The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia (WIP - Important News Post #3058)



Will one happen without the MC meddling, @Fawkes?

I’m working on my warrior princess build.


What about a small coin collection, minted by the past few generations of kings and foreign heads of state? Broadly covers politics, money is expedient, and reading about the coins is probably implied?


@Fawkes, what did Atheron go through in the war that is giving him PTSD?

On another note, a chess set would be a good gift.


You can romance an RO with any kind of MC. You don’t have to agree with them on everything (or anything) in order to be involved with them romantically or sexually. Only your actions have the possibility of damaging your relationship.

As for being friends: the more similar you are, the easier it is to be friends with a character. Olarion, for example, will warm quicker to an intelligent MC. That said, the biggest factor in being friends with characters are choices, not stats. Choosing options to help out, ally with, or spend time with a character boosts your relationships more than anything.

I hope that cleared that up? I’ll probably add more information on how relationships work to the first post soon.

I can’t answer that without giving away some major spoilers. :wink:

Added to a list of possibilities.

The answer to this is also a major spoiler, unfortunately.

Oh, I like this one a lot. I’ve add it to the list of possibilities, as well.


Is the link on here updated? The demo ends after I choose the gift at the MC’s birthday.


The link hasn’t been updated in a long time. It’ll be updated when chapter two is released for beta testing.


Aaah, yes! I love the Kushiel series, but it’s so rare to meet other people who have read them! It’s funny, Senetha never caught my attention much until I made the Joscelin connection, and then I just went OH.

Pet project for the next few days: figuring out which Night Court House everyone belongs to…

Ysonia is dreadfully young though, isn’t she? Only two years older than Neravan if I understand it right, which really drastically changes how I’ve been seeing her and our family dynamics. Poor girl.

Will our character have the chance to acquire ladies-in-waiting or the male equivalent? Iseriah seems like a natural pick since she’s apparently a distant cousin through our great-grandmother on the Maeliah side, and I could see why Eraven might want Kaedra as the spymaster’s daughter in our entourage.


So, is Senetha still bisexual? :disappointed_relieved: I mean, the main reason I haven’t been campaigning to save Mavrys is because I thought we’d still be getting an exclusively gay romance still? :worried:


Unf, yes, I love copious amounts of information yessssssssss.


Found a spelling error in the first post, under More Information, just fyi

Mmf, I’m just absorbing all this information like a sponge, I love it. I can’t wait until the wiki is done, so I can spend my weekends just reading it, lol.

Regarding the possible gifts to receive on your birthday, what about a globe or super detailed map of Ophaesia and the surrounding countries?

Oh, and I also had a question regarding the music skill: does the music stat encompass singing or would that be a separate skill? For the life of me, I can’t remember many irl nobles who were known to have a good singing voice, so I can totally see why it wouldn’t be a separate skill on its own, as it may not be the type of thing to be encouraged or very cultivated during a noble’s education.

Anyway, I’m gonna go back to lurking and waiting and wanting. Soon, Atheron. SOON.


I like that globe idea @impeccably-stressed.


@fawkes Gifts are just cosmetic stats boosts or are part of plot.? Because i don’t care stats i am a role player. So I have in head Mara is a talented musician (I role bards usually) but still love collect daggers and deal with poison. So I don’t know if dagger and harp mean I can’t collect daggers with the harp. Or I can’t be a musician if I choose the dagger :sob: Why can be a harp musician who collect daggers from their enemies and just bought them…


@poison_mara - You mean you might be forced to make a decision of music or daggers? I bet it will freeze you there for days :wink:


This is a bummer. Sad you cannot make Sebby exclusively gay though.


Yes :sob: That’s my biggest fear. :crying_cat_face: I WANNA BOTH I WANNA :baby_chick:

I still could create two mara dimensions when one is musician and other is dagger specialist? But that’s not the same … Or i could steal all Vespi kitty daggers… YES VESPY YOUR DAGGERS ARE NOW MINE.


My princess wants the mirror and the harp - charismatic and creative … I could do without the vain part though cuz “I’m sweet n innocent” :wink:

Actually what I would like is to see a “calculating” type of present- so my princess is more successful in following in her mom’s footsteps. :tea:


I think a dress or better a concealed ring with maelian flag. To put that wonderful poison. I will use same in the dagger A charming princess should poison her way into the throne. With charisma , with intelligence lots of seduction and well real poison.

Also I am starting be sympathetic with poor Vespi kitty He does not where he is getting into. Due mara has that serious calculate exterior shield. But When she really cared about something or someone she is very passionate, bossy, playful and sometimes childish she could totally go hugging and playing hide and seek with him sneaking into him through palace. Also a she is rather ruthless defend whom she loves so I wouldn’t want to be anyone insulting vespi kitty or a real kitty.


I’m really happy that Senetha is still an option for female MCs, his description always appealed to me the most! :grin:


Kushiel’s Dart is my absolute favorite book. It was for the longest time my favorite series, but I read a trilogy earlier this year that now has that title (and it is nothing like the Kushiel’s Legacy series). It’s the only fictional world I have ever wanted to live in — but only if I could be D’Angeline. The entire series was a huge inspiration for Ophaesia, and I think anyone who’s familiar with the series can see the similarities. (Luxurious setting, beautiful protagonist, a lot of beautiful characters, etc etc.)

I’ve actually spoken with Jacqueline Carey over email (I had to figure out how Phedre managed to not get pregnant in the first two books; had I been more patient, I would have realized that question was answered in book three), though it was very brief. Still, it was amazing that she personally replied to me and so quickly. It’s one of those little things that I’ll probably remember for the rest of my life, long after she’s forgotten about it.

(I’ve emailed a few other authors over the years. One wrote back after a couple of months — Megan Whalen Turner — while I got a standard response from an assistant from one and no response from another. My interaction with Jacqueline Carey was definitely the best.)

I love sorting characters into Houses — Harry Potter or otherwise. Now that you’ve said you’re going to figure out which Night Court House they belong to, I’m tempted to sort them myself. I can say with certainty that Nethica would be Jasmine House and Jasiphae would be Cereus. I’ll have to think on the others.

Ysonia was very young when she married Eraven, who is twenty years her senior. She’s about two, three years older than Neraven — she could have married him. I’ve always imagined her to be a somewhat more sympathetic Melisande Shahrizai; House Maeliah is even heavily inspired by House Shahrizai.

You’ll have ladies-in-waiting as a princess and gentlemen-in-waiting (usually just called “companions”) as a prince. Jasiphae, Iseriah, and Kaedra are your ladies-in-waiting, and Nethica, Kyrisen (Kaedra’s brother), and Basitha (your Maeliah cousin) are your companions.

I have his description still set to bisexual because I haven’t made a decision yet as to whether or not I’ll make him gay. I feel bad depriving readers of the whole “lady and her knight” dynamic, but I also feel bad for not having an exclusively gay character. It’s a whole mess.

Fixed! Thank you for pointing that out. Reading has been extra hard this past week (probably because of the migraine?), so I haven’t been able to proofread how I would like. Let me know if you see any other mistakes!

I’m thinking about creating a Twitter or Instagram, and if I do before the wiki is public, I think I’ll post little screenshots of parts of some articles. I’d probably also do that with whatever part of the game I’m working on at the moment.

So many good ideas! I like it.


Singing. I forgot singing.

I had it planned as one of the skills from the start, but I forgot to actually add it into the game. This is why feedback is so important.

They’re mostly for roleplaying purposes, though they come into play in chapter two.

You can absolutely be a musician who loves daggers! Don’t worry. :slight_smile:

A calculating present is one I really want to add — I just need to decide what it’ll be. At the moment, I’m leaning towards a chess set.

There have been a couple of people who have said they liked him, and it’s why I’m having so much trouble making the decision on his sexuality. I know they say you can’t please everyone, but damn it, I really want to please everyone.


I quite like the idea that he might have joined the order in part because he had no intention of wedding a woman, and potentially saw it as a way to do his duty without having to “do his duty”. :thinking:

Or you could just bring back Mavrys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I literally just uninstalled twitter from my phone yesterday 'cause I never use it, but I would download it again if it meant sneak peeks!! :yum:

It’s ok. One time I forgot my own last name. I was roasting my friend for misspelling hers while we were signing into the computer lab, and I was so busy teasing her that when I went to input my name I put her last name instead of mine, oy. Luckily she had already walked away but it’s one of those embarrassing moments that I’ll remember in the dead of night for the rest of my life… :cold_sweat:

But yayyyyyy! Singing!! I can’t wait to play as a literal Disney princess and have little woodland creatures approach me as I sing! :sparkles: In your face Jasiphae. Jk, I love her, but I do feel like my character would have a little bit of a rivalry to out-lady her.

Also, don’t you worry. I didn’t find any other errors in the first post. You’re clear, lol.