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When was the last update?




Lately I’ve been obsessed with a “cold but with a heart of gold” MC who tries really hard to sell the whole soulless Maeliah spawn image while also being heart meltingly sweet to anyone who isn’t a noble but being in denial of it. Shenanigans ensue when Iphorah befriends her.

What are some headcannons others have thought of that they just can’t shake?


This got me thinking…

Nice with a heart of ice.



Current MC am developing is Lyra who just wants to matter but even she doesn’t quite understand what that means :)) she’s capable but like she doesn’t believe she is and has stopped trying over the years

[Tbh this stems from Eraven calling her a mistake and being the burden of proof that her parents consummated a marriage that the kingdom did not want?]

So big fan of self doubt that eventually turns into being comfortable with who you are and taking on the world O:

So yeah. Lyra at the beginning is very obedient, “don’t rock the boat,” and almost withdrawn? She gets better after having some time away from the family in Methina



Oh, no.

That’s pulled at my heart :broken_heart: The fact that she’s so discouraged in the beginning… with that sort of mindset all of my MCs eventually turn bitter :joy: How do you think she’ll approach her siblings?


Ngl, that’s the original build I was going for but then that failed since her niceness turned into the typical niceness of nobles who’d stab your back without a second’s notice.


In her younger years, with cautious optimism. Like if she tried hard enough maybe they would hate her less? You know how some fairytales/fables/etc are didactic in the “if you’re good, then the world will be kind right back at you?” She grew up believing in that if she was nice to them or somehow did not give any reason for them to hate her, they’d mellow out and maybe even her friend?

(It worked out for some but for others…nothing has changed)

Lately there are some siblings she’s fond of but she’s also aware that there are some that will never love her the way she would’ve liked to be loved. She’s extremely hurt by that but she doesn’t bring it up because that might just make things worse

Eventually (post character dev) she does bring it up to her sibs that flat out are hostile or cold to her. I don’t know if I would call it a call out (call out feels to strong) but she does let them know that it’s hurt her in the past and she’s not going to let them hurt her again


I thought she would romance Atheron! If not him then I would have thought Iphorah or someone else that is at least semi wholesome. Honestly, when it comes to ROs I am so split. If Senetha isn’t interested in girls in the final version then I don’t know who to choose for her. I really want to romance Vesperion but I don’t know if she’s the right build for it… (maybe spoiler?) Plus I really want to see him get together with Sebriel :eyes: It’s gonna be chaotic and I love it. And then Kaedra with Basitha!!! BE STILL MY HEART, I just love matchmaking.


No you’re right. She marries Atheron. First out of obligation (seeing it as no choice because Eraven says so) and then falling for him after :))


So. Are there any other demos out there?


In general or?? if the answer is yes to the first question then yes! just type the letters WIP into your search bar and you’ll find more! If the answer is no then



On more on topic things: the other MC I have is likely a Vesperion romance because the general chaos of having Ysonia’s child being genuinely and romantically involved with him is too good to pass up


Eraven would be pissed off!


It is really Funny Eraven hatred on us. Due Any other parent would see Vespi kitty as a perfect political match and a way to peacefully fix a turmoil between two houses.

Still I don’t care Eraven. Mara and Vespi kitty are a thing with Team Kaedra as helpers


@lokidemon007 well I’m actually looking more forward to seeing Ysonia’s house react because that might as well be some kind of blood traitor moment

[Likewise for Vesperion. Can’t imagine his house would be pleased either]


It depends how well you sell the relationship to grandparents. My selling speech is I have conquered their heir for my cause and a good alliance for house. Also the idea of someone’s lured the heir of the enemies should be thrilling from the serpent family


Is there like a beta test thing for this?


There’s the demo in the original post. Fawkes will ask for beta testers when she’s ready.


Both Vesperion and the MC will have a lot of s**t to deal with if they pursue a romantic relationship!