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Poison Mara doesn’t use poison in games any more. Instead we must look for tigers, lions, deer and dragons. :wink:

I am absolutely positive that @Fawkes has planned out several different endings of various different levels of success. Her world building would allow this quite easily.


But @Eiwynn…If Mara isn’t our designated poisoner, who will be ?!

Jokes aside, even though I’m admittedly don’t keep up to date here, I can’t wait for all the ambitious plans that @Fawkes has for this game to come to fruition.

(P.S. don’t mind my edits, turns out you can’t put multiple ?! in a post)


Lol I am totally into use poison however one bard has to diversify her methods of rid of people. Also I am not into use poison in myself so of course i will choose a tiger viagra potion over poison of life and death lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My mc would rather see Olarion become King, but only if he absolutely cannot get within the good graces of his eldest brother. Oh and marry Nethica or Sebriel of course. :grin:


Definitely not the only one! My princess MC is desperate to earn her father’s love and respect by using her wits to further his agenda. Practically all she does (including favoring Mateus and spurning Naphenia) is done to make her a better servant for the king’s will. If it takes dying in the service of the king to earn her father’s love, then she will do just that. Maybe she’ll break out of that masochistic mold eventually, who knows? :wink:

My Prince MC is definitely the opposite, of his father treats him no different than a Maeliah, then a Maeliah he shall be. He’s a rebellious little shit who loves his mom.


I’m not sure Eraven even has a good side!


His arguable ‘good side’ is probably buried deep, deep under his inferiority complex (and mixed feelings) toward his deceased brother, resentment toward the MC’s mother and other past issues. Doesn’t remotely excuse his behavior in any way, but it is somewhat easy to guess why hs’s so bitter and petty in regards to the MC.

That said, Crappy Dad=Rebellious Child MC for my case (I love making characters who piss off the parents by not being broken down by them and going a step further by getting to a point of surpassing them). :grin:


Ysonia is quite an interesting character.


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Sorry to hear that this is happening at all.

I hope you have a great Christmas at the very least.


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This is unacceptable… I hope you have a good Christmas. You deserve it.


reminds me of cinderella phenomenon (otome), I like the story :3


Hello, friends! I am still technically on hiatus, but I come bearing gifts!

I am now doing art of the ROs! The goal is to do one RO each month, and which RO I do is voted on by my Patrons. Patrons get early access to the art a week in advance, as well as access to the speedpaint showing my process.

I have already finished the first RO, who was picked as part of a Secret Santa gift, and it’s time to share it with you guys!

Lord Atheron Kavendis

The poll for this month’s RO is still up on my Patreon, though the poll closes Wednesday!

Thank you guys for your continued interest in Seven Heirs! It means a lot!


The way you drew Atheron there, I could picture a younger Oded Fehr playing him.


I mentioned this on the patreon, and I’ll repeat it here, but he sort of reminds me of Moses from Prince of Egypt. :grin:


oh my gosh
I already knew Atheron was gonna be my husband, but dayum. Thank you so much for sharing this. He’s so handsome and beautiful and :sob:


Been Barnes, anyone? :slight_smile: Your art is so lovely.


Another good choice!


looks at art
dies instantly

Okay but seriously wow. All you talented people. Smh :sob::heart: