The Seven Heirs of Ophaesia: Part One (WIP) [Name Guide and Generator Posted]



Wow-ur a very different kind of romantic then I am, aren’t you lol.


Oh my god
…fair point tho


I called anti romantic , bold sarcastic slap kiss rivalmance lol. I am not shy I no blush and I take initiative


Actually Mara raises a question I don’t if has been answered before, will we be able to manipulate, pretend to love the ros?


I think Fawkes told us it is possible. Don’t know if that’ll work in every romance.



like, my stomach literally did flips at this part:

His dreams were filled with visions of her, and he’d awaken restless and craving her presence, craving the sound of her voice and the sight of her brilliant smile and… something more.

Like hooooooo boy just let my princess jump yo gatdang bones right there, my fren


Why are you all so MEAN??? I accidently chose a dialogue option that sounds only slightly rude and i restart the entire game even if there are not any checkpoints and I’m like 30 percent through???


Oh boy did i read that part haha. I don’t know if my heart can handle this if I see it in game lol.


I don’t know how to search but Fawkes have say Yes to me and maybe to a fake a relationship while seeing vespi


Not all! I’m with you :grin:
We will save Atheron and love him until our last breath!


Yup, all the Atheron lovers just need to repeatedly romance him to cancel out all the bad karma.

I volunteer.


Thank god. Atheron lovers unite!!! Mostly against Mara, apparently
Jkjk love you Mara but please, for us, leave him alonnnee hes not gonna fight you!


I know its a hard choice to make…but we all bravely volunteer to sacrifice ourselves for this cause…


Okay, all of you know I am not bashing any of you and fawkes I really think is a really good literature with pretty descriptions. Still I can’t help to smirk… I am not made for traditional romance … But It is cool that there is variety




It’s not being mean, it’s about role-playing, and my mc knows how court works, to be fair most of the people play as “good” characters so


Oh don’t worry i know!! And of course I’m not bashing your princess-I really do love Mara and there’s something spine tinglingly delightful about that type of ruthlessness in stories. And while Rhymiah might take the high road in regards to Eraven I’m glad to know there are at least a couple playthroughs where he suffers for his asshole-ery :wink:


My most ambitious MC couldn’t bring herself to kill any RO. :sweat_smile:
It’s enough for her to kill father after making his last moments as miserable as possible.
Atheron is good investment. He is respected by his people. He can be loyal to MC if she will show that she can be much better ruler then Eraven or any sibling.
Edit: Damn t9


It seems the scene was a success lmao

Makes me want to write more. See just how worked up I can get you guys. :eyes:


good investment, yeah haha thats why I’m romancing him…
discreetly stuffs my several drawings of Atheron, Rhymiah, Atheron and Rhymiah, the two of them chilling on Methina and possible kids back into my bag while whistling