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@Fawkes when will the MC meet Vesperion in the story?


You’ve got a point. Anyway gay marriage is not allowed in Ophaesia and even if it was my mc still doesn’t like Vesperion.

Daddy dearest will probably really blow a casket if we gay marry Sebby, or even Nethica tho.

Far, far too soon for my poor mc’s liking. While with the split we probably won’t get to meet Nethica and Sebby until the sequel, because the whole first part will be kid mc now. :cry:


Then I will have so much fun playing Vespi and Mara kids hating each other and then puberty hits and both starting casually finding each other in library or music room or everywhere. And knowing Mara she probably kissed him after a verbal fight lol. Oh vespi kitty :heart_eyes_cat:


I hope Prince Lelinus is given the chance to show cracks of vulnerability and care for Kaedra, especially as a kid:

@Fawkes Is it possible for my prince to be stoic and still show Kaedra he has a soft spot for her. Like stating that it is stupid to celebrate being older when she is looking forward to her birthday, but slipping her a gift he knew she wanted or telling her not to touch him, but leaning into her hugs and tentively hugging her back even though he isn’t the best at human contact.

In short, he doesn’t know what normal relationships are like so I don’t see him knowing how to act to show his feelings or be vulnerable and he’s going to be convinced for a while that she’d leave him like everyone else in his family did.

m-my heart, oh god so wholesome



Eraven damaged him badly. He taught him that he was worthless and Ysonia unintentionally taught him that it was better to put up barriers so he wouldn’t be hurt by her absences.

So he is guarded and untrusting because that is what keeps him from suffering. He thinks she’ll be gone unexpectedly or hate him when he says hurtful things he can’t stop, but she’s still there and forgives him. Slowly, he lets his guard down or she gets through his guard and he is happy. He is not fixed, but he is getting better.

And when he’s older, he’s clever and confident and is a big enough player at court to attract female attention, but the only way he can be physically attracted to them is if Kaedra is sharing him for the night.

She is unbearably smug about that.


That would be a fun way to play it!


Interesting how our mc’s takes different lessons from the same events. My mc, at least as a pre-puberty and growth-spurt kid, is probably a little afraid of and intimidated by his father’s physical presence, but he figures out his father is an ass and not worth bothering with, unless absolutely necessary soon enough.
Ysonia and her absences are ironically both a positive and a negative influence, in the positive sense she’s teaching him real early that the only one he can truly rely on is himself, which makes him into a bit of an overachiever and able to master as many skills as his educational resources, health and intellect allow during his childhood and later in life.
Which is why it probably won’t be until he gains Nethica as a companion and befriends the guy that he learns to really appreciate fun, sex, parties and clothes/fashion for their own sake. :wink:
As apart from maybe Olarion, I don’t think my mc will have any real friends and certainly not ones near his own age as a kid. Really I see the companions, Nethica and his cousin Basitha as my mc’s first real friends.


I like your interpretation. It sounds like Nethica will be quite an influence on him.

My main character learns the same lesson from Ysonia, but Kaedra gets through to him enough that he makes an exception. He still tries to master as many skills as possible, but he allows himself to be distracted by her even if he complains verbally.

I suppose it comes down to how strong on their own our main characters are on the own and how they respond to the people around them and who they for bonds with despite their upbringing.

For your main character, it’s Nethica. For mine, it’s Kaedra.


Yep, only Kaedra happens a lot earlier in the story I think, whereas we don’t get to know Nethica until he becomes male mc’s companion when the mc is 16. With the split that is sadly likely to be at the beginning of the second part.
Most influential part one characters will therefore likely be his brother Olarion, and Ysonia (though ironically more by her absence then her presence) for my mc.


Yeah Mara is lucky have a vespi as a rival as It helps to make her the ambivalent character she is. She totally feels since toddler that nobody wants her except as a toy or something to gain something from her. She believes that is kill or be killed and nobody will ever love her at all. Vesperion as kid is a remainder of What she should be as beloved and well valued and what she will never have . Then when she starts feeling something for him she tries hard hide her feelings and convince herself she does to seduce him as a pawn. When she istotally absolutely in love with him she would probably try to killing him afraid of her feelings but noway she can’t harm him . And that will be one of most biggest Mara deception with herself As she fakes being confident but she is really insecure by nature thinking reasons her parents hate her is because she is ugly stupid and a failure in everything. She wants power to show everyone that she is not an error and not a failure. But yeah. I happy Vespi is part of her childhood I hope also have Kaedra as friend soon as she will end being her confident I think Mara still have a concept of family in sense of people she loves she would be fiercely loyal to her people like for instance jump Save Vespi or Kaedra even if means her death for rest she doesn’t care about them in the slightest


Hey everyone! Just a heads up that @Fawkes has been having a rough go of it lately and will be taking a break from social media for a while, including the forum, to deal with things.


I just saw her Tumblr. Anything we can do to help?


She’s been going through some personal turmoil in her private life, including but not limited to the death of a beloved pet, and that last anon ask she received was just…ugh. It couldn’t have come at a worse time, essentially.

Fawkes really just needs to step away from things for her own mental health right now, so the best thing we can do is to simply have patience and send her some good thoughts.


Fair enough. Hope she feels better soon.


Feel free to take your time, Fawkes. It’s important that, after the death of a loved one, to take time to grieve - there’s nothing wrong with that. I would prefer if you took your time to grieve in a healthy manner for your own benefit.

As for anons, well… there will always be rude, self-serving people out there. All I can say in that respect is there are plenty of true fans out there of your story who love everything you do for it and are willing to wait.

Take your time and happy holidays~! :smiley:


Frankly, Samuel, your comment had nothing to do with the game and appears to be based on a prior argument that took place outside of this thread. Perhaps you should take your grievances elsewhere.

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