The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



Fair point- completionaist part of me says yes every other part yelling no…


I am not sure I want to know what we would have to do to be friends with Eraven.


I mean…it can’t be that bad, tbh. It’s unlikely he’ll ask you to kill anyone, and he’d probably just want you to do as he says without really questioning him (or if you do, make sure they’re questions he doesn’t mind answering), and pretty much just hate your mom and the Maeliahs and bam.

Eraven doesn’t hate you that much.

I don’t know if it’s possible to, you know, actually befriend him—does Eraven even have friends, actually?



Aderin knows him better than anyone else, and he can assure you that Eraven most definitely does not have friends.


I knew it was illegal for Eraven to have friends.

RIP our dad, he will never know what it’s like to wake up a eight am to help your friend move a couch because you love them that much but you give up halfway and grab tex-mex and sleep on the couch until the other tenants complain

Eraven will never know that feeling and I pity him!!


Oh no I wonder why Eraven doesn’t have friends! He’s so charming and has such fun hobbies like bullying small children and marrying off children and being a general asshole!
And honestly I really like Aderin lol. This long suffering weary dude he’s just trying to hold the kingdom together considering the king and queens relationship is held together by gum, scotch tape and a no-divorce rule, he needs a vacation.
That’s it I’m adopting him as my father figure suck it Eraven. But honestly the idea of the little prince(ss) toddling after him and quietly sitting while he does work- that’s fun. I really like that. So it’s decided! Or at least he’s like an uncle on the dahlas side who doesn’t hate our guts/is not dead


Well surely he has someone he can trust and rely on, he is a king and a king needs advisors, and usually you would want someone who is your friend next to your side when you aren’t sure which step to take or what to do(Ophaesia does go to war, does it not).


I mean I’m sure he has people he trusts and who advise him but that doesn’t mean they’re friends, per se. friendship implies a level of love that I think Eraven lacks lol. He might trust his advisors and rely on their advice but they’d never talk about things other then that, or hang out outside of work or even ever be more then civil to each other


Eraven doesn’t lack love, if he does, then he never would’ve had any children in the first place, or a wife for that matter. Eraven is a very flawed character that I find the most intriguing so far(not that we have been introduced to many characters so far in the game anyway), and i don’t think he would take advice from someone he is not on friendly relations with, given his personality, plus I’m sure he has a great deal of nobles he has to keep an eye out for suspicious activity, and he can’t do all of that alone, although I suppose Neraven is helping him out a lot as well.


Fair point. I think he did love people- like his first wife, Alapharen and he probably loves most of his kids. And he’s certainly an interesting, nuanced character. I just think that pain in his life has warped and embittered him and while I’d feel sympathy for that I would not let it excuse how cruel and bitter he can be. And yeah, for me at least I think you can like someone but not be friends with them.


Isn’t Eraven’s first wife someone totally unknown to us, the players? Alapharen was his second wife and Ysonia his third, if I recall correctly. But yeah, fair point.


Oh Fawkes talked on her tumblr about the first wife! And you have a good point too-he certainly is an interesting character to read although in real life I’d take any excuse not to talk to him lol.


I hate to break it to you, but you don’t need to love to have children, just a libido inciting you to lust after the opposite sex.

Royals didn’t marry for love in olden times.

Having help, when you’re a king, is much like having employees. Employees and friends aren’t the same thing.


Yes but it was very clearly stated here that Eraven loved Alapharen.

And yeah you’re right about that.


Honestly, this surprises me. He didn’t have any before he became king either? Because I remember that he was second in line.

I don’t like him but that fact makes me pity him more. :joy:


Grrr…Vesperion is a no good Sebriel stealer. :angry: Well he can’t have him! :persevere:
Unless I do an mc romancing Nethica I suppose, sigh! Still Vesperion doesn’t deserve an exotic, foreign cutie like Sebby. :angry:

This is only true if you’re talking about the more modern rain type showers with proper shower heads.
The Ancient Greeks and Romans already had “showers” of the artificial waterfall variety, as in you put the waterpipes a bit higher so people who cannot afford servants to pour water over them and scrub them can go stand under them. I hope Ophaesia at least has those kinds of showers too.


Send me your Vespi then I could handle two of them :wink: I send you my Nethi


i love how u guys are trying to trade your characters like it’s pokemon Lmao


*shuffling cards *
“Mara I’ll trade you my Vesperion for Atheron, and if someone wants my Eraven I’ll give you Sebriel for free for taking it. Rn I’m looking for another Iseriah and Senetha, we can negotiate but I’m willing to offer a mint condition Terrisen”


Lol I will kill most of them so no problem with trading them for cookies. I would totally pay for a multiplayer of this game imagine a hub were our pc could talk lol