The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

Usually I have a few mcs for each game I play, but in this one a female mc is definitely my favorite and only character. There is something about playing the beautiful and kind princess with a hidden wit and sharp mind, that pulls the strings to fight against her expectations without drawing an unfortunate reputation, that is just so good. Plus, Nethica. :relaxed:

(Btw This is still my favorite game on here, hands down. It’s just dang well written and the characters are so unique, I extend my continued full support.)


I have a prince and a princess MC. But I prefer the room I have to maneuver as the prince.


I like the Prince MC because he is a male. So I prefer playing as the Prince and Seventh child of Ophaesia.


Well you can befriend the guy as the prince too, though his “moment of curiosity” (not to mention Fawkes epic talents at dudebro speak) just begs for that highschool for the rich and privileged somewhere in Southern California AU. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


First and foremost, your writing style is beautiful. Your word placement and choice seems to flow perfectly with the atmosphere that I think you’re trying to portray. I really look forward to future updates.


I’m surprised that more would rather play as a Princess.

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Thank you so much! That means a lot. :blush:

I might write shorts set in that AU just for fun at some point! Lol

I am too, actually! I was fairly certain that most would play as a prince. It’s pretty neat to see how people have voted.



Prince is way cooler, particularly gay prince. Or at least it is for me, this thread seems to have larger female fanbase though Or maybe it really is all because of Nethica and his romance, for which you need a female PC. :thinking:


It was honestly the first thing that struck me, regardless of the plot (which itself is enjoyable) the WAY you write is pleasant to read. There are many great books that have driving plot, but lack a pleasant flow to the way they write

So give yourself some props :smile:


Who wouldn’t want to be a cute gay prince? :triumph:

(I do wonder why Nethica is so popular, though… :confused: Mavrys and Sebriel sound much cuter… :blush:)


[whispers from the back]


Boy, I cannot wait to show you guys what I have cooking on the website. More in-depth character profiles on the siblings and, of course, on the RO’s. I’m planning on also releasing short stories written from the POV of those characters. I think it will be a fun way to get you guys acquainted with them — and learn some secrets — while you wait for chapter releases.

I’ll have a poll at some point to let you guys vote on whose short story you would like to read first.


Nethica does sound like he’d be a fun buddy, though I do have my eyes on sexy Sebby. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The one featuring the one and only awesomely sexy Sebby of course. :wink:
Though in all honesty I can’t decide if Nethica would rank second or third on that list for me.

He does sound like he’d be a good candidate to be the most popular guy in the highschool AU, in fact in that universe this might be his theme song.
Also in my Prince game he’d be the cutest straight guy in the game, so there’s that and he’s at least gay-friendly.

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The male RO that interests me the most is the naval officer.


I keep on forgetting to bookmark the RO list. I like playing both the Prince and the Princess, the Prince only narrowly winning my vote because I adore the concept I came up with for my prince.


Granted, that is particularly cool, and if I were to create a prince he would be particularly that, yet being able to play a princess–a woman–who is able to deconstruct and perhaps overcome the very system that underestimated and devalued her worth since birth, is pleasurably and wholly sublime.

Regardless, we may all bond with effervescence over being the loveliest in any room…

Which lends itself to a query @Fawkes. Is beauty as highly valued across Ophaesia as it is in this world–as if it were a skill, with beauty you can achieve anything? The king seemingly viewed it as merely another weapon in the arsenal, though the seeping distrust towards mother may have colored it as such. Is there at all a pervasive attitude on whether MC would more likely be under or overestimated while in the courts and then in the general population?
Such as:
“My, she’s gorgeous, hiss–don’t look… she must be planning something.”
Or conversely,
“Oh, he’s a stunner–no, you can keep talking–he’ll be hypnotized by his own reflection in the silver soon enough.”


Would you be okay with fanfiction based on this world by any chance? Once we learn more, I mean. It seems like a fun setting to write about.


This may be one area where the male mc is relatively disadvantaged, if this world follows some of the same gender conventions ours does. Which mean that for women beauty is an asset, where for men it is a more dubious blessing, since “pretty-boy” was and on occasion still is bandied about more as an insult then a compliment.


I wish I could see the RO list.

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Physical descriptions and sexualities are here:

And personalities are here: