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You’re still getting mobbed by the goblins?? @impeccably-stressed hasn’t scared them off yet?

Also, amazing name guide and generator, this is super cool stuff! :slight_smile:


Weird names = best names


So, if I wanted to pronounce the name “Kaeyth” as “Keth” would that be against naming convention?


You’re a prince You can pronounce your name as you wish. Nobody will complaint if they do poison them


Fair point (and I’m actually a princess)


zsorry Karith sound like male name so i thought you role played a male prince


It does sound like a boy’s name.


Really? I’d disagree. I think Kaeyth looks (and sounds) very feminine! I mean, we have a sister Keralith, which is probably a name not too far out of the norm considering it belongs to a princess and Kaeyth feels like it has a much softer sound then Keralith does.


Imo it’s pretty easy to headcanon a name not exactly matching the Orphaesian naming convention. After all, the Maeliah don’t conform to the general Orphaesian culture so should the MC’s name? Take, for example, for my main OC Saveli. Saveli, as a name, is a Russian version of the latin name Sabellius.

Make Sabellius–>Sabeliys to match Ophaesian naming convention and then headcanon that the change to Saveli is the result of some foreign ancestor adjusting the name to fit their own culture and bam. A name that doesn’t quite match the general accepted Ophaesian culture but which is perfectly reasonable for a Maeliah.

I mean, I feel it’s not outside of the realm of possibility for the Maeliah to keep a foreign-sounding/foreign-styled name as long as it was already the name of one of their own.


i’m glad that the name of my MC (Rosaceae) was able to follow most of the naming conventions. i just need to deal with the middle “c” since it sounds like a soft c instead of a hard one.


I think the pronunciation sounds masculine but the spelling seems more feminine to me! But yeah I guess it doesn’t much matter.


It took me six months to realize that “Neraven” was just Eraven with an “N.” To cover up for this mistake, I created the lore that Ophaesians modify names in order to reuse them.

@Fawkes I love how it took you 6 months to notice that. If it was me I would have never noticed something like that, it would probably be years later for me to notice or until someone pointed it out.:joy:


Fascinating information!


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But, just as an aside because I cannot contain my joy: me and @Dae-kalina are dating! We’ve both very happy, and I’m sure some (if not all) of you have played her absolutely amazing WIP SoS: The Mortal Coil at some point, so I thought I’d share this little bit of news. Totally unrelated to Seven Heirs, but it’s all very exciting for me! :blush:


Totally related so you can have more inspiration for doing Steamy scenes in the future…:wink: . @Fawkes enjoy your relationship.


Congratulations!! Good to know you guys are happy :sparkles:



Now. So anyone want to talk about their MCs or prompt a topic while we wait for the update O:


How far will everyone’s MCs go to get the throne, provided they want it?


All the way. I’ll melt down the blades of my foes to make a throne. It absolutely hasn’t been done before.


@Fawkes are there any unusual creatures in Ophaesia?