The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



I will never trust a commoner raised by my father and his island could be a fair bargain chip with our neighbors. So use him and then slain is a good idea


Nooooo my heart

…i dont know how to make the letters smaller like @impeccablystressed does but doooo ittt give me what i crave


I like Atheron he’s like a fresh air, and I like how respectful he is towards the mc, and the fact that first he and the become friends to then be friends and lovers and that’s so sweet, but the older male and younger female thing is a hard no no for me


She uses witchcraft


He wasn’t “rised” by our father.
He rised by his people.
And killing him = weakening your kingdom.
Besides father’s ruling make Vesperion “rised” by Eraven as well. :smirk:


Oh, that makes sense :smiley:


:eyes: :eyes: oh snap


this was so… heart wrenchingly cute I was actually smiling while reading it


Here you go, my good friend.

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He was a nasty commoner Dad RAISED up and make noble. Vespi is pure blood noble. He won’t following mara so I have t kill him anyway. He does not have stomach so probability of him ended alive is zero


Oh my god i owe you my life. Guess who is never typing normally agaiN


How rude omg!! He became a noble because he helped fight off an invading army!! What did Vesperion do to become a noble, come out of his moms womb??? Lol


Careful, if you write a Vesperion short, the entire thread might catch on fire.


Who said he doesn’t following MC?
Vesperion was literally rised to hate us.
And Atheron just care about his people more then fancy titles.


I kinda wanna see that. Vesperion certainly engenders strong feelings-i feel like I’ve said that already? But I’m saying it again cause its true.


For mara Atherion is like a beggar stolen nobles place infecting the court with his mere presence. A commonerplace is serve andhe will weaken the nobles bloodlines. He should be removed. Remember the Maelian focus in bloodline.






I frikken love the whole rivals to lovers thing so Vesperion is right up my frikken alley. If we ever got one of his shorts like this i’d probably idk… stop functioning lmao


Oooh no
…oh yeah