The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP)

This is nice. Something to irate our father with. :rofl:


So Nethica is the sort of young guy who likes to coast through life on his phenomenal looks? He’ll probably have an easier time of it in the highschool AU, where he’s likely to be the second prettiest guy after the male mc, probably.
Seems his life philosophy of “boys just wanna have fun” is not as widely accepted amongst Opheasian nobility as it is among the idle rich of our world. The possible irony could be that even in the contemporary highschool AU poor Nethica has a tiger mom and dad, despite being filthy rich. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Hmm…now I’m thinking that highschool needs to organize a charity auction of the senior guys sometime, male mc and Nethica, not to mention Sebby are likely gonna be very high ticket items. :wink:

Awww…but that makes Sebby even sexier and more attractive to my mc, the mysterious exotic foreigner.


Is it possible for us to become a spy for Verey?


My “I love knowledge but don’t know how to use it” prince would adore Jasiphae, Sebriel would probably talk circles around him, and he’d probably be closest with Mavrys. I don’t really see him not getting along with anyone. Because, frankly, he’s too nice for his own good.


First, I’ll like to say I loved playing the demo. It kept me engaged from beginning to end and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store :slight_smile:

Second, I know romance is a pretty significant part of the story, but would forming friendships be just as prominent? I ask because I can see my prince becoming good friends with Iseriah since both have the rebellious trait and don’t care for gender norms. XD


Ticking dad off is a perk. What does he think of Atheron @Fawkes?


I know who to romance now :smiling_imp:


Boy just keeps getting better and better. :smirk:


So who’s the female RO that daddy doesn’t like?


I’m glad so many people seem to be interested in Sebriel! He’s definitely one of my personal favorites.

…Kind of? I can’t give a better answer than that without touching on a major spoiler. I will say this, though: it is possible to go to Verey depending on your choices.

I love how your prince sounds! I imagine him and Jasiphae would get along well if he manages to get past her walls. Mavrys would absolutely get along well with him since he is also a bit too nice for his own good. Sebriel would probably find him adorable.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have in store for this game.

And yes, friendships are just as prominent in the game! You can become friends (or enemies) with all the love interests regardless of gender or sexuality. They each have their own agendas and lives beyond the MC, so they’re not just there to be romanced. Some love interests will have bigger parts to play in the main story, however – Sebriel, Atheron, and Jasiphae, in particular.

Atheron is actually Eraven’s favorite of the love interests. They’re not friends, but Eraven respects Atheron. As much as he can respect anyone.

Of the female RO’s, Jasiphae is probably Eraven’s least favorite. He actually approves very much of Jasiphae – he just does not like her with the MC. He also doesn’t like Pythia with the MC, and he just generally dislikes Iseriah.



If he respects Atheron, then you’d think he wouldn’t want him to marry his hated daughter.


“You’re not good enough for her.”
“Go on, Father. You are making it hotter for me.”
“It’s a phrase I picked up from drinking with thieves and bedding whores.”


Decided to do one of the techniques I have to help solidify a character in my mind: writing a monologue from their perspective. Here’s the mnologue for Cristus, my male OC.


The world is beautiful. I know there are more than a few who would scoff at that statement, see it as childish naivete, but it’s true. The sight of the sun glinting over a hill. The myriad colors of flora, fauna and stone. The ethereal precision of mathematics. The tangled web of connections, obligations and deals that creates a society. The muscles swimming under the skin with every twist and turn of a person’s body. The very concept of knowledge, the idea of an idea. Even death has its own morbid beauty. I want to know beauty in every form, and if Myteus wills it, I shall. I can’t ask for anything greater.


@Fawkes How would you rank the RO’s family from the most powerful/influential to the lesser powerful/influential?


Ohh, I want to comment on this, but it would be a spoiler. I’m so tempted, though. Should I? Well, I give part of it away later in this post.

Lol, I love this! Sounds like your prince would get along well with Nethica.

I do something similar! When I’m still figuring out a character, I’ll write a bit from their perspective. It really, really helps.

I love this so, so much! “The muscles swimming under the skin with every twist and turn of a person’s body.” I loved that line. I like how Cristus sounds.

I love questions like these! From most powerful to least:

  1. Jasiphae. She belongs to House Asimina, which rivals Maeliah in wealth and influence, though Maeliah still has them beat by a bit. They have ties to Edoilese nobles.

  2. Nethica. He’s from House Varena, and their ancestral seat is an important and wealthy port city. A cousin of his married into Merlian nobility; another married a Dharsani prince.

  3. Iseriah. She’s of House Thyminae. They are one of the oldest families in Ophaesia and have an obscene amount of land. Members of her House tend to remain at their estates in the countryside, but when they do come to court, people pay attention.

  4. Kaedra. She and her twin brother Kyrisen are House Galithon. Their House was only established a couple generations ago, but their family is adept at political machinations.

  5. Mavrys. He belongs to House Corathin, which has married into House Dahlas (or will). His older sister Nytheris marries Princess Raelis’s son Raedyn.

  6. Atheron. He’s a Kavendis. His family was respected landed gentry, but King Eraven rewards him with letters patent, declaring him a noble and thus forming House Kavendis.

  7. Senetha & Pythia. They’re not related, but they have roughly the same amount of influence, which is to say none at all.

  8. Sebriel. He’s from House Dulisca, which is actually very, very powerful – in Verey. He himself is a powerful and influential person within Ophaesia, but that is due to his own merit, not his family.


We will be heterosexual life-partners!

“I bet you cannot be a bigger disgrace to your family than I will be tonight.”
“Hold my beer.”



How fascinating! I liked learning that!

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Very interesting! Though I’m interested in the differences in these families and their scions!

Take Jasiphae. She comes from a very powerful family, but how well ‘integrated’ into her family’s power structure would she be? You also said she was very intelligent, I’m curious about what kind of intelligence it is? A poet’s, a mathematician’s, a social theorist’s?

Kaedra is my other RO of choice, so how connected is she to her family’s power and politics? Is she even interested in that sort of thing?


Yep. Literally everything new learned about Nethica and Sebriel just further confirms that I’m in love. Jasiphae as well, but she is too close to my mc to be a romance option and I’m still only going for female mcs. I am going to absolutely adore her friendship arch beyond bounds, though. She sounds so flippin kickbutt, how could you not?

If you don’t mind answering questions, I have so many. :stuck_out_tongue: But to keep it down to just a few for now - How would a Jasiphae type build of an mc work with Nethica or Sebriel? Would they be compatible at an initial level? And are there any characers/ros that hold disdain for/hate one another?

(I love hearing about your world and characters to uncomfortable levels.)


Although my prince wouldn’t even bother to do something just to anoy his father dearest, he can’t handle a challenge very well. So he would be like:
“No scratch that. I can do a better job at it while getting drunk in the process”