. Cozi Zuehlsdorff
  • Baby Mine performed by Alison Kraus

Buuuuut, that’s just me. I also got a little bit of Mordred’s Lullaby for some reason.


There was one time on the day when a wip was supposed to be updated, I asked approximately what time it would be updated since it wasn’t. And it got deleted. There are some really sad people who read threads. Even the author said it. Lol


More like over-active/bored mods, but point taken :expressionless: Still, you’re not allowed to ask for an update or the moment the WiP is expected to be updated at.