The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP - Now with 100% more sneak peeks!)



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A question regarding everyone’s characters: how is your prince/princess’s relationship with their mother? Do they trust her, or feel anger, or what?


Mommie Dearest?! runs to hide behind curtains


They love her, but are slowly realizing they can’t make everything better.


My MC feels affection for their mother, but they don’t expect much from her. A weary sort of love.


My MC absolutely hates his mother. She is the reason his father doesn’t like him, after all, and she never explains why. He doesn’t say it like that though; he keeps their relationship formal and distant.


Oh, you mean to say that most of you don’t believe in mother? Well my MC thinks the world of her mother and thinks that she is her only true friend in the hellhole… sorry, royal palace.


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In short, it puts unnecessary pressure on authors. It probably won’t hurt if one or two people asked from time to time, but just imagine if everyone would go and ask writers for updates. That would stop being fun really quickly.


Love , hate?? None she just see mom as a tool to acquire mom’s family favor and support. I think mom is really bad at manipulation and damage of her reputation.


My character has an idealized vision of his mother. He’s hurt that she isn’t around much, but in his head it’s all his father’s fault (I role-play as myself for the first time so that’s also my vision of the characters’ relationship and, at the same time, how I would probably feel everything that the MC’s going through at his age).


Hello. I am new in this forum but I follow from time to time. This is super sadist hater triangle for My MC. She/he hate mommy MC seems like a bind for mommy to honey trap daddy into marrying her and hate daddy coz daddy is coward enough to bed someone he hated or get tricked into bedding mommy dearest but as a king not man enough to face the consequences of his idiotic mistake and the by product is MY pathetic MC who hate mommy, hate daddy, hate the system/or gods. Coz I think I play a girl and crave for knowledge and was told not allowed in the other 2 temple. I totally forgotten the gods name. There is a lot of hate there. Daddy a coward king. If he want to use his children as tool example a country benefits political marriage he should treat all his children well so it won’t backfired later but @Fawkes maybe purposely make it this way for the plots. Maybe I seen so much Chinese Kingdom story that makes me think this way. China king got ton’s of wives and only 1 Queen. Only the lawful wife children bear the title law heir but there is also a lot of king ascended from by other wives being declare lawful coz queen got no children or get adopted by the queen. In china palace story mainly find wicked queen/concubine where they try to compete for the 1 man affection and try to dethrone the current queen/poisoning each other/trying to make each other beauty scarred for life/sneaking abortion meds to who so ever with child by bribing royal doctor, maid, cook. Even a piece of clothing is dangerous. So @Fawkes how will you plot this. Evil or sneaky or just pure MC.:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:. CAN’T help it. I am super excited. If you want more sneaky scandalous idea pls let me know. I will give you some twisted idea​:wink:. I love to help to expand your bright mind. You ask me to try make myself a COG not going to happen in 100yrs but giving idea no problem. Will keep an eye​:eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: for updates by you. No rush I can jump everytime I spot updated…date.


@Animelover Please don’t just tell someone to keep updating. It comes off as rude(at least to me) and kinda falls under a forum rule where we aren’t suppose to ask for updates. It’s generally the same thing.


@Animelover I can understand the frustration when there is a story you like and there is a pause or it doesn’t get continued(I’m trying myself, but I usually work 7 days a week and have family stuff pop up) , but the writers that share their stuff on here are just people who do it as a fun side thing to their job or school, even those who take it seriously, most probably aren’t writing as a full time job. On top of that, honestly, they don’t owe us anything just because they posted their story. It’s not like we paid for it.


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I’m surprised no one has posted this as a character theme: Chaos is A Ladder


It’s good but you don’t give us much to work with. Just add a bit more character to the protagonist and dialogue and you got a great story