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Ysonia is my compelling character, I don’t know what’s going on with this cunning binch but I so desperately need her approval and attention, LOOK AT ME MOTHER!!! PAY ATTENTION TO MEEEE


Possibly. Am open to it but it really really depends on what he says while the MC grows up? Like ouch his comment about them being a mistake hits very close to my MCs heart

So :))


@rinari Nothing wrong with playing both side :joy:

Neither do I but i’m currently making one anyway lol

Mhm… yep totally compelling


I haven’t done a mood board for my MC yet. I plan to do a compassionate but book and street smart princess.

She try to understand her parents and wanted their approval but somewhere down the line, she realized this will be not easy.


oh god that’s me with eraven



Same hat. But that’s more because Ysonia actually did pay some attention to my MC? Tbh like easy way to her heart is really love and affection (or at least even just outwardly)


If i remember correctly some ro(s) changed . Anyone has an updated list or something like?



No, there hasn’t been a change to any of the ROs. The ones listen in the first post are all the ones we should expect.

Oh, unless…you’re talking about… :eyes:the eye patch…


… eye patch?




yee haw and aye aye cap’n


Right. No.
But me approve.



I think there might be a new ro . Their name is Elor


Ohhh they’re the new non-binary one if I remember correctly

slides this in here 'cause I can


Made my princes mood board :smiley: Used the name generator Fawkes made 'cause I suck at naming and honestly i’m in love with this one.
Also, random quote 'cause idk what else to add in that space lol

Citrus fruits
Stories about knights/heroes
Romance novels
People he trusts playing with his hair


His father
Crowded places
Loud noises

And that’s all I got so far


This is problaly a dumb question but if you don’t mind can you tell me how to make a moodboard ?


I usually just get pictures off pintrest of google and use one of those collages apps or a free moodboard website like Canva (the one i used to make mine just now) you gotta sign up but otherwise for the basic stuff it’s free. i’m sure there’s others though


Can we honestly expect a fair chance to take over the kingdom from that man we call “father”(king)?


I mean, we have several people ahead of us, but we are royalty. Fawkes has confirmed that it might be hard, but you can be King/Queen Regent.


Yes but depends what you considers FAIR. If you believe magically the throne will come at you well no. You will have to claw your way to it and do stuff to achieve it. Characters like mine focus on it and pay the price. But there are many other options interesting too. But yeah @Fawkes have say we could poison our way to throne or by other more warrior means


But of course, that’s your speciality, is it not Mara ? :smirk::wink: