The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP)



They still looked out and cared for him because he was their FAMILY. There was no interest because they had NOTHING to gain from rescuing him from the Starks. So having a a few family members that look out for you is not unrealistic for the time period. That’s my point.
Edit: Okay, that’s understandable and it seems to be a miscommunication. I thought you were saying that having a family member protecting their own is unrealistic because of the time period. I plan to have the exact character.


Nothing ? Proof their strong, intimidation and cause fear to any other house. You can’t let any other family attack any of your members because that breaks a family and their strength and lookin weak only lead to someone attacking you


Every time someone mentions ‘historical accuracy’ in a fictional game, it makes me want to punch a kitten. So if any feline assaults occur, they are entirely your fault.

This discussion has nothing to do with the game that Fawkes is writing, and no one should expect the entire premise of the story to change to suit them. Take it elsewhere.


It is not off topic because I am explaining my character motivations and why I don’t want a forced modern caring parent. I do not try to force any historical mumbo jumbo in the story at all. I just put examples of my type of characters based in famous families. You could be loyal to your family while don’t love any of the members of it.


Historical based fiction usually entails at least a pinch of accuracy. Many fictional works use accuracy to enhance their story - so to say something like: [quote=“OtherGrimm, post:1026, topic:15629”]
Take it elsewhere.
is quite … misguided at best.

Wanting to punch a cat or harm yourself in any other manner is up to you although I’d suggest it isn’t worth the effort made to accomplish.


Misguided? I found it directly rude.


Having two familiars interested in you, in a game whose focus is how you are the hated scion of the king, is definitely far from wanting a “modern sugary loving family” or an inaccurate and unrealistic thing to ask for a renaissance inspired game… And I’m really all about wanting to do scheming things with the family.

Also, being hated/ignored by anyone isn’t a requisite or characteristic necessary for a character to be strong and independent, you can have a badass MC even in a sheltered environment (which isn’t what some people are asking when suggesting to have the “protection” of a grandparent though).


In the end, regardless of what we advise, request or whatever, it’s Fawkes who’ll decide just how realistic/accurate - or unrealistic/inaccurate, for that matter - the game will be and that’s that… :smile_cat:


I know, but I don’t want to be forced to it. And with forced I mean being forced to love that familiar and having to be around it bonding when my personal character hates him or her . I think having a positive familiar could be cool for most of people and be added always that doesn’t mean having another Emma in my back again.


I wouldn’t want that too, I enjoy games than don’t force a relationship to the player and let you choose if you want the MC to like that character or not, or just be cordial with them (even if they genuinely care about the MC). But I think, even if Fawkes enjoyed the suggestion and added a protector grandparent from our maternal side, I’m sure we wouldn’t be forced to actually love or care about that character the same way we’re given the choice to call out Ysonia or be cold with her, etc. (??)

But, yeah, as DarkSpeck said, Fawkes will decide :slight_smile:


I find people who can only see from a modern perspective equally annoying. But animal cruelty is a hot button issue for me so I wouldn’t ever joke about it.

I never asked anyone to change the game or how it is played, but taking these complex characters out of their historical setting tends to turn them into Disney villian level characters. This kind of gross simplification would be insulting to the effort that @Fawkes has put into creating them. Giving people a broader perspective is never a waisted conversation.


So, the only two possible options are Mara’s historical ‘everyone is a murderous psychopath’ route, or the ‘everyone is a Disney character’ route? That sounds ludicrously small-minded to me. -_-


exactly i aint saying that we cant have scheming personally like being the bad guy in games like this but it can never hurt having people love and support you


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ok, fairy You have reason . I would erased my post I was so angry.


Making characters one dimensional is what I call Disney. And how am I small-minded when my entire post was about seeing things from a different perspective. That’s the opposite of small minded.


…When did I say anything about complexity? Complex characters are good, yes, but that has nothing to do with what I was saying.

I said that I get annoyed when people say ‘this is the way it was in history, so the game should be like this, too’. The game doesn’t have to take any inspiration at all from history, so saying ‘this is how things really were’ is pointless. It’s no more valid than any other crazy idea anyone else comes up with.

And I specifically didn’t single anyone out on that first comment, so I never said you did anything in particular. It’s the people who insist ‘historically accurate is better’ that I take issue with.


Also I am not defending everyone is psycho in History route. Even Rome had some of most sane people in History. However, power tents to corrupt and powerful made the story so many of people in books was psycho as hell. Good people deeds don’t sale books. I like play ruthless is amusing for me … Still I always ending playing the lovingly ones that because some dramatic event becoming ruthless or that just ended in love triangles. Goodie goodie with no drama is not funny for me but I understand most of people prefer them so most of story has to be about them. I just prefer could skip that part if possible.


Ok, I think we might have just been talking past each other. I was the one talking about complexity. I 100% agree that fictional stories are in no way beholden to history. I was trying to us the parallels with certain historical periods to help people better understand why some characters are the way they are.

I know if I was @Fawkes I would be offended by the seemingly universal assumption that the parents are bad people. I know some people, like @poison_mara, like to post in character and I enjoy reading her posts from that perspective but I wanted to offer a different perspective to help others find their own way to interpret their characters.


Hey, I am not assuming parents are bad or something. Just to clarify I don’t need people saying Mara Says Poison your parents! Go down with families (SARCASM) Also anyway I am not insulting @Fawkes here. I don’t know how to explain people that wanted a variety emotions to role-playing with it is not a crime. I wanted that people could be good but ambitious. Loving but sarcastic… and all the possibilities a game could be . That includes the ones I usually rp and many others not. Well from that people like to accused me of a lot of things lol. Not saying you are accusing me now.
Internet use to assume that if you defend something means you are against any other option. When It is all the contrary, I am asking for freedom. Of course I know games have limitations so I understand that goodie personality had preference. Because it is what mayority wants.