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Ya’ll coming out with some deep meta and I just want my MC to be happy because what better middle finger to Eraven than having his least favourite child succeed in life that way?

Extra points if the MC not only is happy but thriving whether in or out of court life


Oh, my MC has much bigger plans than that even. :wink:That was just my best case scenario ultimate goals if I myself was transported into Ophaesia.


Some info on the new RO:


There should be a disclaimer somewhere here for the goblin horde


Hmm, true.

Beware my tumblr. There are thirsty goblins wreaking havoc on the regular.


Some of them more valid than others but on average. Goblins. Just. Goblins.


I hope I’m a Warcraft goblin.


Ooo ophaesia part one official title change?


My MCs are planning many things.


Is there a link to the wiki?


Not yet. :slight_smile:


The Official Naming Guide and Generator are here!

The Ophaesian Naming Guide is six pages long and includes a bit of lore and a very short pronunciation guide to help you figure out some of the common sounds you’ll see in Ophaesian names.

The Name Generator, while still quite bare in terms of appearance, is a perfect complement to the guide. It will give you an even better grasp on Ophaesian naming conventions and hopefully provide you with some suitable names for your characters or simply inspiration.

The generator works by combining prefixes and suffixes at random and thus will sometimes generate some wonky results, but if you use it enough, you should get some good names out of it. I’m hoping to keep working at it to minimize these weird names and I intend to spruce it up eventually, so keep an eye on it for future updates

Ophaesian Naming Guide
Ophaesian Name Generator


I can’t view the naming guide.


I think you have to authorize users to view the naming guide.(?)


Does it work now?


Yup, thanks!


Yeah, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


I won’t look if not I will spend the time to writing my Nanowrimo there lol. It is a very awesome detail.


It’s really interesting. For me the most useful part was the one about masculine and feminine suffixes. I was super confused about some of them before. :sweat_smile:
Also, I’ve managed to get Maeliah in the generator. :grin:


Mara will be Mara. But maybe a second and third name for my coronation day… I need name of a poison flower and some sort of Serpent name … :thinking: