The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



the good kind, i hope

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Oh! So that’s most big difference between our MC’s! :smirk:
My Mc will never respect anyone just cuz he was lucky enough to be born in noble family.


I am out of likes. AndI hope includes Rival banter poetry and Angst.


Considering he’s the most loved and hated li, I can se Fawkes snapping their fingers ala Thanos


For me too! Rhymiah respects everyone (unless they’re unkind or selfish lol) and bloodline doesn’t matter a whit to her, she’ll be incredibly polite to some powerful noble, but she’ll be just as polite to the gardener or maid. she’s like the epitome of what the Maeliah house raises their eyebrows at.


If This were Maras fantasy It would include Panteras, Silk Leather … And A silk rope…


nah man, eff the angst.
gimme trash Vespi, I want the full raccoon

let :clap: vespi :clap: run :clap: into :clap: a wall :clap: in front of the MC :clap: 2k18


He will pay latter when Mara drag him lol


Dinosaurs running around and Jeff Goldblum striking a pose… Omg now I will forever imagine Veperion as him in you know what scene


Jah That’s a good one Mara approves





Honesty If Vesperion does that? I might actually start liking him-not that I hate him or whatever and I wouldn’t kill him (cough COUGH Mara) but actually might bother to romance him! wow


Vesperion: you snake
Mc: flips hair looking very hot
Vesperion: * runs into a wall*
Vesperion: I meant to do that
Mc: okay
Vesperion: I hate your family and you
Mc: alright Vesperion


Mara would totally say him Vespi darling My eyes are in my face no In my chest… It would make your rant more credible if you look at them you know. Or a princess like me could punish you for being naughty.



What would you think the reactions of certain ROs would be if they found out they were going to be parents?


Fawkes is gonna write a Vesperion thing and I’m a little anxious- not that I think I’ll changing my mind once I latch onto a love interest that’s basically my favorite- but I’ve maintained a steady disinterest in him and I would be very confused if I actually start caring gasp


Oh and also I just realized- the implication that all the things mentioned in the Atheron piece we can do- talk into the morning on the wedding night, have the servants love us, do things ourselves-have me shaking with excitement.


And just out of personal curiosity cause I’m nosy-when are ya’ll planning on snapping on Eraven? I don’t think I’ve seen a single person who wants to be his friend lol, so I’m not asking that.
Personally i think when hes rude to Iseriah or Olarion-the idea of “mom friend” part of Rhymiah overriding her “socially anxious” part lol.
Shaking like a leaf but standing in front of the king, fists clenched at her sides, telling him not to talk that way toward her brother/friend again…thats the aesthetic ladies and gentlemen.
( She’d defend Kaedra and Jaisphae too ofc, but I feel like Eraven wouldn’t care about them/he’d be more likely to bully Iseriah)


About Eraven If this where a live rp I would follow one strategy that @Fawkes probably can add due logical constraints… I would fake being totally pro daddy while tainted my Bros and sisters and then strike over him in a moment of weakness.
Maeliah family would be certain pro us by default so fake being other side and only could be a plus. However, for a cog with all those code is not way to be added so I will neutral mostly publicly.


Well, 'cause it’s kind of a controversial opinion… :eyes:

I mean, I plan on having multiple playthroughs where I go through every square inch of this damn game (you hear that @Fawkes? I’m gonna read e v e r y t h i n g :mag: :eyes: ), and that would necessitate some playthroughs where I befriend Eraven (I mean, as much as you can considering the circumstances).