The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

Oh, the vague derogatory air that some place on male beauty is strange, but I’m quite obsessed with it myself as it naturally draws my eye and is far rarer outside of media. :wink:
I do believe, though, that female beauty is still more of a hindrance, and I can be taken far less seriously than a male counterpart. While I despise making broad strokes on a canvas of human and cultural perception, woman are likely to be seen as opportunists, while men are simply charismatic. For a man who is glorious to look at can do no wrong in the eyes of the patriarchal masses, and if he does, he may be both excused and forgiven, or so the old theme goes…

Mm, and now after a refresher on the gentlemen’s personalities, I’ve officially swooned right off that romantic cliff for Nethica and Sebriel. Yes, please.


My favorites are Atheron for my Princess and Jasiphae for my prince. Also which RO does dad like the least?


I just re-read the romance list and realized that Jasiphea is straight. My princess will be heartbroken :disappointed_relieved:


My sentiments exactly.

Unless he’s gay or gay-leaning bisexual too, never forget that being gay used to be and in many parts of the world still seems to be the greatest transgression one can commit against the patriarchy and the really pretty ones always used to be suspected of being gay anyway and in the case of my prince that’s even true too.


Being a woman is all but sin in those parts of the world as well, not human enough for education, not human enough to be treated as one, but yes, all oppression is terrible and I do wish this planet was in better hands.


I think I will make a prince now for Sebriel, an affection starved lad who loves more than he should, and deserves more than what he wishes for. And he will get his happy ending even if it kills the king me.


Have you mentioned the concept you’ve come up with for your prince? I’m definitely interested in hearing it!

Beauty is definitely a sort of currency in Ophaesia and the other countries. In Ophaesia beauty is inextricably linked with the goddess Naphenia; it’s considered her domain. In fact, all Priestesses of Naphenia are beautiful in some way – perhaps it’s her eyes or her skill with a harp or her kind nature. Beauty is at once a gift from Naphenia and a tribute to her. That said, beauty isn’t linked with morality; or with immorality, for that matter.

How Ophaesian society (largely) views beautiful people depends on gender. Ophaesians view beautiful women as complete – they need not prove themselves beyond their beauty. Indeed, they’re often discouraged from being more than just beautiful. Beautiful men, however, must work to prove themselves as something beyond merely beautiful. To be content with simply being beautiful is woman-like.

You will definitely meet characters who struggle with societal expectations regarding their being beautiful. Among the RO’s, Jasiphae and Nethica come to mind.

Oh, absolutely! There will be a lot of information regarding the world, as well as a list of lore-friendly names, on the website once it’s launched. If you have any questions about the world after it’s launched, I’m always open for questions. (This is incredibly flattering, by the way!)

Being beautiful is, in its way, disadvantageous for both male and female MCs. Pretty boy in Ophaesia would certainly be an insult, but the connotation is more like calling someone empty inside or lazy, relying too much on their looks.

Sebriel, hands down. No competition.

Ah, a prince like that would be an interesting complement to Sebriel.



Why does dad hate Sebriel?


Sebriel isn’t Ophaesian, the only RO who isn’t. He is, in fact, from Verey, Ophaesia’s greatest enemy, and is a diplomat and a close friend to the Vereyan prince, Zevya.


This is nice. Something to irate our father with. :rofl:


So Nethica is the sort of young guy who likes to coast through life on his phenomenal looks? He’ll probably have an easier time of it in the highschool AU, where he’s likely to be the second prettiest guy after the male mc, probably.
Seems his life philosophy of “boys just wanna have fun” is not as widely accepted amongst Opheasian nobility as it is among the idle rich of our world. The possible irony could be that even in the contemporary highschool AU poor Nethica has a tiger mom and dad, despite being filthy rich. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hmm…now I’m thinking that highschool needs to organize a charity auction of the senior guys sometime, male mc and Nethica, not to mention Sebby are likely gonna be very high ticket items. :wink:

Awww…but that makes Sebby even sexier and more attractive to my mc, the mysterious exotic foreigner.


Is it possible for us to become a spy for Verey?


My “I love knowledge but don’t know how to use it” prince would adore Jasiphae, Sebriel would probably talk circles around him, and he’d probably be closest with Mavrys. I don’t really see him not getting along with anyone. Because, frankly, he’s too nice for his own good.


First, I’ll like to say I loved playing the demo. It kept me engaged from beginning to end and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store :slight_smile:

Second, I know romance is a pretty significant part of the story, but would forming friendships be just as prominent? I ask because I can see my prince becoming good friends with Iseriah since both have the rebellious trait and don’t care for gender norms. XD


Ticking dad off is a perk. What does he think of Atheron @Fawkes?


I know who to romance now :smiling_imp:


Boy just keeps getting better and better. :smirk:


So who’s the female RO that daddy doesn’t like?


I’m glad so many people seem to be interested in Sebriel! He’s definitely one of my personal favorites.

…Kind of? I can’t give a better answer than that without touching on a major spoiler. I will say this, though: it is possible to go to Verey depending on your choices.

I love how your prince sounds! I imagine him and Jasiphae would get along well if he manages to get past her walls. Mavrys would absolutely get along well with him since he is also a bit too nice for his own good. Sebriel would probably find him adorable.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have in store for this game.

And yes, friendships are just as prominent in the game! You can become friends (or enemies) with all the love interests regardless of gender or sexuality. They each have their own agendas and lives beyond the MC, so they’re not just there to be romanced. Some love interests will have bigger parts to play in the main story, however – Sebriel, Atheron, and Jasiphae, in particular.

Atheron is actually Eraven’s favorite of the love interests. They’re not friends, but Eraven respects Atheron. As much as he can respect anyone.

Of the female RO’s, Jasiphae is probably Eraven’s least favorite. He actually approves very much of Jasiphae – he just does not like her with the MC. He also doesn’t like Pythia with the MC, and he just generally dislikes Iseriah.



If he respects Atheron, then you’d think he wouldn’t want him to marry his hated daughter.


“You’re not good enough for her.”
“Go on, Father. You are making it hotter for me.”
“It’s a phrase I picked up from drinking with thieves and bedding whores.”