The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

“Hey dad, I just went and murdered your enemies for the nation. Never you. You’re a self centered jackass and nobody will ever remember you by the time my reign is over.”


To be fair I doubt she actually hates him outwardly. A marriage to Atheron is an insult to the princess because he is so close to a commoner. As a member of the royal family and a descendant of a major noble house, she should be married to somebody with so much influence they could take over a small country in the eyes of the Maeliah. Atheron is more of a symbol of what could have been but what is now a squandered chance. In olden times noble women gained power through their husbands and since Ophaesian society is so phallocentric I wouldn’t blame Ysonia. Yes, she is not understanding but why would she concern herself with the wellbeing of a barely noble commoner when she is the queen and there are so many other people the MC could marry?

Ysonia does seem like a pretty okay mother, not the best but okay since she has a lot to deal with. I don’t know, I feel like thinking she hates Atheron simply because he couldn’t refuse her is reductive to a potentially awesome character. I doubt I made sense in all of this actually :joy:



So at one stroke, Eraven managed to almost but not quite mortally insult the wife he hates, marry off his least popular daughter without offending a more established noble by foisting her off on him, reward his greatest admiral, and get the son-in-law of his dreams. Dang.

My MC’s going to get her revenge by being odiously happy.

“Father dearest,” with a gentle hand on his shoulder, “you’ve always been so good to me. I know how highly you’ve always valued my happiness, but this marriage surpasses all my dreams.”


Being happy with Atheron sound like the best revenge to me! Adam Driver is a good casting for him, I agree.

I too like the line “My mother and sisters got too marry great men. I got to marry a good man.”


Actual footage of Eraven when the MC turns out to be happy with Atheron and maybe also queen?:

Well, I saw it less as being concerned with Atheron’s wellbeing and more that she might direct anger towards him unnecessarily when he would have as much say in it as she does.

Unless, of course, she really does see him as an ambitious type. And on top of that, Eraven approves him…and the type of people that approve of you says a lot about either your own personality or your own actions.

I understand your concern, that’s why I pointed it out in the first place because that’s exactly how it came off to me.
It was odd to me that someone as keen as Ysonia would needlessly hate someone who might have had nothing to do with the betrothal, unless she already suspects him and his character, or if it’s to highlight the Maeliah way of thought of us vs. them. That they will not suffer slights or insults, and anyone who does either is automatically an enemy.

Now this is actually a reason I didn’t think of.
It still confuses the hell out of me because he still didn’t do anything (as far as I know–we don’t know if the naval war affected Maeliah wealth or influence in any way), but I can understand the irrationality that some people have when it comes to great disappointments.

It’s just that, it’s a very Eraven way of thinking for Ysonia. Unless of course Atheron’s command negatively affected House Maeliah in some manner that predispositions Ysonia into disliking him**, Atheron will essentially be a proxy for Ysonia (and the Maeliah’s) profound disappointment and a scapegoat for who she really hates, exactly same way the MC’s entire existence is to Eraven. And one would think someone as smart as Ysonia would realize that and perhaps sympathize.

Unless it’s as a demonstration of the destructive way of thinking the Maeliahs have, but I’ve already mentioned how that is.

It’s why I’d like the option for the MC to point this out to Ysonia.


I fixed some mistakes in my earlier post, including adding what kind of masquerade Kaedra would choose. I can’t believe I forgot to put hers. :woman_facepalming:

Anyway, I am going to do two separate posts in response to you guys instead of cramming everything into one post because this post is going to be a bit special. I’m going to link to it in the first post, so I don’t want it to be too bogged down.

Why is this post special? Well, this is my 200th post on the forums and I thought it was time for some polls.

To lead up to the polls, I’m going to answer this question:

Yes! There are temporary love interests throughout the games, characters you can bed or desire but can’t have a longterm relationship with for some reason or another. Kaedra’s twin brother Kyrisen is one of these, for both men and women.

You can also have feelings for any of the RO’s whose sexuality doesn’t include you. However, I am considering changing that somewhat, which leads me to…

Poll Time!

So many of you guys have shown interest in Nethica as a love interest for male MC’s. I’ve thought about it, and I am considering making him bisexual. So…

Should I make Nethica bisexual?

  • Yes, make Nethica bisexual.
  • No, don’t make Nethica bisexual.

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There is also Jasiphae who is straight. I’m not sure if anyone has lamented her heterosexuality, but since I’m asking about Nethica…

Should I make Jasiphae bisexual?

  • Yes, make Jasiphae bisexual.
  • No, don’t make Jasiphae bisexual.

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If both are made bisexual, that will make all RO’s bisexual except Atheron, Mavrys, and Iseriah. I don’t intend to change their sexualities.

I am, however, considering adding one more RO. I was looking over the list of RO’s, and I feel like there’s something – someone – missing. I’m not sure who yet. I have some ideas, but I first want to know if you guys think I should include another RO. I’m thinking that if I do create another RO, I’ll let you guys decide on some aspects of the character through polls. Like, let you vote on their gender, sexuality, appearance, name, etc. So…

Should I add another RO?

  • Yes, and let us vote on some aspects of the character.
  • Yes, but come up with the new RO on your own.
  • No, there are enough ROs.

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And now a few more polls, just for fun!

Which RO are you most excited about?

  • Atheron
  • Jasiphae
  • Nethica
  • Kaedra
  • Sebriel
  • Iseriah
  • Mavrys
  • Pythia
  • Senetha

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Which sibling are you most excited to meet?

  • Neraven
  • Keralith
  • Ilythis
  • Olarion
  • Terrisen
  • Baelira

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What do you think of Ysonia?

  • I don’t trust her.
  • I actively dislike her.
  • I’m indifferent.
  • I like her.
  • She’s my favorite character.

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I’ll be replying to you all in my next post! I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys vote. :blush:


I got another interesting question. Sorry if this been asked already. But my question is would our MC have the opportunity to mend their relationship with the king? :slight_smile:


I think it’s too early to honestly pick a favorite character, although I really do like Ysonia.



You probably should make it bissexual, so as not to be bothered later.
Maybe switchable gender as well, (same reason)? :thinking:

Kaedra and Pythia


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I voted to make them both bisexual since you asked but I’m curious as to how that’s going to go with Jasiphae? Since you did say there will be sort of a rivalry with Terrisen then would the way he react change with a female MC? Would the relationship be taken less seriously and would the parents not be as worried?

  • List item

Considering earlier you said Kyrisen was a dick I can’t wait for my poor little MC to get her heart ripped to shreds by him. :joy:


Yes. :smile: I mean, I don’t think I’ll be romancing him, but the more the merrier.

I certainly wouldn’t be romancing her, but I know some girls who might like to, so yes. :smile:

Since it would probably be another girl to balance things out, I don’t really have any feelings one way or the other…

Mavrys, I just want to protect him… :worried: That said, I think my main MC would prefer Sebriel, so I’ll have to try a couple of MCs… :blush:

Maybe he should be the new RO… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I voted no. Sure, he’s a great character and all, but incompatible sexual orientation is something not uncommonly experienced by many people at some point in their lives and I don’t see how a gay Nethica is better than a straight Nethica other than being an RO for male characters. And besides, a broken heart early on builds character.:grinning:

I voted yes by accident 'cuz my fat fingers were acting up. My real vote, if it counts, is no for the same reasons.

Given how I’m planning to play my first character as a rebellious princess, probably Iseriah. But, Atheron is also interesting. On one hand, he’s the sort of RO my characters usually like to go for, but on the other, Eraven likes him. I don’t want my character to be rebellious merely for the sake of being rebellious, it’s just that Eraven is such a…well, dick, that I’m sure in the back of her mind she’d be thinking what are the chances that Eraven would like someone who’s not also a dick?

Olarion! Terrisen and Baelira comes in second and third respectively, I’m not betting on a good relationship with the rest due to my character’s personality but they all sound interesting in their own right.

She sounds super cool to me so far. Too bad she got married to someone like Eraven.


That would probably be very difficult given the radically different positions of men and women in Ophaesian society. Even a foreigner would be treated differently based on their gender.


Well, duh! More options is always nice, particularly if it can be a “friends with benefits” arrangement with my favourite Ophaesian (party) boy, especially since you indicated we only start meeting Sebby a long time after Nethica. :wink:

See and your cast is already quite big, I wouldn’t add more characters unless you had to, particularly since those you already have seem well thought out and have their unique and distinct roles and personalities, adding more just risks diluting that imho.


Uh, firstly “gay” and “bi” are not synonyms. :roll_eyes:

Secondly, gay players are far more likely to likely to encounter “incompatible orientation” than straight players, even in Hosted Games so any move in the direction of balance is good. :smile:


I’m going to say that I will personally be disappointed if characters are ‘turned’ bisexual yet again in a game. I would love more ro’s added, with their own sexualities, if that’s what you wish but I have addressed this before.

As someone who is bisexual, characters getting ‘turned’ bisexual for players is something I extremely dislike. Bisexuality is not a game mechanic and it’s so often treated as such simply to make people happy.

It’s not representation. It’s the opposite.

/minirantover But I personally would be disappointed.


I wish we could pick more than one option in the Ysonia poll because I like her but don’t trust her. :sweat_smile:


I’d love to see another RO, my favorite RO is still Atheron, the sibling I want too see is Olarion, and I like Ysonia.

Still haven’t figured out a favored RO for my Prince Godric.


You can change your vote by going on hide results.

tbh… they are a bit, mostly because gay as umbrella term got pushed onto everybody else in the lgbtaq+ acronym during the last years…
Otherwise I agree… normally it’s always gay players that got the short stick when it comes to ROs in games, so a few more non-straight people are always nice if you ask me.