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Yeah And I will say him Keep saying stupid things and I will bite you in the fierce with my snakes :wink:


Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes… :wink:


Snakes are AWESOME AND POISONOUS also You could guess which house I am in Harry Potter? It is no Gryffindor lol :wink: I have to dress Mara with serpent based jewellery!!!


I’m a Slytherin too, the combo house for me is Slytherclaw.

Snakes are awesome I agree. They also taste good when properly cooked.


Me, a person who dislikes and or fears most reptiles: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
It’d be funny if someone’s from a family that has an animal they fear as their emblem


That’d be hilarious!
Nethica: WOW I cannot believe we are finally getting married this is the-
MC: edging away
Nethica: my love what’s wrong
MC: nothing, nothing it’s just-a goose attacked me when I was younger so I’ve kinda always been kinda wary of birds and you have like, fifty peacocks here…
Nethica, bursting into Eraven’s rooms: Hey i’m gonna change the animal symbol of my house-

AND also because I cannot stop bringing up Atheron into every situation, now that he’s a noble he’ll need a sigil and colors, sooo late night brain storming session where him and his new wife are deciding what colors and animal they want. DIY crest lmao.

And I’m a hufflepuff through and through and I think it shows lmao.


ngl I adore snakes with a passion but I’ll always find it funny that they’re associated with cunning. It’s not that they’re dumb persay but always associate them with being more hearty than smart. I wonder where that came from? Paradise Lost sure but where did it come from before then? Who looked at these things and thought ‘yeah that slithering dude is a genius.’


Maybe the Bible? I’m not religious at all, but Adam and Eve were convinced to eat the apple because the snake told them to do it, I’m pretty sure. So obviously in a society where Christianity is very far reaching and all encompassing, even in parts of the world that are not majority Christian, that idea might have been absorbed in. And once an idea takes root, it just keeps growing.


It’s unlikely it originated with the bible. From what I can tell it seems to be a lot older? And widespread, I mean snakes are all over the world so it makes sense that they pop up in a lot of mythologies.

Although as a whole it seems snakes were more associated with fertility, healing, and immortality. Which is interesting, I didn’t understand the immortality part until I remembered that before a snake sheds they look really dull and might seem dead then pop goes a brand new shiny snake out of the old skin.


I have no idea man lmao. If anyone has any more expertise on this please, now I’m curious lol.


Looking forward to finding out what Atheron will pick for his sigil, house colors, and house words.


Usually, the Serpent symbol has dual meaning or expression and portrays Good, and Evil. in some Native American cultures the snake is fertility, as the Snake Youth (The Sky) and Snake Girl (Earth Spirit). In Ancient Crete it was also fertility.

Snakes are also referred to as Guardians, mainly because, some snakes such as Rattlesnakes and Cobras will first try to ward off creatures from their land, then they will defend, and rarely retreat. That is mainly in African beliefs, It is also shown in the First Navy Jack, and the flag of the American Revolution.

Then we have Poison and Medicine, now anyone who has read the Hebrew Book of Kings (Also known as the Nehushtan) will know that Moses carried a Staff with a Snake on it. Also, Asclepius, the god of medicine and healing, carried a staff with one serpent wrapped around it, which has become a symbol you see almost every day, the symbol of modern medicine. They also have big connections to Immortality, due to as @Zwittericonic said the way they shed skins and all that stuff.

Vengefulness, one of the only religion’s that see the snake’s as evil is Christianity. But even it is also seen as good, again look at Moses.

All in all the Snake or Serpent is a beautiful creature, and one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Used in basically every religion and belief system.
(Sorry if I offended anyone’s belief system, it is not and was not, my intention to offend only to answer a question that was put forth.)


I don’t know but my celtic heritage considers that they are cunning because they can finding the prey even in thedarkest place and could disguise with the environment. Also they have fame of treacherous for exactly the same.

In Greek traditional legends they are treacherous as to make people take them to healing them pretending to being dead to later attack them to their sleep.

However same time their poison was the symbol of medical god and used for health


Thank you so much! That was a really interesting read and I appreciate it!


I have decided my coat of arms.

I’m thinking of quartering the Dahlas and Maeliah sigils. Maybe change the snakes to gold as well.


Okay um??? Fawkes has decided Atheron has an eyepatch-I’m not NOT intrigued…a little surprised but I think I’m digging it.


I could live without it.


Just like he can live without that eye. I am so sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’ll leave


No no stayyyyy. It’s an awful joke but it didn’t stop me from laughing really hard lmao.
And I think it’s nice @lokidemon007
For one, I can’t think of any love interests in any choice of games I’ve read that have had an eyepatch! I mean, scars yes, but there’s this idea of if the character isn’t a handsome, unscarred (except for like, a couple that only accent their “piercing, smoldering gaze”) then they aren’t a viable love interest. The world is not only twenty something flawless white men, and I don’t much care for authors who insist their world filled with skinny Caucasian straight people is simply due to personal taste or that it isn’t what they want to right about. bullshit, in my opinion. It costs 0 cents to have diversity.
I think it’s wonderful and very very sweet to be inclusive of everybody, and apparently it works for his character as well! So! @Fawkes I’m glad you’ve decided this! I support it wholeheartedly!


I like no for visuals :wink: Just for the plot wise of how i could use that to destroying him and say he is not fitting to anything. he was not my type previously and I hate eyepatches aesthetically. it could be cool one of those glass eyes that already existed in reality made by artisans and were super expensive