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I don’t like tmlr or rumbling or whatever name i can’tconfigure the damn app i am clumsy with tech…


That’s not really your fault lol. Tumblr is a very wonky app.


You can visit the site through an internet browser, no app needed. I don’t have much space in my phone so I don’t have the app.


Yeah! Iphorah was once Pythia, and I arrived a little late to the party, so I’m not sure if Senetha replaced Mavrys or if Senetha was there already and Fawkes took Mavrys out, but! that’s that.
Edit: apparently it was Vesperion who replaced Mavrys so that’s really neat! Thank you @Marceline_Reyes for telling me, that was very kind of you :smiley:


It was Vesperion who replaced Mavrys, iirc.


To satisfy my own personal curiosity, i have a question for you all-if you were in the seven heirs universe, what would you be? For me, personally, if I wasn’t noble/royalty, I think I’d be a priestess, maybe one of the ones who raises children-I do love kids haha.


I hate children I would be a Mara if not Mara a bard.


I’d probably be one of Naphenia’s priestesses too: happy to be with kids, but secretly longing to be a Mytean. My charges would get so many trips to the library, ahaha.


With strict gender roles, I feel pretty limited. Do female tutors exist? Probably not. But I wouldn’t want to be a priestess. Maybe I’d disguise myself as a man to be a tutor/teacher.


I would be anything that allowed me to eat and keep a roof over my head without a man’s help. (no sexual stuff though) so maybe a priestess too, if I didn’t have other skills. I am studying nursing so I would do the equivalent of that if women can do that in your world.


Hopping on the bandwagon that I’d probably be a Naphenian priestess.
Most of my aunts actually became nuns and are by far the happiest, most well-adjusted and empathetic members of my family, and when I was young and still a believer, I even wanted to join the order myself, so Naphenia it is.

Then again, I feel that with the right man Atheron I would be happy just being a wife and mother as long as I have three dogs, I’m happy.


New goal: pose as prostitute and lure unsuspecting men into my trap, take money and be on my merry way.


If I’m not mistaken Fawkes mentioned on Tumblr that the eyepatch is in his right eye.

Yep. Right eye.


Awesome! Thank you so much :smiley:


So you want to be Mara or a classic Rpg bard welcome to club lol


I used to want to be a nun myself! I’ve never met anyone outside my family who can relate. (My mother also wanted to become a nun when she was younger, which obviously didn’t take…)

Now I’m picturing a cluster of Naphenian priestesses who start inexplicably giggling and whispering behind their hands whenever Commander Kavendis walks by. One or two of them may actually walk into a wall.


Me either! For me, it’s the fact that my aunts would talk about how they would spend the last few hours of the day discussing theology before praying the rosary and going to bed. Little baby nerd me was more enamored by the intellectual offerings that this path of life offered than any spiritual reasons, because outside of becoming a nun, my prospects were either become a housewife or become a professional something and I could never figure out what that something would be.
That said, I was always awestruck by the unwavering faith and compassion the nuns and the priests that I’ve met have held, that goes beyond the physical trappings of the church itself, and rests entirely on this nebulous and hopeful concept of a higher power, something I was never quite able to do. Although, even now, I still get a little humbled stepping into churches, like I can almost feel the weight of history pressing down on me, so maybe it’s not so terribly difficult for me to understand their thoughts regarding God.

Oh, hey, my mom wanted to be a nun too! lol Obviously things didn’t pan out, lol.

:eyes: heavy breathing

That would be me, but twice.


Oh, that is so relatable. My grandparents literally live down the street from their church, and one of my dad’s high school friends is a bishop. Baby me was drawn to the idea of a life devoted to service and sacrifice, which still sort of lingers. But I hit the same stumbling block. I do still find that comfort in churches and instinctively reciting prayers though, even though I wouldn’t call myself a believer anymore.

“I hate that he’s leaving so soon, but I could watch him walk away all day.”


:eyes: :sweat_drops: i forgot all the prayers because i learned them in spanish, and god…that portion of my brain is atrophied as hell

i think the other reason i was never meant for life in the nunnery…my priest kink, that woulda been awkward to explain

I still really feel this. I’m not entirely sure what it is about it, there’s a certain appeal to self-sacrifice that I’ve never able to shake—maybe it’s just a nurtured ideal based upon a desire to emulate Jesus, or maybe not? I don’t know my own psychology well enough to truly answer that question, but what I do know is that it’s certainly something that seems to seep into all of the characters I make, lol. My princess is definitely gonna be the self-sacrificing sort, and when she marries Atheron “The question is not, 'Would I fall on a sword for you?’ but 'Where on my body do you want the sword to pierce?’, my dear.” Kavendis, it’s gonna be a race to see who can be more accommodating and self-sacrificing, and then they’ll never get anything done and the people of Methina will roll their eyes but love them all the same, lol.

Priestess: [sweating bullets] [to the High Priestess] I may…have committed…some light blasphemy…

High Priestess: Wh-What? How?

Atheron: [walks into frame then out of frame]

High Priestess: I see.


If I was an Ophaesian woman? I enjoy male company too much to ever consider a life of celibacy.

Assuming women can own and inherit property in this time in Ophaesia, and I was privileged enough to possess the necessary funds and capital (perhaps a daughter of a merchant or burgher), I would open up a bookshop in the capital city, and do my darnednest to cultivate a thriving intellectual and cultural hub. To be the talk of the city’s scholarly circles.

Attempt vigorously to network with university students, Mytean priests, wealthy collectors, noble literati, well-read merchants, etc. Host salons on Thursdays discussing literature, poetry, philosophy, mathematics, the natural sciences, and of course politics. Offer cheap literacy classes in the evening to the drudges and the underclass (in a partitioned-off room of course, can’t be TOO scandalous). Invite alchemists, mathematicians, astronomers, and other scientists to lecture to the public. Perhaps print and distribute a monthly newsletter should my enterprise’s patronage expand enough to constitute a loyal readership.

To pursue knowledge and cultivate the mind for its own sake. In a best case scenario renowned far and wide as a true woman of Myteus. Or be reviled as a shameless slattern who meddles in men’s affairs and promotes the unnatural mixing of the classes. Or worse, fail entirely to get the little bookshop off the ground. In any case, I will give my all, whether it be in Ophaesia or IRL. :grinning: