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If you don’t have really loyal to you personally people by your side at court you risk to put yourself in situation when some other Mara deside to “take care” of you and rise a rebellion. You need someone to rely on just for your safety, cuz it seems your Mara won’t have any friends to protect her with her hunger for power and desire to kill innocent people.
So who’s gonna be by your side besides Vesperion?


Everyone except my 3 older siblings. you have to understand here i am talking about what mara thinks in reality. Not how she behaves Mara main stat i s charisma and a keen intelligence and diplomacy and a great musician she appears bold but not particularly power interested . more like a posh dame fun to be with also that loves hear nearby people. She is patience and extremely secure. Probably only Vespi and the team Kaedra would know her real personality. Still commoner potato should be made impossible have babies like i would make him a paladin


No, I’m actually get it about your Mara. I was talking about possibility of another Mara, who’s cunning enough to pretend to be someone else for the sake of killing your MC.
Court is a dangerous place, where you need for someone to watch your back, cuz everyone wants you to fail. We only could hope that having two people by your side is enough for MC’s safety.
But still… it’s a really great we all could play such a different characters. :wink:

Edit: ooh, Kaedra is cool! I wanted to give my main m/MC to Jasiphae, but Kaedra just made me to reconsider this! :sweat_smile:


Kaedra is great And You always can die so Is a possibility always present. However mara is rather paranoid soit would be complicated take out guard in her game violence and or sabotage is more possible .


The level of angst in this story is so satisfying!!! Ahh!! And I love how your balancing the sadness and loneliness with the love and warmth from our mama


My MC who has very low self-esteem will become involved with Iphorah.


Iphorah seems a good match for you a good protection bonus


The MC with the low self esteem is going to be named Godric.


Several of my characters will be utilizing poison. Maybe Curare?


Not enough fiable and too exotic. except you could find a suitable escape goat curare would be caught as a clear poisoning I would go for using bacteria or extract of a illness or botulism and or mixed mushrooms stuff that could be arranged or as cooking personal being bad at job or direct accused of being bought.


Or hemlock as a salad?


this reminds me of that song from galavant- “a happy ending for us” or the three dark crowns beginning lol


I’m creating an Ophaesian name generator, and I think you guys will really like it! I already find it pretty helpful myself!

I’ll have it finished and ready to go alongside the naming guide before the end of the month and include them both in this month’s premium post on my Patreon. After about a week of posting them for my Patrons, I’ll release both to the public.


That sounds excellent! What culture is Ophaesia anyway?


I hope Mara is a competent Name … Even If Her name should be something More grandiose Like Belladona Maravia I or something like super lame. It will be Mara lol


Ophaesia is very much its own culture, but it has some Mediterranean influences while the names are somewhat inspired by Ancient Greek names.

Mara definitely works as an Ophaesian name! Might not be as “fancy” as some others, but it’s absolutely lore-friendly. :blush:


Mediterranean area. Got it!


Here’s the table of the Great Houses included in that post.


Vesperion while snapping his fingers: Y’know I’m free, fearless and fierce :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Not surprised that snakes are involved with the Maeliah coat of arms.