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So I finally return to the forums after school’s been kicking my behind, and the first thing I see is Atheron now has an eyepatch.


I don’t know how to explain this without sounding off my rocker, but one of my very first character crushes was a man with a missing eye (who coincidentally also looked great in blue), so I’ve had a soft spot for men with that trait ever since. There’s absolutely the representation that @StarlitOpal brought up, but my first reaction was honestly just this man has been written for me.

My second thought was, “Mads Mikkelsen has played a character with a missing eye.” I’m honestly not a fan of that particular character’s appearance (from the Musketeers), but I’ve still decided to update my Atheron casting…



I mean, who knows if he’s uncomfortable about it? Might ruin your plan if he’s not self conscious about the eyepatch itself. And I can’t say I’ve ever really thought much about eyepatches but I don’t see why it’d turn someone off if you like the person. ^-^ just my opinion.


Who cares his confort? My character want him dead or in his island forever out of capital. My character a maeliah takes blood seriously so she can’t be okay eye or not.

I am talking in character as Mara. Myself has no problem and seem a good guy lol. Remwmber Is a role playing comments lol :wink:


No no don’t worry I remember lmao. If I thought some people were willing to do a quarter of the stuff they talk about on the forums I’d have grounds to call the FBI lol.


Lol sometimes i have to remember that to people :wink: The eye is just another plot for mara to use it don’t matter really she will find how sink a villain born


Aww you’re not off your rocker! It’s always so fun to find an RO in a choice of games that feels handmade for you!.


I know I have my vespi kitty . He is like made for Mara.


It’ll be fun to see the reaction his family has.


Yes It will be fun!!! to die of laughter :smiling_imp: They should find it a sudden bad luck chain of accidents That casually Put Vespi in his family control.


Vespi is the only male heir. So he can’t get disowned!


Accident = Send daddy Vespi and mum vespi to the heavens with 3 gods.
If Vespi parents are clever they will have new territory like that island a villain commoner blood is occupying.
I don’t want kill Vespi parents however maybe We have to . I will never damage them without Poor kitty approval poor Vespi…


except Mara with his consent :wink:


Who is your favorite female RO @poison_mara?


Sincerely none. I mean If I have to choose kaedra . None of girls are personality wise in the description something i am attracted. I like most of guys though. Girls are or Miss Emo rebel, Miss Beauty the nerd A nun… So well Kaedra could do.


Kaedra is my favorite too.


Wait guys this may be a dumb question but where are you getting the information about the ROs?


First post all is there


Also lots of questions asked and answered in the thread and on tumblr


I’d go to Fawkes’ tumblr (I think their tag is seven heirs) they have what are basically imagines? I think that’s the vocab for them? And search up their names in the forum or just search Fawkes’ posts. I think one or two of them changed names as well which is very confusing.


The Tumblr is fun.


Oh, which eye is Atheron eyepatch on @Fawkes ? I’m trying out drawing eyepatches-I like the idea of like several eyepatches-one everyday, one fancy…lol