The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

Best of luck @Fawkes

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WOW! The story of the game is so awesome.


It most certainly is nice!


A little too short to really make up my mind but the concept is interesting, the settings seems pretty cool and the characters seems to have potential

it was overall a cool read and i can’t wait to see where it goes

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In short “Nice”. I want to see how the story will progress in the future.

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For what seems to be the first time this year, things appear to have calmed down somewhat. My family is still grieving, but life has mostly returned to normal – and, strangely, that’s a better normal than before. It’s funny how a tragedy brings people together sometimes.

In any case, I want to thank all of you for your support and patience, I really appreciate it. I’ve tentatively returned to working on Seven Heirs when I can, and some behind-the-scenes progress has been made that I’m fairly happy with. It has made me question something, however, and I hope you guys will indulge me by answering a poll…

Should I changed the name of the game?

I refer to “The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia” almost exclusively as “Seven Heirs” for simplicity, and I’m now considering changing the name of the game to that. It’s shorter and, in my opinion, more intriguing. I feel like it may also be less off-putting to new readers if the title of the game didn’t include a word they’ve never seen before.

  • Yes, change it to Seven Heirs
  • Yes, but change it to something else
  • No, keep it The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia

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If you pick the last option, please let me know what you have in mind.

With that out of the way, I’d like to mention that in the near future, I will need some beta readers for a behind-the-scenes, game-related project. They will be reading through what will be thousands of words of text, some of which will likely include spoilers for the game, and pointing out any errors and areas that need work. There is a chance that these beta readers will later beta test new updates of the game and generally help me prepare content for release.

When I’m ready to select these betas, I’ll let you guys know. I’m not sure how I’ll pick who betas, but I’ll figure it when I’m closer to needing them.

Again, thank you guys for your support and patience with me and my sporadic presence.


Before I vote in the poll, I’d like to ask a question. How much of this is about the heirs, and how much is about the country of Ophaesia? Meaning its culture, people, etc.

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Good question, and one I’ve given a lot of thought to recently. There’s a lot of focus on Ophaesia, of course, but narrative-wise, I’d say it’s more a story about you and your siblings than Ophaesia.


I feel the story plot and arc is a lot more clear with Ophaesia in the title. Traditional fantasy has taught me to expect unknown words such as Ophaesia to be the object of the heir whatever it may be referencing

If I saw just: The Seven Heirs, I would be hesitant and not knowing what to expect.


What about just “Ophaesia” then? Part of my concern is that The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia is fairly long, and I think it might be a good idea to shorten it.

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A couple of thoughts (I’m going through this too which is why I am responding so fast)

1: The more Key words you use that people can relate to their searches in the Omnibus with, the better - so the reader will search using the words: Fantasy and Romance - when your title pops up, they will have a very firm idea of your game’s idea and execution.

2: I honestly think you hit the “sweet-spot” with the title - neither too long or short.

Also, as an aside: I saw you use Scrivener, so I decided to try it myself and have loved it. Thank you for mentioning it in that Workflow thread about a year ago.


If you really do want to shorten the title, remove the word: Seven … that is what I would do if I were to shorten it.


My advice is let as it is. Because kingdom is a great word that attracts lots of people from several cultures. And goes very well with tags as fantasy and romance in search people made. Far more commercial.


Oh, very good point. I hadn’t even considered that. Definitely something I’m going to take into account.

“Seven” is probably the least important word in the title, so it would make sense that would be the one I’d removed, but I love seven as a word and as a number too much, lol.

I’m glad you love it! It’s such a godsend, honestly. I use the iOS version (which imo is leagues better than the Windows version), and it is so helpful. Someone on the same thread mentioned Scapple (by the same people who did Scrivener), and I tried it out and can’t see myself going back to how I used to outline interactive fiction. It’s so helpful, especially once you get it customized the way you want.

It was also on the same thread someone mentioned World Anvil, which I have since fallen madly in love with. The Seven Heirs universe is so huge, I needed something more like a wiki to keep track of it all.


Is there anything wrong with keeping the title as it is and just referring to the game as Seven Heirs for short? :thinking: I guess Seven Heirs is less evocative, and to my mind Heirs of Ophaesia is, too. And while Seven Heirs of Ophaesia is a bit of a mouthful, most people wouldn’t be confused if you were to just call it Seven Heirs as a shortened version of the name.


I think the original title is better. Its unique where I can find search for it easily. The thing is I could probably find about 5 other things called Seven Heirs on Google. The Ophaesia part helps it stand out well for me to remember and find.


For me Seven heirs alone is weird. Is because is similar to The seven brothers western. or seven samurais lol . I am bad with names lo

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I voted to change it, but @Eiwynn’s posts changed my mind to keep it.

Glad to see you back and that things are settling into a new normal @Fawkes


I feel the way the title is now is perfect. Like @Eiwynn said, it’s not too long nor too short. Plus ‘The Seven Heirs’ just doesn’t feel right. Call it a gut feeling but the title right now just feels like ‘this is the title of this game and it’s perfect’


Keep it the same please. :slight_smile:

I would also be interested in beta reading.

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