The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



@poison_mara, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a family member(or two) who genuinely likes you. Whether it’s immediately identifiable or not.

Whether you like them back, that would be the choice. (and whether that move will backfire, so to say) In my opinion, this would be a better way of doing things. Well, better than what everyone seems to be arguing about… Cause, you know, bonds and relationships are always a two-way thing. (this goes for everyone else, as well).


i love this idea this was my idea from the start have a caring and loving mother and have an intimidating and bad ass grandpa that is protective of you and loves you


So I have to endure Five Emmas In my back? It is ok, They could want me all they want I won’t love them. And if the game obliged me well , I have to endure with it skipping damn How much I love my dear sister… I would prefer a skip Bonding dialogue. But I think like Zombie exodus this game deserves it. But I will yell a lot about it like about some annoying sister in certain @JimD game.


It’s totally natural to have a family member who just, is around you so much that it becomes annoying. Not impossible for MC to feel that a family member is always annoying. Maybe if that person wants you to like them more, maybe spend more time with you, you can get annoyed each time. (am i saying annoyed too much? XD)


It is a renaissance style story!!! I could imagine 1000 ways To kill Emma Renaissance edition including Hawk pet in the eye And the favourite take this mushrooms cake Emma is totally fine :skull_crossbones:

Edit And everyone should remember all my EMMAS are dead. So that familiar would end in a happy grave go bond with it! :imp::


I think what @poison_mara wants is the chance to pick and choose who the MC forms a relationship with and/or what kind of relationship it is. It’s obvious she doesn’t want feelings forced on the MC because that would break her immersion. It’d break it for other people, too. Do you want to be told you’re MC is in love with a big, fat, extra warty toad who is surely a prince/ss in “disguise” and that the MC simply accepts it, maybe even thrilled, when betrothed?

@poison_mara just wants to be able to have the choice for the MC to feel different things, negative/neutral/positive/etc, and even have actions the MC can take about the situation, right then and maybe differently in the future.

Honestly, people get attracted to CoG because of the choice the gamebooks give them. It’s probably impossible to have a completely free reign game as it would take too much time for coding and writing, but people like @poison_mara(assuming) and I like as much freedom as possible in the stories. It makes me want to play it over and over until I loose several days of sleep on just one gamebook.


Exactly well put!!! You are my saviour!! :kissing_cat: :frog: XD


And I think what the one who brought it up only wished for a character/family member that seemed to care for the MC in a pretty specific/protective way. That’s only how a hypothetical npc would treat the MC, not how the MC would react to it.

So…pretty much everybody did talk past each other.


it is not it is called civil Discussion and feedback. @Fawkes could see what some people think about certain stuff about npcs. Maybe she follows any suggestions or maybe not. But she at least could have a small idea about what some of her fans feel about her awesome game so I think is pertinent. That’s all this is about, about Feedback.


With talking past each other, I more meant how the discussion ended at the place it did with people misunderstandung each others points, but well, whatever.


I wouldn’t say that. If someone wants a family member like that, it isn’t past what I said to give the reader the choice of who that could be, if anyone. How interesting would it be to re-read through the game where the family member who cares about the MC goes about it a different way and for different reasons, depending on who it is? How hard it would be for the MC dealing with their actions, or if there was no one to look after their well-being at all and they had to watch out for themselves?

PS: Argh! Auto-correct!


talking over each other in Spanish means uncivil discussion pointless and harmful. Here Everyone is in same wave. Add more flexibility and depth. The problem is what’s we believe ads freedom or not. I am ok with all option that adds without adding to much restrictions that obliged anyone be saint MC taking account that goodie playthrough elements have priority because it is most played way


But I’m not talking Spanish with you. And I didn’t say talking over I said talking past what means talking while misunderstanding each other. At least as far as I’m aware of and what I meant.

I…don’t think I quite follow you here? What exactly am I saying what you wouldn’t say?
Edit: Oh, wait now I think I get it. But the NPC would still act matching it’s own characterization, even when there is a small part that got influenced by the player. I wanted to put more emphazis on the fact that even when characteres exist that care about the MC, in the best case how the MC reacts and feels about them is left to the player.


The impression I got is that one(or more) wanted a family member who cares about them, didn’t care if there was a choice(grandfather given as specific member). @poison_mara didn’t want a set family member, she wanted a choice of selecting the person or selecting no family member to care for her MC. Thus ensued misunderstanding. I tried to clear it up because I think English is Mara’s 3rd or 4th language which sometimes she has a hard time getting her point across with since she’s still learning it. If I think back to other posts she’s made on other WIPs, I think she’d be very sad if a game she likes to forgo choice in that, which is why she wanted to try and get her point across and even threw joking in to try and calm things down a little and maybe break the ice(mentioning Emma from ZE). That’s my take on it.

Edit: Argh! Auto correct again… And yeah. That’s what I meant. It’d take a lot more work to have open NPCs that you choose their actions and have them remembered by the game Vs a set personality and actions for the NPC and it still gives enough choice to satisfy.


Exactly well put you are my Savior :kissing_cat: :frog: XD


Oh, okay. I thought she just didn’t want to be forced to have a character that has to play happy family, aka she didn’t want her character to be forced to have a good relationship with said character…What is to be honest not a contradiction with having a character that cares about the MC. Just don’t force the player/Mc in a certain relationship.

@darren_muir I really hope you don’t want to mock others with that, because that would be incredible rude so please mind your manners, and I certainly meant that both groups did talk past each other, just btw.


nono me and her are good friend and i was just having a little bit of fun no need to be so high strung was only joking jeez me and mara are good friends now


The discussion was clearly over with when you decided to respond an hour later and yes it was relevant to the game. But I agree with everyone else. It’s ultimately up to Fawkes how she wants to make the family dynamic and I have no problem with that. :slight_smile:


i totally agree

P.S. it would still be nice to have an intimidating and bad ass grandpa that cares for you


Yes we clarify it civily via pm . It was a misunderstanding he is new and didn’t know me yet. He thought i was arguing against his post . That’s why I even try to calming things a little when i relax… I am like a bull in a china shop easy to anger but also Easy to forgive.