The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



god but how many children ysonia and Eraven would have lol. And bc they certainly weren’t gonna uh, concieve a baby later, it’s have to be a lot of babies born at one
Midwife: your majesty- the queen gave birth to-
Eraven: some detestable brat?
Midwife: uhhh more then just one brat
Eraven: oh god twins??
Midwife, sweating: um;;;;
Poor ysonia in that scenario xD


Petition to make us a set of triplets


The Fourteen Heirs of Ophaesia.


Everybody scrambles to commission seven separate birthday presents Ysonia nearly depleted her library lmao


Imagine 7 maras fighting for Vespi lol


Ysonia must have been pushing them out like it’s nothing 'cause otherwise I don’t know how she could handle giving birth to so many kids at once. Is there even some kind of epidural in this world?


yes it’s called “hopes and prayers”


On the plus side everyone (or at least the women) might like Ysonia better because they’re all super sympathetic to how many kids she had to pop out at once lmao.


Having the MC be a triplet could be fun to see!

  • If MC does not interfere at all, what is the outcome of the war with Merlios?

So Merlios is the third country involved in the Ophaesia-Verey war. :thinking: I suppose this provides a clue as to Ilythis’ significance to the plot.


I’m looking forward to meeting all of our siblings!


I feel like my Prince is the only one in love with Kaedra due to one of his few positive early relationships being with her. I think he’s going to be clever and sarcastic to everyone except for those rare moments when he’s alone with her and let’s his guard down.


Awww how cute :DDD


My sole prince character is actually twins with one of my princesses! I just headcanon that all their events either happen separately to each or are somehow rewritten to accommodate both twins (e.g. the prince freezes up when he meets Eraven, so his sister gets even more defiant and determined not to curtsy, how dare the mean man scare my brother)

I also have an AU where my three princesses are triplets, but that’s far more of a crack 'verse :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh that’s so nice! and god, triplets, that sounds like fun lol.


I could create a story in my head for triplets. Imagine Eraven’s reaction!


Anyway Fawkes dropped this chart on tumblr…

Thoughts on it? For some reason it’s hilarious to me that sentha is so far on the “nobody is allowed to kill you but me” lmao


Also! I really reallyyy want a McDonald’s alignment chart now lol


What of a D&D alignment chart?


Also a good one!